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Part one: red hood.

My name is Jason Todd. And I am the sole survivor of the Outlaws….

I have just seen arsenal and Starfire getting disintegrated by a nuclear warhead.

I managed to survive by simply staying home. The explosion still left a scar on my face, half of it is burned. The good thing is, I have my helmet.

Why did something like this happen… nobody knew we were here… nobody could discover it… or….

The bunker has survived the explosion, it was made for it. I turn on the TV, hopefully, I’ll learn more, as a nuclear explosion could stay secret… duh!

I stay astonished as the Television is showing images of the watchtower being destroyed. I see superman coming out of it… he looks wounded… the first missile didn’t kill him. And then, a second one is launched. Superman is digging through the watchtower rumble. He does not seem to see it coming. He… he is dead… oh my god… his body is floating in space… NO! Oh my god!

I do not have time to recover from this shock; the president is making a speech.

“ The American people are tired of those heroes, they have brought too much problems too this world, which is why all heroes and villains are now being hunted by the government. We are saving the world, for real this time. My fellow Americans, nothing counts more for us than your safety.”

A shot on the people outside the white house shows happiness on their face… I am not buying it! This is propaganda, nothing else!

The president then adds:

“ If the heroes wish to be useful, then they must register and work for the government.”

I get up suddenly, and scream, I do not control myself. I think I pretty much trashed the room. Including the TV.

I realise that if the watchtower has been blasted… Batman!

No, not him, he always had a plan, a way to survive anything and everything…

If he survived, then he is in Gotham; it’s the only way.

I pick up my car, and dash as fast as I can to Gotham. On the way, I see a plane from A.R.G.U.S, which is landing near the bunker, and soldiers are invading it.

When finally I get close to Gotham, I see a fire. It seems that it is coming from… Arkham? Why in hell…

I get a call from Alfred:

“ To the allies of the bat in Gotham city, flee as far away as possible, we are not welcome here any more, Arkham has been bombarded, and I fear they know where the batcave is, do not make an attempt to get to me.”

I answer: “ Alfred? This is Jason, stay where you are, I am coming!”

“ No master Jason, don’t”

Too late, I already am on my way. I dash through Gotham; I do not have the time to avoid it. I look up, it seems that two planes are chasing me. I must get to the manor, and fast.

Harper… he always made fun of me about this bazooka… let’s try it.

“ auto pilot activated.”

I unlock the roof, and target the first plane. He sees me, but can’t take the risk to blast me, there are people around. I don’t care, and one down.

The second plane seems to have received the right to blast me, but too bad for him; I do not need any allowance. I take him down, its bits crash on buildings nearby.

I finally get to Wayne manor. I thrash the door; Alfred must be down there, I the batcave.

I get to the main room of the cave.

“ Alfred? Alfred! It’s me Jason, I’m getting you out!”

I hear the noise of Special Forces coming in too, a lot of them… tricky. But there is an emergency exit, we can make it.

I see him, he is standing over the batmobile. Crying.

- it’s too late…

- no, Alfred, we can make it!

- Jason? Well, it does not matter anymore.

- What? What the hell are you saying?

- Master Bruce is dead, I don’t know…

- We can survive… for him Alfred… for him!

- You…

I open the batmobile and drag him inside. The Special Forces have entered the cave. As the batmobile’s engine roars, I click on the heat seeking missiles button, the entrance explodes, as well as a few spec ops.

We blast the gates and I tell Alfred I have a safe place where we can stay.

On the road, Alfred stays silent. I can’t help but wonder, what happened to the others? Nightwing? Batgirl?

When we are far enough, Alfred tells me to stop, he picks up a remote, with only one button, red. We are far from Wayne manor, but we can still see it.

Alfred presses the button, and Wayne manor explodes.

He then turns to me, unlocks the batmobile, and takes a big suitcase, he looks at me and says, very simply, as usual:

- We have work to do, he was prepared for this, let’s not fail him.

part two: Deathstroke http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/earth-1616-dc-disband-1474186/

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you're off to an awesome start. digging every second of this.

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Keep it up man I'm ready for the next part

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