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The Question (Vic Sage)

2:30 PM

5 days before The Great War

Lots of work to do I had told Huntress that right after the moive

at 11:00

then, after we had gone to the store I told her again


. Then I tried to remind her again

at 1:19

but she would hear none of it. She told me to enjoy myself since it was our twentieth date. I loosened up and had fun with her but my mind was racing.

We went back to my apartment and Helena told me she had to take a nap. Now was my chance I went to my laptop and started researching. A month ago Superman had gotten terribly sick. His condition was worsening every day and the JLA was at a loss at what to do... I researched kryptonite and gathered up all the information I could. Why was he so sick? It defintly had to do somthing from that raid on Luthors base. What had happend there. I found it strange how after thirty minutes Superman came out of the base dazed Luthor no where in sight and the base explodes and Luthor is presumed dead.

Superman had no memory of what happend I mean c'mon! I had a theory but of course nobody belived me whatever being a crackpot and all. Batman theorized that Superman may have just been hit by a kryptonite blast from Lexs gun. I knew Batman was just saying that. Somthing was going on. I mean....

"Vic you coming to bed soon?"

"Bed? Helena it's


"I know."


The Question (Vic Sage)

5:00 PM

3 days before The Great War

I have been up for the past three days Helena is annoyed at me for be so obsessed with Supermans sickness. I know she's peeved but I have to keep looking finding to see the reason why Supermans sick. Helena says it will pass says he's invincible. I know that's not true because whoever you are you always die one day. Then I hit it, the smoking gun the missing key. Lex Corps production records. It took a lot of digging but I found them. It says that even though their whole chair and board is gone from the death of Lex their still producing. Recently Lex Corp said in a statement to the media...

"With the death of a leader and brilliant co-worker we have decided to shut down Lex Corp. All production will be halted and workers will be dismissed. But in Luthors honor the building will stay."

At first I over looked this comment but now I can see. Lex Luthor may still be alive and running Lex Corp!

Vic Sage (The Question) 2 days before The Great War

9:00 PM

Lex Corp Building

I snuck in through the air vents to get to my destination. I noticed though that nobody was here it was a ghost town. Maybe this theory was a crackpot after all... I got out of the vent and landed on my feet in front of Lexs old office. I opened the big doors and what I saw before me surprised me. The room was a little dusty and there was a giant fish tank wrapped around the walls of the room. The only thing that made me think somebody was here was the fish inside the tank. They were alive and well fed.

"Come out Luthor I know your whole scheme!"

I didn't know it yet but when I find out...

"Well bravo mister master sleuth!"

Turning in the big chair behind his desk was a dead man walking.


"Yes that is me now faceless man what do you want?"

"Luthor I knew scum like you wouldn't die so easily in a little explosion."

He replied,

"Yes and...."

I don't know anything else but if I could make an educated guess....

"Before the explosion when Superman came in to the base you captured him by weakning him with hmmmm... lets say another one of his weaknesses red sun. And poisoned him with kryptonite, set charges on your base woke him up with amnesia. Blew up your own base then went into hiding for a month."


Luthor then smiled,

"And do you know why?"

"No Luthor but I will find out."

I clenched my fists as Luthor stood up.

"It was while you all were playing nurse for Superman I could pay companies to manufacture guns for Lex Corp and gather an army of others who shared my same dream."

"And that dream is?"

"Very simple really. To rid the world of obstacles or to narrow it down people like you. Oh and faceless man everything you said about Superman getting weakened by red sun then poisoned by kryptonite... It's all true, I tricked Superman into coming into my red sunlight room, I performed surgery on Superman to inject kryptonite into his entire body AND I AM THE ONE WHO HAS KILLED SUPERMAN!"

"He isn't dead yet!"

"He will be in two days, your precious savior is dead."

My blood boiled and I knew who in the whole world deserved death more than anyone.

"Luthor this is the last time you will ever be in this office."

"Tch! You can't stop what is already about to begin!"

Luthor pulled out a gun and shot it at me it missed and I charged him. I hit him square in the face sending him flying back. He stood up and threw the gun down.

"C'mon then, you faceless loser lets dance!"

I grappled with him before I gave him a swift kick in the stomach. Another jab to the face and he went down. I kept kicking him while he was down on the ground just to make sure he never got up. Through the whole beating he was chuckling.

*Cough* *Cough*

He coughed out blood before regaining his balance and stood up. I drop kicked him and he crashed into a chair. Again he got up only this time and reached into his coat pocket and drew a brightly colored pill.

"Let's make this a little more interesting hmm?"

He swallowed the pill and his eyes lit up. He literally started flying and then he came crashing down on me.


I hit the aquarium and Lex flew towards me. He grabbed my throat and said,

"You like my newfound strength it is courtesy of Superman. After I ransacked his fortress of solitude! You all were to busy to notice!"

He gripped my throat tighter,

"You are nothing! You can't stop me and you will be the first causality of war! The new age is coming and you aren't even a cog in its progression!"

He throws me and I slammed into a table crushing it.

My vision is fading and all I can hear is him rambling on about.... War......

Check out part 2 of EARTH-1222 THE GREAT WAR (QUESTION) soon!

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: You might want to change the title, since the Great War is another name for WW1. The writing style needs improvement and there are grammatical errors, but I liked the plot so far. Also, I liked the dialogue between Huntress and Vic.

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Lol @ the last bit being entirely JLU

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