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When I awoke I felt groggy noises all around me and I was being carried off it felt good....... I wake up sometimes and see white objects and nurses? And......

"Question! VIC!!!"

I awoke to the sound of a familiar voice very familiar.....


Tears were dripping on my face and Helena smiled,

"I'm so glad your alive!"

She hugged me and I looked around at the surroundings. We were in the Justice league tower.

"Huntress how did I end up here?"

She explained to me,

"I took you out of Luthor's building, it wasn't easy but your here now."

"Wait! Luthor he said something about war Superman...."

Helena began crying again it wasn't like her to cry...

"Superman's dead Vic."

I knew it Luthor had killed Superman and now.... now..... Suddenly a figure appeared behind Helena I jumped up and lunged on him.


I had just tackled down none other than Oliver Queen himself. But this wasn't the Ollie was used to seeing he was gnarled and looked thinner.

"Calm down Vic and put a shirt on..."

"Just hold on a minute Oliver whats going on!"

Just then I heard a spark of radio chatter.

"Arrow we need you now!"

Oliver responded,

"I'll be right over Hawkgirl, I got to go Vic! Helina will fill you in!"

And then he left. Now that I was awake I could see the tower more clearly, it was battered with shrapnel and things everywhere...

"Looks like this place got hit hard..."

I said. Helena looked at me

"C'mon lets go to your room."

When we got there I noticed everything was in order.

"You kept care of the room while I was gone thanks."

Before I could say more I was pushed hard on the bed.

30 Minutes Later

"Oh God Vic I've missed you so much!"

I smiled as I put my mask back on and clothes,

"I as well Helena, but whats happened?"

"Where do I start..... First Superman got sick and.... died. Then while at the funeral, where all the JL members attended.... That arrogant a** attacked! Luthor led an army of super powered thugs and wiped out more than half of are members one of the notable losses was.... Wonder women...... Then we had to retreat and Luthor is taking ground and cities we have to stop him here.... This is are last chance to stop him!"

"Who else is dead...."

Huntress grimaced and handed me a chart....


Superman- Dead

Green Lantern- Captured

Wonder Woman- Dead
Cyborg- Alive
Aquaman- Resigned
Batman- Alive
Flash- Alive
Martian Manhunter- Alive
The Atom- Alive
Element Woman- Dead
Hawkman- Alive
Katana- Dead
Vibe- Alive
Stargirl- Dead
Green Lantern (John)- Alive
Catwoman- Alive
Green Arrow- Alive
Snapper Carr- Dead
Sargon the Sorcerer- Dead
Golden Eagle- Dead
Captain Comet- Alive
Sandman- Dead
Sue Dibny- Dead
Adam Strange- Dead
Tempest- Dead
Batgirl- Alive
Creeper- Dead
Retro- Dead
Resurrection Man- Alive
Tattooed Man- Dead
Bulleteer- Dead

Black Canary- Alive

Phantom Stranger-Dead
Elongated Man-Dead
Red Tornado- Alive
Hawkgirl- Alive
Steel- Alive
Vixen- Alive
Gypsy- Dead
Blue Beetle- Dead
Captain Marvel- AWOL
Doctor Fate- MIA
Mister Miracle- Dead
Doctor Light- Alive
Booster Gold- AWOL
Rocket Red 7- AWOL
Rocket Red 4- AWOL
Fire- Dead
Ice- Dead
Huntress- Alive
Lightray- Dead
Orion- Alive
General Glory- Alive
Tasmanian Devil- Alive
Maxima- Dead
Black Condor- AWOL
Agent Liberty- Dead
Bloodwynd- Dead.
Animal Man- AWOL.
Metamorpho- AWOL
Power Girl- Alive
Crimson Fox- Dead
Silver Sorceress- Dead
Maya- Dead
Major Disaster- AWOL
G'nort- AWOL
Multi-Man- Alive
Big Sir- Dead
Cluemaster- Dead
The Mighty Bruce
Scarlet Skier- Dead
Triumph- Dead
Nuklon or Atom Smasher - Alive
Obsidian- Dead
Amazing Man- Dead
Blue Devil- AWOL
Icemaiden- Alive
Mystek- Dead
Zan & Jayna- Dead
Simon Carr- Dead
Dale Gunn- Dead
Maxwell Lord- Dead
Oberon- Dead
Catherine Cobert
Kilowog- MIA
L-Ron- Dead
Hannibal Martin- Dead
Yazz- Alive

The Question- Alive

I was astounded by the list...

"Oh no... That many have died.... Even heavy hitters..... Wait what does this mean.... AWOL?"

Helena looked at the names with disgust,

"Means they have gone to Luthor. And not even all the members are mentioned on that list... but even other heroes are banding with us to fight!"

Suddenly a voice blared through the comms it was J'ohn's,

"Huntress, Wildcat, Zattanna, Black canary, Vigilante, Shining Knight! Green Arrow is in position to lead the charge against the fortified villains get over there now!"

Huntress looked at me,

"I have to go."

"I'm coming too."

She smiled,

"Then follow me."


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Good, but you need to proofread your work. Also, some of the dialogue seems forced at certain points. Especially Ollie's first lines.

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thanks for reading.and i will proofread later

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