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Péna Dura (Bane's Prison)

Bane quickly picked up Bruce and gave a tight bear hug. He then shouted,

"Tell me Brucie what will if you escape hm?"

Bruce coughed as he struggled under Banes powerful grip. Meanwhile Wildcat and Green Arrow were fighting off countless Joker goons. Bruce noticed that they were losing the fight he had to think of something. He then said,

"Hey how about that, working for Joker huh?"

Banes grip on Bruce ceased he threw him the ground his boot on his throat.

"I mean don't get me wrong Bane, you are doing pretty..Guh... Well for yourself. Got a suit and you don't need venom anymore. But your just a pawn."

Bane looked at Batman, then rolled back his head with a roaring laugh.

"What you think that giving me a power talk would make me get into a rage? And then what Bruce you'll just take advantage of me! Ha! Ha!"

Just then an shock arrow hit Banes head knocking him to the ground.

"No he's not going to we are!"

Green Arrow and Wildcat both helped Bruce. Up Wildcat added.

"Thanks for the distraction Bruce! Now get your suit on."

Bane rose to see three costumed heroes in front of him.

"Finally a challenge all of you come meet your maker!"

Wildcat rushed Bane and began throwing punches at his stomach.

"Damn does this guy like do five hundred sit ups every day?"

Bane slapped Wildcat and then took both his arms he then dislocated them.

"Oh God! My freaking arms."

Like a ragdoll Bane then threw Wildcat aside.

"You think without my venom I'm useless? Ha!"

Oliver turned to Bruce and said,

"We can't take this guy I mean we've been in jail for three years! I know you could beat him once but not now."

Batman looked back at Bane and said,

"Oliver get Wilcat. I assume you know how to relocate arms?"

Green Arrow nodded.

"Good. Bane C'mon, you want a fight?"

Bane looked at him and then charged. Batman raised his knee landing it right in Banes chin. Batman then jumped over Bane and tripped him causing Bane to fall over. Bane began to get up only to have Batman slam his head back down. Bane mumbled,

"My turn."

Bane jumped up throwing Batman to the ground. He grabbed both of the downed hero's legs and raised him to the air and slammed him down. Again and again. Batmans suit was ripped and torn. But he quickly got up and swiftly punched Bane. They both stopped, breathing heavily Bane broke the silence.

"Like *cough* old times yeah?"

Batman looked at Bane, this was his enemy the only one who had really hurt him. He didnt understand he didn't feel any hate for him. Instead he felt a connection. But Bruce then quickly asked.

"Why did you do it Bane? Why did you kill them the robins?"

Bane changed his demeanor. He began to answer when a electric stick hit his head. Thousands of bolts of electricity hit into his brain. Nightwing stood behind him,

"I'll answer for him, because he's evil, Bruce whats wrong? Your off your A-game. Also I found an exit while you guys were fighting."

Batman looked at Dick then at Wildcat and Green Arrow.

"Let's go."

Before he walked out though he heard a mumble from Bane,

"Bruce will you ever be able to kill?"

Batman looked at the deafeated Bane. And said,

"I may have to."

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Nice! I like the idea of this teamup

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It's good but needs some serious proofreading. I agree with @clemj