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Dracula followed Katherine in to the debriefing room which was a rectangular glass room with a glass table and black office chairs. Dracula also noticed files on the tables stacked in to two piles one for the left side and the other for the right side of the table. He noticed that Mr. Singer, Alcede and young Miss. Willow were already in there with Coulson waiting for them.

“I hope we weren’t interrupting you two?” Director Coulson asked looking towards Dracula and Katherine. Katherine looks to Dracula with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She winks at him before going to take her seat which is on the left hand side of Coulson. Dracula smirks and looks towards Coulson. “No Coulson, you were not interrupting us.” He says sitting down. Dracula looks over to the empty seat next to him, then to the other empty seat at the other end of the table opposite of Coulson. It doesn’t take him long to figure out who those are for when both Simon and Mary come walking in through the glass doors.

“Sorry we are late Director Coulson.” Mary apologizes. “Simon was helping me to settle in.” She explains before taking her seat at the opposite end of the table. Simon who was going to take his seat looks to who he will be sitting next. His eyes go wide as he see’s Dracula smiling wickedly at him.

“You know it is rude to keep people waiting Simon.” Dracula mockingly says to him. Simon looks at Dracula with a mixture of anger and agitation.

“I think I’ll stand.” He says while walking over to the right corner by Mary. Dracula chuckles before facing forward. Chuckling, Coulson pushes a button on a small hand held remote only bigger than his thumb. Immediately a wide clear screen is lowered down so everyone can look on.

“Recently our satellites have picked up a rise in supernatural activity that is concentrated in small Virginian town. We sent human Agents in to go undercover to investigate these rise in supernatural readings.” As Coulson talked the screen showed graphs and data that they had collected on the activity of supernaturals in the area.

“We lost contact with them three days ago.” Coulson says solemnly. He presses his button and it changes to an outline of the town. Katherine tenses as she recognizes the outline of this town.

“Mystic Falls.” She says out loud. Everyone turns to look at her including Dracula who had his own reasons for being interested. Coulson nods. And shows them an actual picture of what the town looks like now.

“Because Agent Pierce has had dealings with the people in this town and that she knows everything we need to know about Mystic Falls, she shall be taking leadership role of this mission.” Coulson informs her. Katherine’s mouth drops as she gets up from her seat and backs away. “No, no, no. I am not stepping foot back in dullsville.” She protests. Dracula cocks his head at her curiously wondering what has her all riled up.

“Look Miss Pierce I know why you don’t want to do this but you have no choice in the matter.” Coulson orders her. Katherine looks at Coulson angrily almost going in to her vampire form.

“You want me to go back to the town, where the man I spent 500 years running from is currently taking up residency?” She angrily says. “I would rather jump in to a pool of Vervain than do that!” Katherine begins to head towards the exit.

“Agent Peirce I promise he won’t be able to touch you.” Coulson calls after her. Spinning around Katherine vamp speeds of to Coulson and speeds him in to the wall. She has him by the throat but soon lets him go as the inhibitor chip in her head shocks her. Releasing her grip from Coulson she drops to the ground clutching her head. Coulson who was unfazed by the sudden attack casually walks over by Dracula and stands behind his chair. “As I was saying he won’t be able to touch you because we have him.” Coulson gestures with his head down to Dracula who currently does not seem to care that Coulson is behind him. Instead of looking up at Coulson he looks down at Katherine who was still recovering over the pain of the inhibitor chip.

“Who is this he you are referring to Miss. Pierce?” Dracula ask her raising his eyebrow. Katherine slowly looks up at him breathing heavily.

“Klaus.” She answers looking him in the eye. Upon hearing the name, Dracula’s expression darkens.

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Chapters 1-6 can be found on my profile in my Blog Post!!! Enjoy!!!