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Buffy's house. 7:00 AM.

Diana awakened with a yawn, throwing the blankets off of her and stretching her arms. She stood up and walked out of the bedroom, and down the stairs. She realized her hair was a mess and grumbled, placing it in a bun. "Hey, you're awake!" Buffy called, running up to her friend and engulfed her in a tight hug, pulling away after a few seconds. "Yeah, more or less." She chuckles. "Willow made breakfast, its in the kitchen if you want some. But listen, I gotta go to Slayer duties. I'll be back in a while." Buffy smiled, walking off. Angel rushed through the front door, a black blanket over him to shield him from the sunlight and shuts the door behind him. "Oh, hey." He walked over to her, smiling and throwing the blanket off of him, it landing on the floor. "Didn't think you would still be here." Diana raised a brow while she looked at him. "Oh really? Do I look like the type of girl to run off in the middle of the night?" Angel laughed, running a finger through his thick and dark hair. "Yeah, actually." She smiled, giggling. "Well im not" She placed a kiss on his cheek. Angel blushed, clearing his throat. "Well uh... listen im gonna go. It was nice talking to you again, Diana. And you know Spike was wrong to hurt you." Diana laughed, shaking her head. "Not like he could do much damage any way." Angel morphed, his fangs now exposed as he looked at the female. "Could I?" He said simply, waiting for her answer. Diana leaned close to him, her canine teeth now grazing against the soft flesh of his neck, causing Angel to grunt and gulp. "No.... not at all. But then again, you hurting me? Well, that is very attractive." She pulled away from him, winking. Angel smirked and then cleared his throat once again. "Are you just visiting Sunnydale?" Diana chuckled lowly, resting a hand on her hip. "Im staying for a bit. Buffy needs my help against the First." Angel's eyes widened. "It's back?" The question was answered by The First appearing as Buffy, folding her arms across her chest and smirking. "My my, we have a new-comer here.... You look powerful." Diana glanced at the fake Buffy, growling lowly. "I am, especially when im pissed off." The First laughs loudly, pacing around the room. "Aw, how cute. The Slayer brought a lacky to help against my army! She still is gonna lose. She still is gonna die. Once more." Diana placed a hand against Angel's chest, holding him back. "And I will be here to stop that from happening."

The First smirked once again, inching close to Diana and breathing against her face. "Will you? I mean, I can always visit your daughters and sons." Angel looks over at Diana, he was surprised to find out that she had children. "Leave her alone, First. And leave her children out of this." He spoke up, placing himself in front of Diana, protectively.

The First chuckles lowly, tapping Diana's nose and then backing away. "For now." It disappeared. Angel turns around and looks at Diana, a concerned expression on his face. "Are you alright?" Diana sighs deeply, looking down. "Im fine..... Thanks." Angel plants a kiss on her chin, smiling. "Good." Diana raises a brow and presses her body up against his, forcing a kiss on his lips. Angel blinks in surprise and slowly wraps his arms around her neck, holding her close to him as they kiss. "What.... what are we doing?" Diana pulled away, smirking. "Shut up and enjoy it." She kissed him once again, placing her arms around his waist. Angel looks at her, studying her. She was beautiful, her eyes were like sparkling emeralds, her hair as bright as the sun and her body well... that was more then beautiful. It was sexy. He cleared his throat. "Oh fuck it." He smiled, kissing her back passionately and stroking her soft hair. He then picked her up and carried her up the stairs, and towards the bedroom, shutting the door as soon as he enters. Diana raised a brow, a bit surprised at his speed and slid her top off, as well as her bottoms and bra. She pushed him onto the bed, straddling his lap. Angel leaned his hands up to grasp her hips, holding her tightly.

9:00 AM.

Diana panted loudly, placing the covers over her and rested her head against his chest. Angel smiled, stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. "That was wow." He said quietly, chuckling and staring at her naked form. "Good, because it is not happening again." She got up from the bed, looking for her clothes and then slipping them on. Angel blinked, getting up as well and pinning her to the wall, holding her there. "Well why not?" Diana growled lowly, headbutting him in the face, and breaking free of his pin. Angel staggered back, holding his head and frowning. Diana sighs aloud and mutters. "Because... I do not want you getting hurt! And every guy that is in my life ends up getting hurt." She shakes her head, tears forming in her eyes. Angel walks back up to her, forcing her into a hug and holds her close to him. "Im not the type of guy that gets hurt." He lied, obviously he gets hurt, but at this moment he wanted her to think he was safe. "Im here for you, Diana. I... I love you." Diana blinked rapidly, looking up at him. "One that is a big lie and two... Why? Im not that beautiful. You love Buffy, not me." Angel chuckled lowly, wiping her tears away. "You are not beautiful, your right. You're gorgeous. And im not with Buffy anymore, that time has passed."

A knock was heard at the door and Diana muttered, opening it up and raising a brow as she sees Spike standing there. "Uh hey there. What are you doing here?" Spike rolled his eyes, lighting up a cig and smoking it. He talked in between puffs and then glared at Angel. "I came to apologize. Looks like you two got a bit too comfy." Angel stepped towards Diana, growling. Obviously not happy to see Spike. Diana rolls her eyes, folding her arms over her chest. "Angel, stop being a territorial mutt. And Spike, I gladly accept your apology. Come in and we can talk." Angel mutters and stops growling, walking over to the bed and sitting down on it. Spike steps inside, smirking towards Angel, who glares at him. Diana realizes that her white tank top is see through and clears her throat, looking down. Spike stares at her chest, grinning. Angel quickly gets up and hits Spike in the face several times. "You fucking did that on purpose!" Spike grunts and groans, hitting Angel in the face as well. "Oy! Don't mess with the face! This is the money maker!" Diana steps in, grabbing Angel by the neck and lifting him up with her right hand, while her left hand holds Spike up. "Alright, I've had enough of this damn rivalry. Just measure your dick's already, I mean for fuck's sake." She growled, angry. Spike mutters, glancing at Angel. "Mine would be bigger." Diana sets them both down, exiting from the bedroom and runs into Giles, letting out a large "oof." Giles raises a brow and then smiles. "Hello, Diana. enjoying your..." His words were interrupted when he saw Angel and Spike exit from the room, glaring at each other. "Im guessing you aren't." Diana rolls her eyes. "Actually I am." She chuckles.

-To be continued.....

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seems nice. Needs a little formatting (new paragraphs when people speak)