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It's a love story. Tell me what you think.

”Can you live?” They asked him while basking up the glory/
”I used to be able to live and breathe without worry/
But not anymore…” as he stood in front of a judge/
He tried not to blink, not to think, not to budge/
”How many times have you died?” “Once or twice.” – he replied/
But in his mind he thought “… only every time that she cried.”/

He began to sweat and yet he tried so hard to forget/
Of the first day they had met and how now he began to regret/
”Defendant, do you know why you are in this court?”/
He hated to lie, but otherwise he would die, so used it as a last resort/
”No sir, I’m not aware…” The jury’s frightening stares gave him scares/
The judge frowns as he scornfully looks down and declares/
”If you have read the resignations, you are here on accusations of being in love.”/
”I… I do not know what is this love that you may speak of…”/
They expected him to squeal and squirm, but he stood firm/
The judge scratched his brow, wondering how, “Do you not confirm?/
That every time you hear her name, this flame makes your heart beat faster?/”
He always knew that his desire will turn him into a liar, but to avoid such disaster/
He continued to deceit, even though he was becoming shaky on his feet/
”No… I feel no… increase in the beat…” Truthfully without her he felt incomplete/
”And your moth becomes dry, you may even start to stutter.”/
The judge pressed on, as his thoughts began to scatter/
”And nothing seems to matter…” The judge’s fixed gaze/
Upon his heart so cool had began to set it ablaze/
”M-my mouth isn’t dry… I’m fe-feeling fine…”/
He knew what he felt was a crime in his time/
 “Your heart is not as cold as mine, my lying friend.”/
No matter how hard he tried to pretend, if he’d admit it then it would be his end/
”I know what I’ve been told, I know that it’s a rule/
My heart’s completely cold, my heart’s completely… cool”/
”Do you take me for a fool? It doesn’t take a while/
To see that you’re lying through your teeth, or are you in denial?”/
His chin touched his chest in shame, as everyone in the trial/
Had stared him down with a malicious smile/
But suddenly he raised his hands in praise into above/
”Yes! I have fallen victim to this thing you all call love!/”
And the jury just soars with its spiteful roars and hateful screams/
All reign supreme as they mercilessly shatter his dreams/
”You are love’s slave! Death! You are unfit for our society!”/
His shaky palm have stopped being calm with the anxiety/
”But sir! Please understand, I beg you, please be fair!/
It’s as if the only aroma I want to breathe is the aroma of her hair/
The brightest sun can’t outshine the one, that’s how beaming are her eyes/
And I might miss her fears but I want to kiss away the tears every time she cries/
Her laugh is like a chorus of cherubic angels to my ear/
I revere her utmost sincere, she can never disappear/
Because every time I hold her in my arms/
I want to cradle her away from harm/
She would put her heart into my hand and I’d put mine into hers/
We’d hold them together as I’d say “Forever milady, it is yours”/
With her I forget the hour, I forget the day/
Tell me, dear sir, have you never felt this way?/”
The judge’s regretful frown was sudden as he looked down/
Onto the floor and gasped for one more breath to renown/
”No… I’ve never felt the way… the way you describe…”/
While in his mind there was a whole different kind of vibe/
But he denied it ever since their last white dance/
”Perhaps… I can give you one more chance/
If you tell us her name, we have procedures that will freeze your flame/
And of course, she will never know who to blame.”/
The judge grinned as he sinned without shame/
The entire jury waited, wondering what would he proclaim/
”…I believe this is unfair… and what if I don’t declare?”/
”Then you will be hung until death at the public square/
 We admire your dedication, but you must lift our frustration/
We understand your hesitation, but we need this information/
 All we want is a name, a description, a location/
Some kind of a relation and we will forgive your sinful temptation!”/
Unlike their speech, his answer was rather brief/
As he folded his hands and shook his head with grief/
”You bloody fool! Your life is at stake! Do you not care?!”/
”I thank your concern, but I’d rather be hung at the public square…”/
She put three roses on his grave, gave off a tear/
Took in a deep breath, death took away the fear/
One rose for love when they are apart, two for the times they were together/
A third rose was straight from the heart, to keep the love forever/

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I liked it, a good story to it, this time I didn't cry like with that other one :P but it was still really good