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See Dead Soldiers: Intro 
 Blood was pumping in my ears as the stench of rot filled my nostrils, death was staring me straight in the eye and daring me to run... 
I forced my elbow as hard and as fast as I could into woody's throat. Woody or what used to be Woody was trying his best to sink his teeth in to me.

"Get off of me you freak"

I rammed my knee in to his balls multiple times to no avail. What ever this thing was now, it felt no pain. 
I let out a grunt as the thing ripped at a clump of my hair, it must have took them out at the roots because I could feel the blood run down the side of my face where my scalp had burst. This thing was strong, way stronger that it should of been and I wasn't  going to be able to keep this deadlock up for long, it was going to over power me at some point then I was f*cked .  
The thing surged forward slamming my back against the foyer wall winding me. Drool was dripping from it's bottom lip mixing with the blood and pus that had been oozing from its misplaced eye. 
"Alakeeerrrr" The thing howled and I knew it was game over. 
I spat in its face "Go for it you pr!ck" 

I have never been so afraid in my life, this is not how things were meant to end, my friends? My family?  
I woke with light streaming through my bedroom curtains. Aw what a night. Shaun drunk far to much and he just had to start a fight with one of the guards, I cant say I was surprised though, he does it every time. Small + Scottish x alcohol = bad combination. But he's a mate so what can you do? 
Come to think of it there a lot of fights going on last night. The guard commander had told me when I had booked in that there had been reports of violence all over town, even what the police had called a full on riot at the Loreburn Shopping Centrer. 
"Its derby weekend, people always go a little crazy when it comes to football" the guard reasoned. 
My room in the accommodation block was just like every other, mint green walls, burgundy carpet and just enough room to get about one swing of the cat. The only difference between my room and the many other's was the Arsenal flag pinned to the roof, my clothes lay in the corner, my shirt had some blood on it where Shaun had burst the guards lip, ugh I suppose I better go and see if there going to let him out the cell yet. I peeled my self off my bed and and got cleaned and dressed, my ginger hair was a mess but it doesn't matter on a Sunday right? Just as I was about to leave my door smashed open with such force it split down the middle and the handle dug a gouge out of the wall. 
"Eh Rudd what... My God" 
Standing on the  other side withering in ether pain or anger was Ali Rudd. his skin was stretched taut across his bones and was a pallid yellow, his eyes looked like they had rolled to the back of his head but his most distinguishing feature was his lack of stomach. It had been ripped open and what remained was now hanging down to his knees and dripping in to a blackish red puddle on the floor . 
I was trying hard to hold my self together, I didn't know what I was seeing was possible but before I could crawl into a corner and cry my self to sleep he rushed me. I grabbed my cricket bat from the side of my bed... 
"Oh my God.. What have I done?" 
I couldn't stop staring at the scene in front of me. I had hit him hard on the side of his head with the bat, his neck had twisted making a cracking sound and his head had crashed off the wall. He lay in a mangled bloody mess at my feet. 
I had to get to the guard room. 
I stepped over the body to make my way out of this nightmare when I heard "Alakakkkka" It grabbed my  ankle, grip like a vice, I jumped out my skin. Rudd looked up at me tendons and bone snapping as he did so. I drew back and smashed down on his head as hard as I could blood and bit's of what could have only been his brain  splashed up my wall and round my trouser legs. I kicked his  had away and took off running. 
I had to get to the guard room. 
I had to find Shaun.           

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i like this. i wanna see where you will go next :) 

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@White Assassin: Thanks, I think the intro was better than this one, I'v been so tangled up in other stuff but I will part a part 2 out there at some point
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I wish I would have found this in October. I really like this.

I think your description really does capture the morbid and horror aspects and I enjoy that, quite a bit!

Especially the cracking of his bones and tendents. -shudders-

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Great descriptions of gore! Keep it up!

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What a gorefest it is! :D