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Batman and Robin (Damian) are coming back from stopping a robbery, and are entering the Batcave. Just as they get in, however, Damian is attacked by a person dressed as Robin. "You're not the real Robin!" The person exclaimed, delivering a blow to the face. "I'm a better one than you!" shouted Damian back, while delivering a kick to the midsection, knocking the other Robin backwards. From the ground, that Robin, legsweeps Damian and grabs him by the neck and slams him into the floor. Knocking him out.  
     Batman had observed that the figure dressed as Robin had red hair. "Jason?" He said. "Yeah, it's me." "what happened to you?!" Asked Bruce, shocked. I dunno, I just woke up this mornign and was de aged to when I first started out as Robin. "What do you want?" Asked Batman. To start over. I want to be your Robin." "This Damian kid can go to Dick." Said Jason "Meanwhile, we can figure out who did this to me. "Fine." Said Batman. "I saw you're message." Said Jason. "How I'm you're biggest failure. This will be a way to start over, to redeem myself." "Who knows?" He continued. "If I like being like this... "I may stay this way."  
          Batman froze in his tracks.

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The Iceberg Lounge:  
Batman and Jason climb up the side of the building, and enter at a window. "The penguin will have thugs waiting for us." Batman whispered. "Don't go to hard on them." "Whatever you say..." said Jason, rolling his eyes. They arrive, and one thug heads for Batman, his pistol raised. Batman grabs the gun and uppercuts the thug, knocking him out. Two thugs go for Jason, who kicks one, Batman grabs him and throws him into a bookcase. The other thug tries to take a swing at Jason, who crabs his arm and breaks it. The thug collapses from shock. More thugs come, but Batman disarms them with batarangs. Jason launches himself into one of them and Batman takes the other one out easily. They enter the next room and see the Penguin tied up. Jason ungags him. "STRANGE!" shouted Penguin. Hugo Strange! He's in the other room, go apprehend him!" the two go. "Wait!" Penguin demanded "Untie me!" Penguin is left there, tied up.  
  "Jason, isn't it?" Asked Strange. "How do you know me!?" Jason demamded. "You used to be so much older, but I took care of that." "you see, I have studied the human mind for quite some time, now." "If one believes to percieve something as something else it will soon come to be." I have exstensive knowledge of that." "While you were sleeping last night, I snuck into your home, and--Oh, rermind me to thank Dr. Destiny. Anyway, he helped me invade your dreams. You dreamed you were Robin you wanted to be your younger self again so badly that something that rarley ever happens happened. You became your younger self." "Only under certain circumstances can the laws of physics be changed." dreams are one of them" "I just Turned it into physicality." a simple trick of the mind, but only a handful of people in history have ever accomplished it."  Strange then pulled out a gun and shot Batman with a tranquilizer. "It's just you and me Jason."  
Let's go..."

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they should find the ruby of cyttorack when they go inside teh cave instead :D they go inside the cave because they are retreating from a battle agianst a north korean army (get the reference yet?)
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                        Jason and Strange head towards each other. Jason launches himself into Strange's gut, knocking him back. Strange slams Jason into a wall and tries to throw a punch, put Jason catches the punch and twists his arm behind his back, Strange does a flip and kicks Jason's jaw, knocking him to the floor. Jason legsweeps his opponent and delivers a kicks to the face, breaking Strange's nose. Strange just laughs. and punches him in the gut, then uppercuts him. Jason retaliates by hitting Strange with a roundhouse kick. Strange takes out a gun, but Jason disarms him with a batarang. He runs to him nd jump kicks him in the face. Strange delivers many powerful blows tro Jason. Leaving him with a bloody nose. He wipes the blood off his face and hit Strange on his arm, with a pressure point. "You can't move that arm, now, can you?" Jason taunted. Strange screamed as he charged towards Jasonbut Jason just used his body weight against him and knocked him to the ground. Jason grabs his good arm behind his back and pointed a batarang to the back of his neck. "I suppose you want me to reverse what I did?" Strange asked, weakly. "No." Siad Jason. "I will grow up with the Batman family." "This is a way to redeem myself." "To finally be accepted by everyone." "By Batman." "Fool." Said Hugo. He elbowed him in the face, knocking him out. He grabed his gun from the ground and pointed it at Jason. "Time for you to die."  just then, Batman had awoken and thrown a batarang into Strange's hand, dropping the gun. Jason then sidekicked (no pun inteneded) Hugo, and he fell through a window, into the a police car. Apparently Penguin escaped and told the police. thought Batman. After much struggleing, Hugo was apprehended. Jason, meanwhile, was sitting on the roof.  So did you like being Robin?" Asked Batman. "Yeah, it was okay." "Now I get to age with you guys, and learn like everyone else. I can have a normal life." "Or something like that." Batman, for the first time in a while, smiled  Are you still going to remain with the Bat Family?" "Yes" Jason replied.  "As your new Robin" Batman thought to himself: If Jason was the Red Hood he would never have done this. What Strange did to him, must have also affected his mind, he thinks like he would when he started out as Robin.  
Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself...

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Bumpity  bump bump.

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dude you should write comics
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heh, I want that as a job when I get older. I think of Fan Fic as "training myself."

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@primepower53 said:
" heh, I want that as a job when I get older. I think of Fan Fic as "training myself." "
You should write about Jason then.
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I was thinking about writing an extended version of this fan fic saying Talia cloned Jason and paid Hugo Strange for a cover story. The extended version would be fining the real Jason. Anyone think I should do that?
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bumpity bump bump.