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"I just had a day-dream" says Bane's co-creator, Bob Kane, on creating Bane "I got to work asked Bill, what if Batman had an enemy who was a terrorist, not a plain old criminal?"

They went to work on designing the character. They had to decide on a name: "The Living Bomb", "Destroyer"...

Finally, they decided on... "Bane".

"I just pictured a huge, strong man with several weapons and a red costume" says Bob Kane.

"Once I heard the idea, we needed to decide on an origin" says Bill Finger "I thought up one instantly. He was a mexican robber who came to America after the cops were on his tail. He changed his name to Jackson Bane and tried to hide from the cops."

"Bill thought up half the origin" said Bob "Then I stopped him right there. I told him: what if Batman was also on his tail? Bill loved the idea, and we went on from there".

"So, after Batman finds him, maybe he escapes and swears revenge on Batman for ruining his new life?" Bill Finger said to Bob Kane "Then he designs a red costume and works out, and returns to Gotham stronger, smarter, and even more evil. He pulls out a gun and has his thugs tear up the city looking for Batman. Batman finds Bane and they have a huge battle."

And thats how one of Batman's most dangerous foes was created.

What'd ya think?

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This was cool.

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I am missing a lot here, though it tickles the back of my mind that a perverted uncle at a party with too many people. Like the traits explained are a parallel of another villain that I can't put my finger on. *scratches head*