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In the headquarter of SKJOLD, Denmark's superhuman agency...

"Agents! It's no secret that we're currently drowning in ten feet of liquified $hi+!"

Commander Petersen stood in front of a room half-full of Agents. A look of uneasiness was sprawled onto each of their faces .

They should feel uneasy...

Peterson thought to himself.

"Until today, we have done nothing more than paperwork. The level of meta-human activity in our country is very, very low. Currently, there are five "superheroes" in Denmark, and the few 'evil' maniacs we had operating against them are either locked up or have fled the country. And now? This."

Petersen pressed the 'power button on his television controller. Behind him, a series of screens flickered to life, projecting various images of the current carnage for the various agents, who all stared in disbelief and fear.

"As you all can see, we are at war with what appears to be magical forces. Yes, the stuff of legend that kept us in awe as children has become a reality, and now threatens to destroy us as a people. I am sad to say that two of our five active superheroes have been killed in the line of duty. Jernmand and Gedehams, may they rest in peace..."

Petersen paused, allowing his words to sink in.

"So currently, we are f#%ked! But that's not going to stop us from fighting back, is it? Giving it one last hurrah for our people?!"

The agents roared in agreement.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. We have asked Sweden, Germany and Norway for aid, but they appear to be busy too. It' like hell has been set lose, as far as I understand. Norway has sent us Ice to help out with the crisis. Not much, but better than nothing. So the rest of us has to get our ass out there and fight! Grab a weapon folks, and let's kill some trolls!"

National Museum Of Denmark...


Shahram ran trough the museum, trying to get as far away from the big monster who started to kill people. He managed to find a place where the monsters hadn't reached yet, so he sat down and started to get his breath back. But he could not rest for long. He cold hear the monster coming, and he was caught in a dead end. Nowhere to run. His 15 year old life started to pass through his eyes. After pulling himself together, he looked around for something to save him, and saw a mannequin with a old soldier uniform on that was behind a glass-frame. In the belt was a sable. Shahram kicked the glass, and manege to make a hole in it, and tried to reach after the sable. But his arm was not lang enough, and he could hear the monster coming closer. He instead tried to see if there should be something in the pocket which he could just barley get his fingers inside, hoping to find something. And he managed to get something out.

It kinda looked like a lighter. In desperation, Shahram tried to see how it worked, and then...


"Sh%t! F#ck!" Shahram stared at the big dog that had appeared out of nowhere. It had big bugged-out eyes that stared directly at him. "Whut the f#ck are yo?!"


"And you, like... doing all I tell yo to?"


A roar could be heard. It was the troll. It had found Shahram. It couldn't move very quickly, since it had to walk with bowed knees in order to not bump it's head on the roof.

"... Kay... Then... Go and save me from the monstar!"

"AS MY MASTER COMMANDS!" The dog said, and jumped on the monstrosity. The troll tried to grab the dog, but it was too fast to grab. The troll screamed in pain, as the dog attacked.

"... Walla!" Shahram said, looking at the little device he held in his hand. "This lighter-thingy is, like, total gangsta!!!"

Rosenborg Castle Gardens...

This is wrong, Fesoj thought for herself.

She was possibly the youngest elf in the history of his people to ever get as high a rank as lieutenant in the royal army at an age of only 94 years old. She was highly thought of by her supervisors, for both her combat skills, as well as her, as she was told, uncanny strategic mind. She had trained her whole life for this day; the day the wights and elves could come above the ground, in order to take back the land.

Now, Fesoj looked at the soldiers chaining up children.

"... Sir?" she said carefully to his captain. "Permission to speak freely?"

"Sure, what is it, young one?" The captain looked like he was in a good mood.

"Should we... do this? I mean... um... abducting children... is that not, forgive me my ignorance... a bit too much?"

"Not at all, lieutenant. In fact, we have been ordered to gather as many children as possible, in order to make them slaves"


"Girl..." the captain of the troops said, "They are humans. They do not live more than 80 years or so."

"But it's against everything we believe in, sir!" Fesoj couldn't help herself anymore. "It's against our code as soldiers to harm children and the elderly!"

"Not when it's humans, it's not." The captain said. "I know you are young, and therefor have never seen the terrible acts humans commit. But I have! And we shall have our revenge. And what better revenge than make their offspring rebuild our culture for the rest of their pitifully short life?"

"But we are elven, we should be above..."

"CAPTAIN!" A dwarf came running on his short legs. "One of the humans tried to escape!"

"Bring it fourth."

An old man was brought to the captain.

"GRANDPA!" One of the children yelled.

"Tom, close your eyes!" the old man yelled to the blond boy. His hands was tied up, and the dwarfs forced him to move to the captain by poking him with their spears. Then they kicked him, so that he would land on his knees in front of the captain.

"Well, well. Trying to escape, eh? Good." The captain drew his sword. "We need to show the young ones what happens when you try to run away. And we dont really need you. Any last words?"

The old man spat the captain in the face.

"Classy..." The captain smirked, as raised his sword.


Elven swords are magnificent. They cut through almost everything as if it was butter. And they are even more formidable held in the hand of a well-trained elf. They move the blade with a speed and grace unlike any other creature on the planet. The blade is light as well as unbreakable, and therefor ideal for ambush, despite the length.

He never saw it coming.

As the captain's head rolled on the ground, all of the soldiers looked confused at Fesoj, who was the decapitator.

"TRAITOR!!!" An angry dwarf yelled, as he charged against the young elf. "You have killed one of your own!!!"

"I was raised with stories about our people's brave heroes." Fesoj cuttet the ax in half, and kicked the dwarf so hard that he flew into three of Fesoj's former fellow soldiers. "I was told tales about bravery on the battlefield. But there is no honor in this! This is not war, it's terror! And YOU are not soldiers! YOU ARE THUGS!" Fesoj prepared herself for the battle against her once allies, in order to protect the humans she had dreamed about fighting. "And I am NOT one of you!!!"

City Hall Square...


"Come on!!! Fall already!!!" He threw another punch at the giant's leg. The giant tried to stomp him, but he was not fast enough for Kaptajn Sejr, Denmark's greatest hero. Sejr managed to crawl up at the giant's leg, an started to pound his knee, making it lose balance and trip. It fell to the ground with the nose downside the ground. Luckily, the giant didn't land on City Hall. Sejr ran to the giants head. It was unconscious, god be praised.


Sejr ran to the dragon-fountain, where someone had yelled. It was a police officer, who was caught under one of the fountains figures. He looked like he was in pain, and who could blame him?

"Hold on, sonny!" Kaptajn Sejr removed the statue. The young man couldn't stand up.

"Thank you, Kaptajn Sejr. It's an honor to meet you, sir."

"The honer is mine. Now come, let's get you to a hospital, and..."



An arrowhead could be seen coming out of Sejr's chest. The police officer grabbed his gun, and shot and killed the elf. But too little, too late. Sejr lied on the ground, gasping.

"Sejr?! SEJR?!" The young policeman started to really panic. He couldn't stand, how was he suppose to help him?

"... Son..." Kaptajn Sejr hacked. "What... what is y... your name?"

"... What?... um, Abdul. Abdul Ashtiani."

"Abdul... you have to take off the flag tied around my... wa... a... waist..."

"What? Why?"

"Just... do it..."

Abdul managed to crawl to Sejr and tie up the knot on Sejr's belt. It showed to be a danish flag.

"T... Tie it around your waist..."

Abdul did so with difficulties. And then he could feel it. His damaged legs felt normal. No, not normal. Better than ever! In fact, he felt better, stronger, heck even mightier than he ever had. But Sejr... Sejr changed from a muscular young man to an tin one. His bright yellow hair faded away. Where once Denmark's greatest hero lied was now an old, dying man.

"Y-Y-You are tttttthe new Kaptajn Sejr, Abdul. Fight bravely. Denmark need youuu...."

He was dead. Abdul stood up, and looked at his reflection in the fountain's water. He was now in Kaptajn Sejr's red and white uniform. He had also grown larger and more muscular.

"Baba is going to kill me..."

To be continued...

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Good story. However there were a lot of Grammar and Dialogue mistakes.

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