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Saving Private Roy

Jason arrived at a secret military base located in Soviet Russia. Starfire and Arsenal were located in there. Jason managed to escape the soldiers somehow, and as leader of the team, it was his duty to rescue them.

As he approached the entrance, he was stopped with a gun to the back of his head. "What's your name and why are you here?" the voice behind him said in a Russian accent. "Jason, or Red Hood, and my friends are in there." Jason replied. The gun was released from his head. Jason turned around. The woman was wearing a tight black suit and had long orange hair. "My name is Natasha. Code name Black Widow. My friends are in there too. Maybe an alliance is needed. The people in there are dangerous. What do you say?" the woman stated in a serious tone. "I normally wouldn't team up with a stranger, but I'll do it this time only because I want to get my friends out alive. Let's go."

Black Widow and Red Hood walked closer to the building. Two soldiers patrolled around the building. Natasha approached one and choked him out as Jason shot the other with a suppressed pistol. Jason puts his red helmet into the backpack he took from the soldier and Natasha just slipped the outfit on over her own. They walked to the entrance and blended right in.

They approached a computer. Natasha turned it on. "It's locked." she says and looks at Jason. "I can get this." Jason replies. He hacks the computer and searches through the prisoners. "Look for Clint Barton and Flash Thompson." Natasha said.

Jason found the prisoners he wanted.

  • Harper, Roy - Floor 3 Cell E
  • Starfire - Floor 3 Cell F
  • Thompson, Eugene "Flash" - Floor 4 Cell E
  • Barton, Clint - Floor 4 Cell F

Jason and Natasha walked to the third floor. There were no soldiers on this floor. They reached Cell E. It was empty. Roy Harper was not in the cell he was supposed to be. Confused, they headed to Starfire's cell. She knew it was him right away, but was silent about it to avoid attention. "Natasha, this is Starfire. Starfire, this is Natasha. We're helping each other get our friends out. Do you know where Roy is?" Jason asked after unlocking her cell. Starfire replied with "He escaped the soldiers before they brought us here, I do not know where he is now though." and then shook Black Widow's hand.

Next, Jason and Natasha went to the fourth floor. Jason hacked open Flash's cell. Flash came out of the cell in a wheelchair. He was surprised that a Russian spy would need the help of a man in a wheelchair. Maybe he was like Oracle, and helped out in a non-physical way. "I'm Jason. I'm Natasha's friend, we're getting you out of here." Jason said. "Thanks man, I appreciate it." Flash stated then shook his hand. They then reached Clint's cell. Jason unlocked the cell door. "I already told you I ain't talking, there's no point in even trying." Barton said, thinking Jason was a soldier. "Relax, I'm here to get you out. I'm with your friend Natasha." Jason said as Barton exited the cell. "Oh, sorry. Thanks." Barton said. "No problem, but we need to get to the armory to get your things back, or else we won't stand a chance getting out of here." Jason stated.

They walked up a floor to the armory. "Hey, why are the prisoners out of their-" a soldier shouted, but was interrupted by a bullet to the throat. A camera caught Jason's act, and the siren's began going off. Black Widow looked at Jason in a disgusted way. She knew she could of done it stealthier. Clint grabbed his quiver and bow, Flash grabbed his guns and symbiote. The symbiote attached itself to Flash and gave him legs and armor. That's why she needed him. Jason thought. Guards kicked down the door and opened fire on them. They all fought back and killed the guards. They ran to the roof, killing guards on the way. They hijacked a helicopter and evacuated the military base, shooting guards on their exit. "You've done good, Jason." Natasha said. "I could say the same to you." Jason replies. "Now that I trust you, my name is Natasha Ramonov. I work for a government agency named S.H.I.E.L.D.. I am a spy." Natasha stated. "These people are also S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. That's why I needed them. They were captured by a man named Victor Von Doom, AKA Dr. Doom. He is a supervillain. Thank you for your help, Jason. Where do you plan on going?" Natasha asked. "Well, I'm Jason Todd. I was the second Robin. I was killed by The Joker and brought back to life by Ra's Al Ghul. And I am going to find the person who was supposed to be in the prison but escaped." Jason said. "I am going to New York. I have already called in an airplane, because this helicopter will not reach New York." Natasha said. "Well, thanks." Jason said as an airplane arrived beside the helicopter piloted by War Machine, another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. It was close enough to walk into, and that's what they did, except Flash. He stayed in the helicopter and shut off the engine, then web slinged into the airplane.

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WOOOTTT!!! Thats aWesome dude! Good job

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Starfire and Black Widow working together? I'll gladly read something like this! :) Good job.

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