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The world was collapsing beneath Venom's feet, as Magneto used his magnetism to slowly pull the ring off of his finger. "No!" Venom called out. "We need it!" Magneto looked at Venom with disgust. "You are not worthy of this ring, symbiote. You tried to become the ruler of the corps. I am the leader. Not you!" Magneto yelled in anger. He finally pulled the ring off of Venom's finger, and threw on the ground. Magneto stomped on it, crushing it.

Three months earlier...

Hal Jordan flew around New York. He receives a message on his intercom by another Green Lantern that says the other lanterns are recruiting. So the Green Lanterns will have to recruit to keep up with the others. "Well," Hal said into his ring. "We just have to hope we pick the best before they do."

In Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock was training himself in his Daredevil costume. He heard something loud outside. He went to check it out. He couldn't see, but he could sense a strong green energy. He went towards it. It was a ring and lantern. His instinct told him to pick up the ring. He did so. A sentence appeared in his mind, and for some reason, he said it out loud. "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. For those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!" His suit became green and white, and he started floating into space. He landed on Oa. He was greeted by an alien. "Hello, you must be the new recruit. As you can see, Green Lantern's come in all shapes and forms. I-" Murdock interrupted the alien. "Actually, I can't. I'm blind." "Oh...well, with the power of the ring, you can see! Just believe." Murdock did as instructed. He could finally see again. By the end of the day, Daredevil could fly and had complete control over his ring.


A yellow light flashed before Magneto's eyes. He followed the light. It was a ring. A yellow ring. He put it on. "What the..?" Magneto said as his suit became yellow. A portal opened up beside him. A pink alien wearing a suit similar to his stepped out. "My name is Sinestro. You have been chosen to join the Sinestro Corps. It is based off of the power of fear, and you, Magneto, have the whole planet in fear. With this ring, you can create anything you imagine. Try it." Sinestro said. "Why should I believe you? A random alien appears at my home, insisting me to join him?" Magneto said. Sinestro just stared at him. Magneto still tried out the ring. He formed a missle. "Interesting... I appologize, Sinestro. I will join your corps." And with that, Magneto followed Sinestro into the portal.