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Bruce Wayne stood over the Bat Computer looking frustrated, it had been 5 hours since Nightwing and Batgirl had left to try and fight the infected, since then he had been unable to find any cure for the infection. It had also been 3 hours since he'd last had contact with either of them as well. He could hear the infected in his home Wayne Manor above their heads, they'd broken in around an hour ago. However if they were looking for a snack they had been sorely disappointed. They wouldn't be able to find the secret entrance to the Batcave and no one had been in the manor at the time. Alfred walked over to him and passed him a cup of tea, Bruce drank it all in a massive gulp and gave the cup back to Alfred.

"How goes saving the world sir?" Alfred asked with an air of hope in his voice.

"Not well, I have yet to find a way to destroy the infection."

"And what of Mater Dick and Miss Gorden, sir?"

"It's been hours since ANYONE called in. Both Bat Family and other. We may be the only ones left."

"Not quite Bruce." Someone said from behind them.

Bruce smiled slightly as he saw Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman walk down the stairs from the Manor.

"How did you get through the Manor?" Bruce asked. "It's filled to the brim with infected!"

"Please. I'm the world's greatest Cat Burgler. I'd have been able to get through them if they'd been a half dozen Super Men."

Bruce noticed she was holding her arm and saw some blood drip from beneath her hand. He realised with horror that Selina Kyle had been infected and remembered what Dick Grayson had said earlier:

"Last I saw there were a few dozen zombies attacking Selina's place, I wasn't sure if she was in there though..."

Bruce looked at Selina and then at the still chained James Gorden. Gorden was now completly infected and was slowly losing what sanity he had left.

"I WANT TO EAT YOUR BABIES!" Gorden yelled randomly.

"You've been infected." Bruce said grimly.

"Oh look!" Selina said gleefully "You're shocked! Wish it wasn't the end of the world for that to happen. Please tell me you've got a cure."

Bruce's silence answered her question, she lowered her head and all optimism immideitlly drained from her body. She was silent for a few seconds and sat down on the hood of the Batmobile. She lowered her head and asked:

"Bruce. Could you just end it for me?"

Bruce was shocked. Again. However this time he actually showed it. He couldn't believe the woman he'd known for years. That the woman he... "cared for" was asking him to end her life.

"Never. I have a cell I can place you in till I find a cure. I'm not letting you throw your life away like this!" Bruce shouted.

"Then I guess that will have to do." Selina said before Alfred escorted her to her cell.


"NO! NOT NEEDLES! I HATE NEEDLES! I HATE BABIES!!!" Gorden shouted as Bruce placed a needle into his arm.

Bruce pulled the syringe filled with blood out and watched Gorden's activity for a few seconds. He carefully carried the blood over to the Bat Computer and placed it into the scanner. He waited a few seconds and watched the Computer bring up the results. Bruce slammed his fist on the table in anger.

"Test results, unable to cure. Similar to cancer, can't be cured with current knowledge. Only treated. Require more data before being able to formulate a cure." The Bat Computer whined.

Bruce laid his head on the table, this had all been for nothing. It was hopeless, there was no more data to give which means there could be no cure. He felt Alfred place his hand on Bruce's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

"Sir..." Alfred said "What do we do now?"

"We need to get out of the city. I have several Bat Bunkers that the Infected wouldn't be able to find. We can stop there and..." Bruce started.

He would have continued but he saw something awful on the Computer. The Computer registerd the old Grandfather clock that was used to cover the entrance to the Batcave was opening. Bruce quickly looked at Gorden who was still tied to the table screaming like a mad man. Bruce realised the mistake he had made. Due to stress and lack of sleep he had placed Selina in a cell she could easily break out of if she wanted to. He'd been distracted with finding a cure over keeping the infected contained. This was all his fault.

"Alfred." Bruce said. "Run. Now!"

Alfred started to run towards the Batmobile as a half dozen infected ran down the stairs and into the Batcave. Bruce grabbed a trigger off the table and clicked the top of it. The stairs leading to the Batcave exploded taking with them a dozen or so infected. Bruce grabbed his mask and cowl off the table and threw a Batarang at the infected Catwoman who was walking towards him.

"Just think." Catwoman said in a raspy voice "All of this could have been avoided if you'd just let me die!"

She slashed the chains keeping Gorden on the table and freed him. Both Gorden and Catwoman walked towards Batman, who held a Batarang over his head.


Several other infected joined them and Batman realiesed the end was nigh. Out of the corner of his eye he saw infected pulling Alfred out of the Batmobile's cockpit. Alfred was bitten on the shoulder and torn apart by the dozen or so infected pulling at him all at once.

"MAASSSTTEERR BBRRUUCCEE!!!!" Alfred screamed before his head was pulled off.

Batman was outraged, he was surrounded, outnumbered and no help was coming for him. The end was nigh...

To Be Concluded next week!

... I killed Alfred. May hundereds of people burn me at the stake for what I have done!!

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This was a nice read, Keep it up :)

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@tommythehitman Please call me out for the next issue, thanks.

Um....Not sure how I feel about Gordon going insane. Never thought of the infection doing that to people. This was better then the last one though. So good job.

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Selina's a little to casual (for my liking anyway) about having Bruce kill her, but a good read. Looking forward to how it all wraps up

"Bruce. Could you just end it for me?"