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Ravan looked down at the three dead men. “Three thousand years O Kali.”

The words seemed hollow as he watched their blood pool into one giant pond of blood from their lifeless corpses. Today’s chat with Dr Chen had…spoilt him, cast shadows of doubt onto his belief system. Maybe Chen was the problem?

No, the reason he’d gone to see Chen was twofold. A way he could talk about what he’d done under the blanket of anonymity and secondly he had no friends. Chen was the only person he talked to. The last person he spoke to was the bar owner Bibbo in Metropolis. He couldn’t call his mother as she was long dead and Kali only knew who his father was!

Ravan looked at the blood on his hands; both actually and metaphorically. Did his killing actually stay the coming of the Kali Yuga? It wasn’t a science you could test. His mother’s words from when he was a boy rang in his ears. “Idiot! Never let your guard down!”

He stuffed his hands in his jacket and wandered away from the…crime. It was the first time he’d ever thought that what he had done for his god was wrong.


“This guy took on Superman?” said Merlyn as he dropped a few bills on the table as he left the café.

“Blew up half a dozen buildings,” said Calculator “By the way I’m charging by the minute and the answer.”

“Name?” snapped Merlyn.


“Like the bird?”

“No, more like as in ravenous but with two A’s.”

“Ravan,” Merlyn pondered on the name like a lolly in his mouth. “He was part of Morningstar right?”

“Not by choice, but yes.”

Merlyn waved for a taxi “What’s this Gotham job?”

“Are you changing the subject?”

“I’m changing the subject coz I don’t care anymore and you charge like it’s going out of style!” replied Merlyn “Keep this up you’ll create your own competition.”

“I have competition, by the name of Oracle,” sneered Calculator “And there’s still a bounty on her, his, their head.”

“It’s Gotham, so you have to add in the bat factor,” said Merlyn as he signalled for a cab “It’s like robbing a bank in Metropolis.”


Ravan wandered back to Pennsylvania Hospital where he’d been squatting on the roof. The place was huge and nobody paid much heed to an “Indian” in white wandering the halls as they simply assumed janitorial staff. Ravan slipped into the fire escape and up to his home for want of a better word.

He sat cross-legged and looked up at the stars. “O Kali,” he prayed “Your servant’s heart is lost.”

Ravan paused looking up at the silent sky. He sighed and wiped the tear from his face as he regained his composure “O Kali. Give your servant strength. Help me against the snake and the darkness that is this world. I kill to honour you and you alone.”


“What’s in it for me?” came Spellbinder’s muffled reply from within the black bag over her head. Merlyn pressed the knife to her throat making her gasp.

“Asides from your life,” he said nonchalantly. The assassin leant in to her ear “How about twenty five in cold hard cash?”


Merlyn smirked as he placed a revolver to the back of her head “Now I don’t trust you. You’ve got powers. People with powers often do stupid things. So let me make sure we’re both clear on what’s going to happen.”

“Okay,” she replied quietly.

Merlyn gave her a light tap on the skull with the muzzle making her jump “Ssh, you listen now. I’m hiring you to get a guy called Ravan to come to here to Gotham. All his details are on a disc on the table for you to look at. If you stick to the plan, you get your money and I don’t have to kill you.” He paused and looked out the window. “Man, I hate this city! Why anyone in their right mind would live here is beyond me? Downtown Baghdad is safer than here, also less bats…” He checked the window again just in case he’d jinxed himself.

“Anyway, you do your part and you get some cash and you keep your life,” Merlyn smiled “Now, I’m going to take the hood off. You look me in the eye or even turn your head towards me and I will blow your pretty little head off. You get me?”

“Y-yes,” she whimpered from the chair.

Merlyn ripped off the mask and placed the gun to the back of her head “Is there any part of this you missed?”

“I got it!” She said defiantly. “I do have a question, if that’s okay?”

Merlyn raised the knife up to a defensive position to be on the safe side “What?”

“How’d you find me?”

Merlyn chuckled “You have pink hair. I just got a friend of mine to search Bookface for girls with pink hair and ta-dah, one Fay Moffitt, appeared in his search. You sure love ‘checking in’ to places. I’m surprised you aren’t sitting in a cell or dead in a hole because of how stupid and careless you are on social media.”

Spellbinder gasped in shock. Merlyn holstered his gun and went to the window. “You’ve got a week Spellbinder, or do you prefer Fay?”

“You’re a bastard!” she growled as she crossed the room to the disc on the table.

“Probably,” sneered Merlyn as he left her to her own devices.


Chen Psychiatry, Bergen Square, Philadelphia

The lift doors parted and Ravan walked into the waiting room for Dr Chen for his weekly appointment. He stopped as he saw the receptionist; it wasn’t the usual tubby Latina woman. Slowly he approached the desk.

“Where is Marianna?”

“She’s sick,” replied the girl with pink hair as she chewed gum “Can I help you?”

“Dr Chen,” he eyed her up and down. Something about her made his skin crawl. Maybe it was choice of dress that was closer to that of a street walking prostitute than a receptionist; possibly her unnatural hair colour or horse-like gum chewing. Or because she was wearing sunglasses inside.


“Ravan,” he replied as he stared at her intently, like a cat watching a mouse with nowhere to go. She looked right back at him, dipped her glasses and smiled from ear to ear.


To be continued…

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@batkevin74: Cool indeed. Nice to see Spellbinder appear as well as more well known figures such as Merlyn and of course Ravan.

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@batkevin74: This was a pretty fun read. I particularly liked the introduction of Spellbinder into the mix, and I like how she's this character who's not quite as professional as she needs to be. Also "Bookface"?

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@impurestcheese: Spellbinder was great and now she's in limbo in DC, not now though

@delphic: Bookface, like Zesti Cola are faux companies used in DC to substitute the real world versions and get around having to pay license fees for Facebook & Coke :)

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@batkevin74: Wasn't Bookface being used to hook sexual predators up with victims in Birds of Prey by the Silicon Syndicate?

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I love the way you write this guy. It occurred to me while reading this that it might have been interesting to see him interact with Raven Diablo. Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)

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@cbishop: that'd be up to your friend :)

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@batkevin74: Wasn't Bookface being used to hook sexual predators up with victims in Birds of Prey by the Silicon Syndicate?

Really, must go and check

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@batkevin74: Sorry my bad that was Youspace I was thinking about

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@batkevin74: I was thinking within the CCC 25 contest. <shrugs>

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@cbishop: Nah, crossing over current stuff with character creation stuff is messy and weird and often doesn't work, got tried once I believe by jatoe...contest 19 maybe, and it...no, easy answer is no

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@batkevin74: Oh, I don't know. I think the CCC has done it a few times, making OC villains for Supes, Gambit, and in a way, Nightfire.

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@cbishop: But in an ongoing FF it doesn't really work

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@batkevin74: Oh! I see what you mean. That depends entirely on what you're going for. I don't think Ravan is really suited for it. However, if you're willing to have your OC/fan-fic crossover with published characters, it can absolutely work! You just have to be willing to write it straight.

My go-to for examples in this kind of thing is Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon. I realize that's not fan-fic, but bear with me- it's the same principle. Dragon crosses over with characters from other companies or other creators all the time, and all of it is in continuity.

Did Dragon meet Superman, who gave him a cape for his daughter? Yep, and she was seen wearing it in a later issue. Did he meet Wildstar through a time mishap? Yep, and when that time period was reached in the comic, Wildstar was there again. Did he meet Hellboy? Oh yeah, and they crawled out of a giant lake monster's butt together (but they agreed to never speak of it again). Brainape's mutant brain was revealed to be Hitler's brain in that crossover, and it has remained so ever since. Dragon has met the characters from Madman & The Atomics, The Amazing Joybuzzards, Lovebunny & Mr. Hell, Wanted, and even Sonic the Hedgehog, and every bit of it is in contunity. Not only did it work fine, but it was great!

So yeah, it can work fine, but you have to be willing to make it fit. I get why you may not want to crossover Ravan with Raven. Like I said, I don't think Ravan's story is suited for crossover. However, an out of continuity romp with the character isn't out of the question, if an idea were to hit you. Not saying with Raven, but with anything.

Making it work is easy. Getting people to read it is another beast entirely.

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