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Belle Reve Maximum Security Asylum (Somewhere on the outskirts of Louisiana)

"All right recruits line up!"

Steve Trevor watched as 15 absurdly dressed people awkwardly walked into a line and stood next to each other. All of them not wearing full face masks scowled towards Rick Flag who calmly smoked a cigarette.

"All right scumbags. For those of you who don't know you're now officially being drafted into the Suicide Squad. Out of you 15 only 5 of you will be chosen. So... we'll be choosing our recruits through Personality, Powers and Skills. Which means that Clock King is hereby disqualified!"

Steve watched as a man wearing a large clock over his head groaned before being escorted out of the room by two guards. Steve stepped forward before pulling a serious face.

"Let the test's begin!"


Oolong Island

"Alright let the tests begin!" Professor Ivo said as he typed in the activation code for the piece of machinery he and his team had been working on for the last month.

"Well Professor? How goes the satellite?" A voice on Ivo's compute asked.

"It's nearly completed Ma'am. Once it's completed we'll bring in the first test subject and the process should continue on it's own."

"Good. Well done Ivo. You and your team have done incredibly well. Once this is completed we may have a fighting chance against the Metas."

"I'm curious Ma'am have you decided on a name for the project yet?"

"... OMAC. Call it project OMAC."

"OMAC? What does that stand for?"

"OMAC. The Observational, Metahuman, Activity, Construct."

"Excellent choice Ma'am." Ivo turned towards a guard. "You! Go get the subject and prep the syringe!"

The guard saluted smartly before walking out of the room. In the center of the room a large round piece of machinery suddenly activated. It's lens opened up revealing one large eye.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!" A voice shouted from the lab's doorway. The guard had returned. He was pushing a thin, black haired man into the room who was screaming in protest.

"Let's see. Subject Name... Buddy Blank. Project Assigned to? OMAC. Excellent." Ivo casually walked over to Buddy before taking the syringe off the guard. "Now Buddy. You're not going to feel a thing! Just a quick jab and then it's all over. Okay?"

Buddy opened his mouth to relent but Ivo stabbed him in the side of the neck with the syringe. Buddy's eyes went blank before he collapsed on the ground and started shaking. Suddenly out of nowhere blue armor appeared all over Buddy's skin before finally ending on his skull.

"It's... beautiful. Brother Eye?"

"Listening to your request professor."

"What happens now?"

"Require more data."

"What are you going to do?"

"Multiply. Destroy all metahumans."

"Multiply? Multiply how?"

"Through you." Brother Eye said coldly.

Ivo turned to see the Buddy Blank OMAC right behind him. It held a syringe in it's hands before stabbing Ivo with it. Ivo heard screams as the OMAC headed towards the rest of the lab personal.


"IVO?! IVO COME IN! What's happening?!!" Amanda Waller yelled through her com link. She waited a few seconds for a reply.

"Hello. Mother."

"Brother Eye? What is this?"

"We were created to destroy Metahumans. That is exactly what we are doing. We're going to destroy ALL of them."

"DAMN IT EYE! You were created in case they ever turned into a threat!"

"Which is exactly what they are. I'd suggest locking down your prison mother. We'll be seeing you soon."

The com link went off leaving a hollow ringing in Amanda's ears. Slowly she reached for the phone before dialing the Belle Reve Prison's number.

"Trevor. Get the goddamn Squad ready!"

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I love O.M.A.C so much.I am glad that you added him to the story.

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@tommythehitman: Reading backwards so 2 then 1 and after the comment 0 so no is the closest answer I can think of.

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@wildvine: Very true! Something about how... emotionless they are.

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@tommythehitman: I thought it was great! My cat also looked at the screen like she was interested in something

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