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Belle Reve Maximum Security Asylum

"wwaakkee upppp..."

Steve Trevor slowly opened his eyes. His head ached and from where he was sat he could smell the stench of blood dripping from his face.

Someone wanted to talk to him.

Steve raised his head to see a fat woman standing in front of him. Something about her seemed very familiar. At her side a tall, muscular man stood firm and unflinching with a serious and cold face.

"Ah good. You're awake." The woman muttered. Her face barely moved with the exception of her lips. "My name is Amanda Waller. My associate is Rick Flag."

"...Are you going to kill me Mrs Waller?" Steve asked.

Waller scrunched up her face as if she was thinking about it before returning to normal.

"No. Now Mr Trevor I want you to tell me the last thing you remember."

"I... I was flying over the pacific... when... when my plane crashed."

"And how exactly did it crash?"

"...I don't know."

"Yes. I think you DO know."

"...Something hit it. Something that killed everyone else in my platoon... something that looked like... like a man..."

"Tell me Mr Trevor. What year is it?"

"It's... 2003."

"Wrong. You're 10 years off."

"...10 years?! What?! How..."

"You were involved in an attack from what we call a 'superhuman'. These are beings with strange and unusual powers that we don't completely understand. You've been AWOL for the last 10 years and we've only just found you."

"...well... where was I?"

"That's classified."

"Well... why am I here? How did I get these bruises?"

"We don't know where your cuts came from. You're here because a LOT has happened while you've been away Mr Trevor. Reports are coming in from across the globe. Hundreds of counts of superhuman attacks. There seems to be 3 types of superhumans that we know of. The first and apparently most common is the Super villain. People who use their powers or skills for personal gain at the expense of others. The second-"

"Is the opposite?"

"Correct. We call them Super heroes. Whether they work for US or work on their own they try and do what is right for their country. Whether it's stopping a bank robbery or stopping an alien invasion."

"What about the third?" Steve asked.

"That's us." Rick Flag said stepping forward. "We're the guys who do the job that those other losers WON'T handle. We're the guys who deal with the mad scientist while the super heroes deal with the massive killer robot. People like US handle the dirty work."

"...Why am I here?"

Amanda cleared her throat before speaking. "You're a ghost Trevor. Nobody knows who you are or whether or not you're alive. Which makes you perfect for what we've got in mind."

"Which is?"

"We want you to form a team of the lowest and most degenerate scum you can find. People who NOBODY will miss. People who can handle the most dangerous missions."

"How am I supposed to find these people?"

"The place you're in is one of the most secure locations on the planet. This entire building has been designed to hold Super Villains. Take your pick of who you want."

"...What will we be called?"

"This... is the third time we've tried a team like this. We're going down from Z to A. This team will be known as Task Force X."

"Not really catchy."

"...I've got a good one." Flag said. "Hey Steve. What was your old platoon called right before they got slaughtered?"

Steve gritted his teeth.

"Ages ago? Back then we were called..."

To be continued...

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@cr4psnip3r: It was only a set up issue which is why it's issue 0.

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@tommythehitman Why does that mean I can't wait to see what you do with it all?

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Fine work so far. It will be interesting to see how Trevor interacts with the team.

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@batkevin74: Thanks. Please write a Superfriends series...

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@tommythehitman: Ha ha ha maybe. Just busy these days so I'd rather do a oneshot than a whole thing. Plus with two Marvel Mayhem titles, my return to Splicerverse plus trying roundup a few other hanging projects of mine like Virtetum Dei, Marvel Genesis Punisher and Green Panther.

Not a no, a maybe

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@batkevin74: ...do a superfriends after Justice League appears?

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Great! I already really like this! Can't wait for the next one

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I love how you set your stories up. This was really good. And putting Steve Trevor on Suicide Squad is genius. Good work.

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I like it, can't wait for the next issue! :)

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Great openning issue.Promises a lot for the future of the series.

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Excellent start, odd choice with Steve Trevor but it is slightly logical as he's in the airforce...but the missing decade curiouser & curiouser. And a twist giving Steve the old Suicide Squad tag as opposed to Flag

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Have to say I don't usually read FanFiction because the writing is usually terrible, least from my experience with anime/manga related types. But this, if this is what is in store here, I'll be reading a lot more. This was a very welcoming introductory. I also like the Suicide Squad comics so there's that.