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Gerry Regan stood on the rooftop his shadow was cast darkly over the alley as the Moon shown over his head. The drug dealers that had been flaunting their wares in the street had hidden from the police in that seemingly safe hideout. Ragman almost laughed out loud as he thought of this. He dove down into the back corner of the alley stealthily and invisibly. Using his mystically enhanced strength he hefted up the overflowing trashcan that had been long ago cleaned for the last time, he smashed the bag of meth that the dealers had left there.

Of course all the noise had alerted the dealers of the vigilante behind them and they jumped in surprise. They quickly realized that the knife that the fasted of them drew would not be enough to stop the strangely dressed superhuman that appeared to be getting bulkier every moment. The dealers drew their pistols and fired their aim was dead on.

Now this would have killed any normal human being but Ragman was not by any definition of the word normal. Gerry felt the impact and he knew that the impact points would bruise and leave him sore for days. He used the magical powers of his uniform to create a large ball of glowing green energy, and he pushed it like a giant bowling ball at the evil men. He exclaimed,

“Your judgment has arrived!”

The men cried, literally started bawling, as he walked over to them.

Gerry walked over to the sobbing men and reached one hand out and placed it on the closest man’s forehead. Both men’s eyes started glowing a sickly shade of green as the judgment commenced. Gerry sensed evil in this man’s heart as his suit felt around his very soul.

The man began to lose all color in him, and his clothes all turning a dreary and colorless gray. His eyes became 100% chalk white as he drooled. He began to become smaller, skinnier until his bones were visible, then he continued getting smaller and smaller until he became two-dimensional then he folded into a tiny square which turned into a fluorescent shade of green.

Ragman continued this process on the remaining evil souls, until he reached the last dealer, who did not have an evil soul, nor any soul what so ever. Gerry realized that the drug dealer was wearing dark sunglasses even at Midnight. Ragman removed the sunglasses only to discover that the dealer had no color or whites in his eyes, in their place was only black.

Gerry realized that this man was also a sorcerer, a fact that he realized too late. He was flung back by some great force until he hit the wall in the darkest part of the alley. The soulless magician spoke,

“Why do you strike at me? I am your superior, so why?”

Gerry responded after coughed up blood,

“I was attempting to thwart evil, and you appear to be evil.”

“I was getting information from those thugs before you attacked them. Do you know what kind of drug that was?”

“No, but I knew that after they sold it to those teenagers it couldn’t be good.”

“You're right about that, the drug was known as Hex and I was about to figure out where their dealer, Black Bison resides.”

For the first time since he was injured Gerry relaxed a little.

“I must leave this place and recover, meet me in two days here.”

The magician nodded and Ragman vanished.

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Is this a oneshot or a series?

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Couple typos.

The men cried, literally started balling, as he walked over to them.

"Bawling" not "Balling.

“Your right about that, the drug was known as Hex and I was about to figure out where their dealer, Black Bison resides.”

"You're" not "Your."

Dialogue is kinda rough. And the last line is just confusing. Never switch perspective tense. Otherwise this was a good read. Nice to see someone who likes Ragman.

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@wildvine: srry I made that line for the second one didn't mean to post

Is this a oneshot or a series?

First series

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@neonpheonix: Pretty much the same thoughts as wildvine. I like Ragman though, and you get mondo points for pulling the name Black Bison out of mothballs, so looking forward to the next one. :)