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Rating T for Violence.

He woke with a start, cold sweat pouring off of him as it often did when he woke up in a prison cell.

It was Charlie Lynns’ turn for the shrink. He had been looking forward to it for quite sometime now, someone to confess to before he was taken to the chair. He was escorted to the interrogation room by four armed guards including Aaron Cash, Cash looked at Charlie,

“Your last meal will be after the confession. Then you will die.”

“Cool, you gonna watch?”

“No, and I need to know one thing, was it worth it?”

“I’m gonna answer with another question. If you had the power and ability to solve Gotham’s problems would you?”

“Batman does, so no one else needs to!”

“But what happens when Batman puts away guys like the Joker who just break out again and again? I provide a permanent solution.”

“What gives you the right to kill?”

Lynns responded with a rude hand gesture and a glare right at Aaron’s face. They finally reached the interrogation room and Cash opened the door for him. The shrink gestured for Charlie to sit in the chair on the other side of the table that she was sitting at. She said,

“I am Dr. Camryn Hadley, I am going to document your story so that the justice system can say that they tried.”

Charlie noted that her voice dripped with sarcasm so he replied coldly,

“So are you gonna ask me how I feel or should I tell you about my childhood?”

“I know all about your childhood, how your father was the first Firefly, how he burned down your family home in a fit of rage, and I even know about your little brother’s death and your mother’s situation.”

“Do you know who gave my mother her CONDITION?”

The doctor was at a loss, so Charlie kept pressing,

“My FATHER! He beat her constantly when he got out of Arkham, my mother became pregnant, with a deformed baby and after he was born my father was pushed further into the abyss that is human insanity. Because HE was the reason, my brother was born with a mutation causing him to have red skin and black eyes, but he also became very weak. My father blamed it on my mother saying ‘You gave birth to a demon! Why do you curse me so?’ A few monthes later my father beat my younger brother to death in front of me.”

“That provides a pretty good motive for your murder of your father, but what about the other victims?”

“Doc, have your ever done something wrong for the right reasons?”

“Of course but I don’t kill people.”

“Well I killed my father for the right reasons, and was willing to pay for it with time, but one of my father’s colleagues, the Penguin sent men after my mother. When I got there I found my mother bleeding on the floor. I used my father’s instruments that had previously been used for evil to fight the darkness that is Gotham City’s Underground.”

“Why didn’t you leave it to the police?”

“Some of the Police are as bad as the crime they fight.”

“I’m sorry to tell you what comes next.”

“I already know.”

“Ok, the server outside will take your order for your last meal.”

As he walked out of the room, Charlie knew that it was worth it, as he thought of the scum he had put down. His contempt was short lived as the lights flickered, when they came back on he knew that there was still more to be done, so he fought for his life.

He drove a fist into Aaron Cash’s gut and took his pistol, and fired at the remaining guards. One went down from a wild shot to his head, another he pistol whipped, and the last was shot in the shoulder.

Charlie knew there was still more to be done as he dragged the body into a janitor’s closet and took his clothes and i.d. card that allowed him into the prison’s arsenal. Charlie hid the remaining guards in the closet tied and gagged. As he entered the arsenal Charlie knew he could make a real difference without breaking laws, he knew that he would eventually, but NOT TODAY.

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Cool! So Firefly's a hero in this universe? I assume you're planning to use him again? If not I might use him in a JLU story or something.

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I was thinking of him as a borderline darkest you can be kind of hero

but it depends on how you look at it.

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I like it! I'd like to see a series out of this

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Ok thanks, I was debating on whether Charlie being a villain or hero. so I left it to the reader.

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Good work!

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This was really good. I want to see more of him in the Re-Imagined-verse.