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All of the characters that appear in this story are owned by DC and all rights are reserved by DC Comics.I just used them to show my take on them.

Origin Part 1

4 Months Ago.

As I stood on the roof of the building right ahead of my apartment I watched through our windows how my father is beating up my mother.This is nothing new in my life and the worst thing is that I can’t prevent this from happening.I tried doing it once and I ended up in a hospital with two broken ribs and a broken arm.My father is a ruthless son of a bitch and I hate him for everything that he has done.

‘’Jason stop watching.We can’t do anything about it,you know.’’ My brother replied even though I haven’t said a thing all night.

‘’I know,I know.But I can’t watch mom go through all of that almost every single night.It hurts my eyes watching it.’’

‘’You know bastards like our father get what they deserve.It may not be today but someday he will pay for his crimes’’He finished the sentence and saw me smiling.I was smiling because I loved those words just too damn much.


‘’Jason,please!I am your father!’’ my father was so afraid that I was going to hurt him that he even pissed his pants.I wanted him to suffer as he made my mother suffer.

‘’So now you are my father but when I needed you,you didn’t care.You were just too busy getting drunk with money that we didn’t even have.’’

He looked me in the eyes,he was crying and I liked that.If I told myself four months ago that I will become this incredible person and I will be the one that is going to hurt my father instead of god I would have been so proud of myself.I hit him once.Then again and again and again but then I heard him crash.

Batman landed through the window and threw a batarang at me.I dodged it in the last second. ‘’You don’t want to do it Jason.’’ I wanted it so badly and he knew it but he was trying to protect my father.

‘’Drop the act Batsy.You know that I am going to do it and you can’t stop me.’’ He knows me for a small amount of time but he knows me too damn well.I was his last hope of this city but when I chose this way.Everything went to hell for him and for the guys I didn’t like.

3 Months Ago

I had to keep my family alive.I go to school,I work and of course I am the one that fixes all of my dad’s messes.My brother was too young for me to want his help but he always asked if I needed any.We had an idea with him.To make this really awesome mask in which the police or swat teams could hear the broadcast right away and they can know where they can,it has also x-ray vision and all other bunch of cool gadgets.And we wanted to sell it to Wayne Enterprises.I knew that if I go directly to Bruce Wayne he would know where to send me or he can just be a good person and buy it.

But of course back then I didn’t know that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman.And back then he didn’t know that when he rejects those kids he will make a burden for himself and he won’t be able to go back.


‘’Jason listen to me.You love your father and he loves you.Do you know how it will hurt when you kill him,when you are the one that takes away the life of the person that created.I know what it is to live without parents,you have the chance to keep at least one of them even though he is an old drunk fool who doesn’t know what to do in tough moments.’’ I didn’t want to believe in the words he had said but I knew so very well that he is telling the truth it would be hard to do it but I had to.

I pointed the gun at my father and he started begging me.Right next to me was my brother who was wearing a red hood with jeans and a knife in his hands.The mask that I was wearing was also red and it was ready for action.I was seeing that my father had 3 broken ribs and his leg is nearly broken and all thanks to me.My brother was proud of me but I still didn’t know what to think and how I should exactly feel.I felt sorry for him but I wanted him to pay.

2 Months and 3 Weeks Ago

‘’Jason we can do this.Just go down there and I will be here helping you out.’’ He sounded so confident in his words that I almost believed him.

‘’John are you out of your mind?Those are grown men and I am just a 16 year old boy,how am I supposed to hurt them?’’

‘’Don’t worry,I have seen a lot of movies and I have read books.I will help you out.You are in good hands.’’


He was so very wrong.They were beating me up good and I managed to hit only one of them once,when I started the fight.My face didn’t hurt much because the mask was protecting me but my body was in so much pain that I can’t even describe it.Everything hurts and my stupid ass brother is trying to tell me how to do it but even he doesn’t know how.He only tells me about how some action heroes from movies are fighting and Batman who is also a grown man with proper training and not like me,a boy with a dream for a perfect life.

But right when I thought I was about to fade out and probably die that’s when he came and I met him,the Batman.Such a big man and he looked so scary.I was glad that he was about to help me and not the other guys.

The room was cleared but I needed to finish my job.I went straight to the guy that was trying to take money from my pa and I told him that he picked the wrong guy and just shot him.That was my first murder,the first person I had killed and it felt so amazing.Batman didn’t think the same way and tried to hit me but I saw him,dodged the hit and kicked him in the stomach.

I left the building and left him a small message ‘’Nice to see you old man but from now on Red Hood is going to deal with these fools.’’ The most amazing words that I have ever said.


‘’You can’t save him Bats.I have made my decision.’’ I pointed another gun at Batman and I was still holding the other one against my father’s head.

I was ready.I was ready to pull the trigger and I saw Batman running against me………


TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………………………

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Really great job! I liked seeing Jason's personality and I'm looking forward to the next part. There were quite a few typos though. However it was still a great story!

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@tommythehitman: I'm sorry for the typos and I am glad that you enjoyed it.Next issue I will be exploring Jason's past a little bit more.

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Awesome! Great story! Can't wait for next issue. Gives me big hopes for what you're gonna do with GA.

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@redhood13: Thanks man!Glad you liked it!

I'm sorry that I am putting my stories so slowly but I want them to be perfect.The Green Arrow story will also be rocking hard and will up soon.

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@tdk_1997: doesn't matter how fast. As long as you get it up.

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Nice man.

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@tdk_1997: Some of your formatting is squished eg: "just shot him.That was my first murder,the first person I had killed and it felt so amazing.Batman didn’t" which does, in my opinion detract from your story. As a reader, the more work I have to do reading, the less likely I am to comment or read your second chapter.

Good job though

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@tdk_1997: The language use could've been more sophisticated and in a lot of areas punctuation could've been used to strengthen your words. Besides that it was a decent read.

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This was just kind of ok for me, but that's probably just me. I'm not the biggest Red Hood fan anyway- just reading because I've been enjoying the DC Re-Invented stuff. In any event, I am going to read #2, and this has been added to my FF Long Box. :)

Also, there are some missing words throughout. This could use minor edits to fix those.