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DC Re-Invented: Man of Steel #3 Origins (Pt. 3)

LEXCORP (2005)

“Every building damaged by the horrible earthquake will be rebuilt before you know it. Metropolis is my home. I will not allow anything to happen to it.” Lex Luthor says with his deep confident voice. He stands behind the podium with several microphones attached to it. He looks out over the crowd of reporters and citizens of Metropolis as if they are the peasants and he is the king. But that’s how he saw the world. He saw humans as inferior beings to him, even though he is one of them. He’s not like me. I’m technically a human as well. I’m just an advanced form. I’ve never liked Luthor. You know that feeling you get when you’re around someone that doesn’t have a good vibe. You feel like they’re going to do something bad. I get that just from looking at him on the TV screen. Imagine how much I’d get it from only a few feet away from him like I’m getting now. He finishes his speech and all of the reporters jump on their feet and start shouting their questions at him. I am the only reporter that doesn’t do that. I sit down silent. Lex looks at me and points towards me.

“Do you have any questions sir? I like you. You’re not jumping out of your seat like a maniac.” Lex says. The reporters sit down with a scold on their face while I stand up.

“Buildings belonging to all of your business rivalries were destroyed, but none of the Lexcorp buildings. The Wayne Tech building was demolished as well as the buildings around. Wayne Tech is 2 buildings away from LexCorp and yours still wasn’t damaged at all while the ones between were. Can you explain this?” I ask.

Lex freezes. The whole room is silent waiting for his answer. “Well Mister…” he looks at my name tag “Kent! I guess it’s a coincidence. LexCorp is built to prepare for earthquakes like these.”

“Yes even though Metropolis hasn’t had a quake in 2 years above a 3.6 and never above 4.5. This was a 7.2” I retort.

“I don’t control the earth Mr. Kent” Luthor says

“Yes I know Mr. Luthor” I say. I sit down while all the other reporters stand straight up. Luthor gives me a look. It’s a look of confusion, and madness. Lex might not control the earth, but he sure as hell can alter it…



“I helped you now you will help me.” He says. I’m terrified inside, but I sure as hell don’t show it. I’m Lex Luthor, I can’t show fear to anyone, or anything.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask him.

“Find Kal-El! He shouldn’t be too hard to find. He’s above all of you humans.” He says. I do not feel like doing his work, but if I want to live I have to. Kal-El better be careful. Lex Luthor’s coming for you…and Luthor’s don’t fail…



“What are you writing Kent?” I jump. Lois startled me.

“Oh Lois! You startled me” I say.

“I could tell” She responds. She moves me to the side to see what I was writing. I step right back in front of the computer.

“Nope, this article is a surprise.” I say to her like she’s a little girl trying to sneak a peek at her Christmas presents.

“Clark!” She wines.

“Sorry, but you’ll love it when it comes out” I assure her. She walks off with an attitude. I sit back down and my chair and continue writing the transcript for the interview I had with myself. Well technically it was an interview between Clark Kent and The Red and Blue Blur. It’ an exclusive that no one else in the world can get. I’ll be bigger than Lois for this! I also have proof. A video of the interview. No I didn’t use a green screen. I used Kryptonian hologram technology to have a conversation with myself. We both know the questions that will be asked and the answers that will be told. I even thought of something for the public to call me…Superman!



I levitate over the icy floor. My legs are crossed like Tibetan monks. In front of me is a stump of ice. On the surface of it is the el crest. Off of the El crest is a hologram of my father. Around me is Kryptonian history playing out in front of my own eyes. I love hearing about my heritage. Whenever I’m in the Fortress of Solitude I feel at home.

As I sit I listen to my father Jor-El teach me more about Krypton. What he’s been saying for the past hour is basically confirming the Ancient Aliens episode where they talk about ancient gods and deities being Alien. Well if you count future humans that act like they are a whole different race Aliens then yes they were right.

After I finish my daily lesson I get up and leave. I head back to Metropolis. As I get closer to Metropolis I see something strange in the sky. There is a big blue hole in the sky. A light shaft falls down to the earth from inside it. I see something fall down the light shaft and hit the ground. The light shaft lifts up into the hole and the hole implodes.

I speed up and go to where the thing from the hole fell. There is dust and debris, but I see through it all. I see a face. It’s a young male face. He has a skin tone like mine and black hair. But he’s also wearing a…oh my god!

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Really great job! I'm looking forward to where you take this further!

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Interesting story and twist in the end but I want some action. :D

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I'm curious to know about why earth change name do krypton and how earthlings turn to kryptonians, also if there will be kryptonite. I'll have to wait. Lot o questions in mind lol

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@tdk_1997: Don't worry, action will be starting off #4.

Superboy can put up a fight

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@redhood13: I know and I am glad that you will introduce him.

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@wbr17: It will be explained. I still have to fully flesh out the story. Humans don't become Kryptonians. They rename themselves because of events that are still being worked out. Also our sun ends up turning red in the future. That explains why Superman has his abilities.

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@redhood13: Love how Clark has matured since the last two issues, really shows him developing into the role of Superman plus...Luthor!!!

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@redhood13: “I don’t control the earth Mr. Kent” Luthor says

Well not yet anyway :)

Good Q&A between Clark and Lex