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DC Re-Invented: Man of Steel #2 Origins Pt. 2

AFRICA (2003)

“This would be perfect!” Antoine proclaims as he stands at the edge of the cliff with his hands on his hips.

“Are you sure you want to film this close to the edge Antoine?” I ask him.

“Why? Are you scared Kent?” Antoine taunts me. He still is looking out over the savannah. He usually doesn’t make I contact when he’s talking to someone while looking at f his next “big set”

“N-No, why do you ask?” I say with a quiver in my voice.

“Because, EVERY time we shoot on location you get scared” Antoine says as he turns around and faces me. “When we were in the jungle you were afraid of Lions, even though they live on the savannah. Even when we were in London you were afraid of pick pocketers.” Antoine laughs

“I’m sorry. I’m from Kansas. Are threats are tornadoes and droughts. You were born here, in Africa. Your threats were dangerous animals. People survive tornadoes and droughts. I’ve yet to meet someone who has survived the mauling of an animal.”

“I do” Antoine responds. I go to the jeep and get the camera. I turns it on and sets up for shooting. It does not take long because for this particular film Antoine is holding the camera the WHOLE time.

“Sorry, but can you tell me again why I’m here when YOUR holding the camera the whole time?” I ask

“What if I get tired?” Antoine asks me.

“Uh…I film?” I ask.

“Exactly!!!” Antoine says with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Do you want the camera?” I ask

“YES I WANT THE CAMERA!” Antoine quips “Now hand it over.” he tells me. I hand him the camera. He snatches it and begins to film. I go back to the jeep. I sit down in the passenger’s seat and begin to rest. I close my eyes and reminisce. About that first day I took flight. I was so scared and excited at the same time. I flew all the way to Metropolis. I saw that cute girl taking pictures. She had dark brown hair and olive skin and dark brown eyes. She’s the only one that saw me. She didn’t get that picture though. I’m sure of that. She was probably so astonished that she didn’t know what to do. I wonder if she-

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!” I look up and I see the camera on the edge of the cliff, but not Antoine. I dart to the edge and I see Antoine falling. He’s already halfway down. I haven’t flown in years. Last time I tried I jumped off of the roof of the house and hit the ground. That doesn’t matter now. I have to. I take a leap off of the cliff. I swoop down, catch Antoine and I fly back up to the jeep and set him down in the passenger’s seat.

“Clark…how did you…” Antoine passes out I buckle his seat belt. I go get the camera and put it back in its case and place it where it was before I took it out. I get in the driver’s seat, and pull back. I then drive up to where I was before and I tap Antoine on the shoulder. He wakes up.

“We’re here” I say.

“I fell asleep?” Antoine says confused

“Yup. One second wide awake. The next you were out. Probably my story” I laugh.

“Well let’s start shooting!” Antoine says excitedly. He hops out the jeep and goes to the edge of the cliff. He puts his hands on his hips and says “This would be perfect!”


The top of the world. That’s where I am right now, but I plan to go higher. I jump off of Mount Everest. I fall very fast and very far. Then ZOOOOM! I shoot up into the sky. I fly faster than I ever have. Flying above the clouds is a feeling that no one has ever had, except me! No other human can fly, even if they could fly they couldn’t breathe up here, which gives me an idea. I stop my flight. I look up and fly straight up. I close my eyes and when the time feels right I stop and open my eyes. I’m halfway in between earth and the moon…Holy crap


I know that I’m different. I know that I never have nor will fit in. I know that if normal is a 10, I’m a 10,000. I’ve learned all of that the hard way. What I don’t know, is how I got like this. I plan to find out.

I knock on the door of my old home. I haven’t been here in 7 years. The door opens and there stands my Mother. Her jaw drops. She opens the screen door and jumps on me and gives me a hug. Tears start rushing down her face.

“Oh Clark! I’m so glad you came!” She gets off of me and wipes her eyes. Then her face forms a frown. “Why haven’t I seen you in 7 years Clark? I have 7 sets of Christmas and birthday presents.”

“Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!” I say. My Mom laughs. “Where’s Dad?” I ask.

“He’s at the market.” she answers. She goes back in the house and I follow her. “So, what brings you back to Smallville Clark? You get tired of traveling the world trying to ‘find yourself’”

“I got bored.” I answered simply.

“Well your welcome to stay here as long as you like.” Mom says.

“Well I’ll be headed somewhere else in the world in a few days. The real reason I came here is because I have questions that need to be answered.” I confess.

“What questions?” Mom asks

“What am I?” I ask. Mom turns away.

“I should call your father and tell him you here. He’ll be very glad to see you. Are you hungry Clark? I’m making hot do-”

“Mom, answer me! I know I’m not human, I’ve known that for years. What I haven’t figured out is what I am. You’ve hidden it from me and you’ve never had the right to do that. Why do you want to hide it from me anyway?” I rant

“We didn’t tell you because we were afraid you’d be mad.” Mom answers.

“You realize you made me more mad by not telling me.”

“Come on Clark. I gotta show you something.” Mom leads me out of the house and into the barn. She clears away a pile of hay and there is a door on the ground. She opens it and walks down the stairs. There is a something big covered by a sheet. Mom grabs the sheet and rips it off. Under is something unbelievable. And Mom and Dad were right, I’m mad!


“We all are aware of the tragic events that have happened today in Metropolis. Some have died, and some have survived. 5 of those survivors claim to have been saved by an angel, wearing red and blue.” Lois Lane says. She’s the most beautiful reporter on television. And to think I get the chance to work with her every day. I’m glad I could save her. I’d be devastated if she got hurt. I love her, but the feeling isn’t mutual. She’s reporting on me as if I didn’t save her. But before she went on air she was acting like she was in love with me. Well the guy that saved her, not Clark Kent. I wonder if I should tell her.

“He was like a red and blue angel! He was wearing blue and he had red wings. He saved me and if I ever see him again I’ll thank him more than anyone has ever thanked anyone before!” One of the ladies I saved says. They see me as an angel? I’m just a guy, from a place far awat, that has powers, wearing alien armor. Not a complicated thing.

I’m glad I saved those people. I used my “curse” as I used to call it for good. It’s not a curse, but it’s a blessing. That day when I found out about where I’m from I got mad and left, before I could get any answers. Yesterday I decided to go back and finally get my answers after 3 years of neglecting my true self and pretending to be someone I’m not.

It’s a lot to take in at once, but when you think about it it’s pretty awesome! I found out that I’m from Krypton, Earth in 50,000 years. There is a being known as Brainiac. He was created by some man in my time. He was the ultimate computer system, but Brainiac got to intelligent and turn on his creator. The creator believed that he stopped Brainiac. But Brainiac survived. My father Jor-El discovered Brainiac. He modified it and Brainiac became the international Kryptonian information keeper and he ran all of the technology on Krypton. Brainiac turns on Jor-El by creating a monster that he unleashes on Kandor. That monster is only a distraction for his bigger plans destroying earth itself. I was sent back to keep the Kryptonian race alive and to stop Brainiac from existing. The only problem is, I don’t know where to start.

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The story is interesting and cool and has that Silver Age feeling in it like the way he describes things in the end about Brainiac.And I really want to see more of him talking with his parents.

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@redhood13: "I know that if normal is a 10, I’m a 10,000"

A bit boastful but totally accurate :)

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I read it. Going to the next chapter. :)