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Lansing, OH - 2014

It's night time in a sleepy, up-scale, residential neighborhood. Boston Brand sits in his black Nova with binoculars up to his face. Spying on a house a few plots down from where he sits. A lit cigarette sits in his hand, smoldering as he pays it no mind. He scans over the windows and doors. He looks back and forth at them, counting in his head. "Where is she?"

'Darlene would go home with this guy. She would wait until he was asleep and then take his wallet and pass key cards. Then quietly slip away.'

An old doo-wop song hums softly out of the cars speakers announced by a loud and obnoxious novelty radio personality. Boston sighs deeply and leans back in his seat. He puts the binoculars down and smokes his cigarette. He starts going over the plan in his head.

Suddenly, a woman emerges from the house next to his car. She runs up to the Nova and starts pounding on the passenger window.

"Who the hell!?"

Boston scrambles up in his seat starting the car. He leans over and unlocks the passenger door. It clicks open and the woman jumps into the car, slamming the door behind her.


Boston slams his foot down on the gas and screeches out in the street. He looks behind him in the rear-view mirror and sees a man screaming and ranting in the middle of the street. His robe is open and he is bearing all to the world. Boston smirks as he pulls his Nova around a corner and out onto a highway. Boston keeps his eyes on the road behind him until his hair is ruffled by Darlene.

"Jesus," as he pulls away annoyed. "Could you have made it any closer?"

Darlene sits forward in her seat and pulls the sun visor down. She clicks open the mirror and checks her face.

"He was a light sleeper. The money wasn't easy to find either."

"What do you mean? Under the luggage rack in the guest bedroom."

"Yeah, it was dark Boston! I didn't know you could see in the dark!"

Boston glances down at her feet and sees a briefcase. He closes his eyes for a moment and sighs. He opens them and smiles. "I don't know what would have happened if we didn't get that money."

Darlene smiles and pats the briefcase. "Nothing, next job. Like always."

She reaches out and grabs Bostons cigarettes from his jacket pocket.

"Are you ever going to ask like a grown-up?"

He snatches the cigarettes back from her and flicks one out at her. She laughs and grabs it. Then pushes in the cigarette lighter on the dash.

"How many more operations?"

Boston's face gets stern.

"This is the last one, hopefully. I am going over to the hospital right after we drop this money off and I get my cut."

Darlene is quiet as Boston drives on.

"You're sure it's all there?"

Darlene nods and lifts the briefcase.

"Doesn't feel light."


Cleveland, OH - 2014

Mr. Martin - Minus the hook

Roy Martin sits in his new office, atop his newly acquired chop shop. His feet rest on top of the desk in front of him, as he lounges back in his chair. He has a long revolver in his hand and is holding a bloody bow tie in his other. He seems to be in deep thought. A body lay on the floor in front of the desk. The body is belly down and appears to have been shot twice in the torso. Blood pools are collecting on the floor. The window looking down on the shop is covered in two large splatters of blood. It adds a sort of red hue to the atmosphere. The office itself is quiet and dark, just the way Roy Martin likes it. He smiles and leans back further in his chair. A tall muscular man opens the door a crack and peers inside.


The man's voice is shaky and full of cowardice. He stands in the doorway like that for awhile.

"Yes," Mr. Martin sits up in his chair putting his elbows on the desk. "What is it? Roach is it?"

The man smiles and swallows quickly.

"Yeah, it's Roach. Hey... One of the bodies downstairs has one of those phone, Walkie-Talkie things on 'im. They say they heard that some woman named Darlene is on her way back here with the 'package' and it's ready for Mr. Styles."

"Oh. Well." Mr. Martin smiles and stands. He throws the bow-tie onto the body on the floor. "That WAS Mr. Styles and his stupid f**ng BOW TIE!" He laughs and points the gun at the body. "He told me my money was on the way. That must be it." He spits on the body and Roach jumps backward from the door. Mr. Martin just laughs and shakes his head. "Do you see what happens Roach? Do you see what happens when you f*@k with Mr. Martins money?"

Roach stands in the doorway uncomfortably. "Of course you do." Mr. Martin laughs some more and spits on the body again wiping his mouth and flicking the spit from his fingers onto the body.

"Get the boys together and clean-up. I want it dark in here. We don't know how far out they are but I wanna give this bi**h a surprise she won't forget!"



Boston Brand pulls the car around a turn and keeps driving.

"Doesn't Mike usually get back to you around now? What's taking him?"

Darlene inspects her phone and looks at the time.

"He is probably just busy Boston. He said he was getting a record number of cars in tonight."

"Yeah, well your Dad can take two seconds to let us know he's at the shop."

Darlene just watches the sidewalk go by as Boston takes another turn.

"Seriously," he continues. "I don't like the feeling of this."

He takes the last turn in his car onto a darkened street with a lot of cars parked.

"See, look at all these cars Boston. He's probably up to his neck in grease right now."

Boston inspects the street as he slowly creeps down it.

"I don't know... If he is so busy then why are the lights off at the shop?"

Boston pulls the Nova up to a darkened and dirty warehouse. Mr. Wong's Automotive Repossession says a large sign across the front of the building.

"This place is usually so lively."

Darlene looks at the building and grabs the briefcase.

"I don't know Boston, let's just give him this and get outta here. Some of his goons give me the creeps."

Boston kills the engine and gets out of his car shutting the door behind him. He looks up and down the street but sees nobody around. The yellow streetlights are bouncing off of each car.

"I doubt he's chopping these cars."

Darlene gets out of the car and shuts the door behind her. "What makes you think that?"

Boston points to one of the cars, an eighties model Ford Mustang.

"Your dad doesn't chop crap."

Darlene rolls her eyes and starts for the front door. Boston jumps up ahead of her. "I don't like this let me go first."

"When did you become Prince Charming?"

Boston ignores her and walks up to the front door. A crude piece of sheet metal fashioned into a door. The chain holding it shut had been unlocked and left hanging.

"He doesn't make mistakes like that either." Boston says while presenting the lock and chain to Darlene.

She starts to look worried.


She calls out. Boston pushes open the metal door to reveal an empty shop floor with a few cars inside.

"Where the hell is everyone? Where's the lights?"

Boston fumbles around on the wall near the door.

"I know there is a switch box here somewhere."

Boston fumbles around on the wall for awhile. Before clicking on the overhead lights. They come on in rows and with a loud pop for each one. The lights reveal six cars in various stages of scrubbing and detailing. Darlene gets on the offensive when she notices the blood on the overlooking windows to the main office. Boston holds her back and notices someone across the room.

"We arn't alone here Darlene."

A man's laugh comes from the office.


The laugh continues, and is revealed to be coming from Roy Martin who strolls out of the office with the revolver in his hand.

"What is this?" Darlene yells. "Where is my dad."

Roy Martin stands on a catwalk overlooking the shop floor. Boston notices a few men closing in around them with guns drawn. Boston puts his hands up. Darlene looks at him like he's crazy.

"YOU'RE GIVING UP?" She screeches at Boston who shrugs.

"Smart move mister." Roy Martin yells. He starts walking down the stairs. "You're father was into me for a very sizable debt." Mr. Martin walks onto the Chop Shop floor and is met by his goons with guns aimed at Boston and Darlene. "I take it you're Darlene right?" Darlene just looks shocked. "What did you do to MY FATHER?"

Mr. Martin keeps walking toward them. "What is that you have in the briefcase honey? Do you have some money there? Do you have MY money there?"

Darlene starts crying. Her eyes shooting back from Mr. Martin, the blood-spattered office windows, the guns. Boston gets into a fighting stance.

"Look, we will just take off okay? You can take the money."

Mr. Martin looks happy about this. He holds his hands out in gratitude to Boston.

"Wow!" He exclaims. "Whoo! Did you hear that boys?" Mr. Martin turns, directing the question to his men. Twenty of which are now closing in on the duo. "Did you hear that... What a generous offer! I can have all of the money and you two can just slip out!" Mr. Martin thinks about it for a second. The men with guns keep them aimed. "I would love to take you up on you're offer... mister..?" Boston clears his throat. "Boston, Boston Brand." The whole room erupts in laughter.

"Boston Brand? You sound like a bank son!"

The men keep laughing.

"Look enough of this!" Boston cuts off the laughter. Mr. Martin looks at him sharply. "You can keep the money Darlene and I will just get lost."

Roy Martin starts thinking about this heavily.

"It's an interesting plea Mr. Brand, really interesting. I would love to oblige it but I hear it all the time." Mr. Martin smiles and quickly shoots Boston in the heart with the revolver. Pleasure instantly washes over his face.

"No, I don't think I will let you two go."

Boston slumps to the floor with a grunt. Blood instantly runs out from under his leather jacket and out onto the chop shop floor. Darlene lets out a shriek and three of Roy Martin's men jump on her covering her mouth and forcing the briefcase away from her. When they get it out of her hands they throw her down onto her knees. She holds her hands up in front of her face pleading for mercy from Mr. Martin. Who laughs again. "It just feels SO GOOD! Killing people, that is. Something about it... I like to get my hands dirty. Do you know what I am talking about Ms. Styles? Yeah, I know you do." He points the gun at her head and she begins begging him to let her live. Then he pulls the trigger. Blood and brain matter litter the floor of the shop. Boston is slumped against the warehouse wall. His left hand is on his chest trying to cover his wound but blood is pouring out of his body too quickly. He begins to get tunnel vision as he catches Darlene's lifeless eyes looking at him. He returns the gaze and begins to pass out.

'Just let it come.'

Boston closes his eyes.



He does as he is commanded.

This must be it'

Boston thinks to himself. He opens his eyes and sees the Chop Shop as he had left it. Except now no one is around except for the lifeless Darlene and himself. The briefcase was long gone. Someone had shut out the lights when they left.

'Who told me to open my eyes?'

Boston looks around but sees no one. He easily gets to his feet and looks around.

"Who's there?" Boston calls out. "Who knows my name?"

'No pain?' He remembers being shot but when he puts his hand up to his chest he feels no wound. 'That's weird, didn't I just get shot?'

He looks down at Darlene who is still laying the same position. Then he notices his own body slumped against the warehouse wall.


Boston screams as he jumps back, startled.

"I think that I can explain." calls a voice from behind him. Boston flips around and sees a stark white man with green robes, floating in the air in the middle of the chop shop floor. The man has no eyes, or at least two black pits where eyes should be.

"Who are you?" Boston lets out.

"Someone that can help." The man replies.

To be continued.


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Great start! I really liked the redo of Boston's origin. Don't really have any notable problems here. Overall, great read and I can't wait for more!

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Really interesting!

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Very enjoyable. I know very little of Deadman's actaul origin though

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@stevemcqueen36 -Very well-written, I found you got the pacing perfect for each scene, can't wait for #2!

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^Thank you guys. I am having some fun with this one. It's gonna get pretty supernatural.

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Long start. Curious to see what's next.

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Hey all I am working on #2 as we speak. I have been out of commission for the past few weeks. The highlight being a 103 fever. I am though... back to work.