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Genesis: Part 2

1200 B.C. - Khandaqi Desert

Anubis opens his eyes. He is covered in burns and scrapes. He scrambles back up to his feet and stands at the ready. His head is missing most of its hair and the skin that hangs gnarled on his face is charred. The entity inside of Anubis cannot help but be in awe from the sight in front of him. Bata stands at over seven feet tall. His physique has changed too. He is much bigger and stronger. He is draped in white robes with red lining. Electricity envelops his body and makes him irradiate with power. "What ever you are in my Brothers body!" Bata's voice seems to come from every direction. "I have been given a marvelous power and I don't want to kill you. Please, leave my Brothers body in peace." Bata's eyes glow and spark. "Please, you have done your damage."

Today - Egypt

Freddy Freeman and Billy Batson both sit in the back of Doctor Sivana's Jeep. The morning air is crisp but you can already feel the heat. It's around seven when the sun actually peaks and illuminates the world with its scorching, dry, gold glow. The trek is bumpy and Freddy looks uncomfortable. "Hey!" he mutters as he is thrown against Billy and then back into his seat. He doesn't fly far. One of Doctor Sivana's large, mute bodyguards is shoved into a seat facing them directly behind the driver and Doctor Sivana. Quarters are cramped. The man doesn't look amused. Freddy looks to Billy, who is listening to headphones and watching the vast Egyptian landscape passing by. Freddy holds on to whatever he can when the Jeep hits an unusually large bump again. The bodyguard sits very still. "Bumpy ride," yells Freddy to the man. He doesn't even acknowledge Freddy. Freddy looks to Billy who smiles and goes back to looking at the landscape. Freddy chuckles to himself and puts in his headphones.

1200 B.C. - Khandaqi Desert

Anubis' body begins to twitch and he falls to his knees. His face contorts into a strange, painful look. His head starts to bulge. He isn't listening to you. Sha-Zham's voice carries on the wind. Get ready for him. The voice says again. Bata looks to the sky then back down at his brothers contorted form. Anubis opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out. Instead his jaw unhinges and a large black mass oozes its way out. It explodes out from Anubis' skull and begins growing into a large humanoid form. Bata flies at the horror that was once his brother. When close enough he boosts his speed and strikes the growing form's midsection. His fist collides and tears right through the skin. Bits of black mass and guts spray out into the air. However, it still continues to grow larger now at over twenty feet tall. Bata begins punching ferociously into the creatures midsection again. It starts growing back almost as quickly as Bata can punch through it. See how Zeus' lightning effects this beast! Bata smirks. He reaches to the sky. "SHA-ZHAM!" he screams. Instantly, he is struck by lighting. The electricity irradiates around his body even more then centers at his fist. Then he strikes the mass. Electricity surges through the form and halts its growth. "HA!" Bata laughs. "That got him!" He reaches to the heavens again but is met with a large fist formed from the Black Mass. It pounds him into the ground and pushes on him while there. Bata wrestles with the gigantic fist that is pinning him to the ground. Don't get full of yourself Bata! The voice says harshly. Bata grunts and pushes the mass up off of the ground. He breathes very heavily and grunts again but he eventually holds the mass up above him. The black mass has taken a humanoid figure. "Sha-Zham!" Bata screams again. Lighting strikes the large figure. It spasms in pain. Bata starts pushing it over. He lifts off of the ground. "Sha-Zham!" he screams again. Lightning again strikes the figure. Bata rears back and strikes. This time the figure tumbles backward and falls back into the brush. When it hits, the skin explodes and filth is littered everywhere.

Today - Khandaq

The Jeep drives slowly through the filthy streets. Children rush the Jeep with their hands outstretched. They wear tattered rags and have dirt caked onto their skin. Freddy has his hand over his face. Billy is standing on the backseat holding onto the cross bar. Many buildings are destroyed and broken here. Shanties are set up everywhere. "Jesus!" Doctor Sivana hollers over his brute into the backseat. "These mongrels don't even know what they're sitting on top of!" Billy rolls his eyes and looks at the people with sorrow. The Jeep pulls around to the back of an abandoned set of burnt out shops. Sivana jumps out first. He takes a deep breath and cracks his back. Everyone else follows suit. The sun sees even hotter here.

"Well gentlemen. The digging team will be on their way. However not for quite some time." Doctor Sivana surveys the area. "Khalid," he says to one of the bodyguards. "Do us all a favor and find some water." He turns back to Billy and Freddy. "We're really going to need it." He has a sinister smile on his face. Freddy starts walking to the guard. "Yeah, I'll go too." He says as he begins to jog over. "No!" Sivana commands. Freddy stops in his tracks. Doctor Sivana has a revolver in his hand and it's pointed at Freddy. "Wha..." Freddy starts to say. The driver pulls a dufflebag out of the Jeep. He opens it up and takes out two shovels. He walks halfway to Billy and Freddy then throws the shovels at them. Billy catches his and Freddy jumps out of the way of his. Doctor Sivana keeps the revolver on them. "What's this Sivana?" Billy protests. Doctor Sivana laughs. "I said you were here to work boys." He pulls a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket and puts them on. "Time to get to work." Freddy picks up his shovel. "What are we digging up? You haven't said anything to us this entire trip!" Sivana motions to the guard to leave and he hands his gun to the driver who keeps it on Freddy. "Treasure gentlemen. Were here for the hidden riches of Anubis!"

1200 B.C. - Khandaqi Desert

Bata is surging with power. He is glowing very brightly. Easy Bata. Easy. Sha-Zham soothes. Bata looks the the clouds. "I have this power." Bata's eyes glow brightly. A sinister smile curls onto his mouth. "I have this POWER!" Calm yourself! BATA! Sha-Zhams voice booms over him. Bata shakes his head and his glow begins to dim. Calm yourself. Bata starts slowly lowering down. He had hovered very high in the air. You have to control your powers Bata, do not let them consume you. You are still a mortal man. When Bata touches down he hangs his head. "I apologize." he says. His glow dims out and he reverts back to his normal look in a puff of mist. He looks surprised. I wasn't able to explain the limits of your power to you. You are still mortal Bata. Just make sure you can handle the amount of power you use. I will help you monitor your power. Bata nods his head. "What happens if I use too much power?" he asks. We have to get to Khandaq. Qadesh is still reigning terror. Bata looks to the horizon and sees black smoke. His brow sharpens and he closes his eyes. You can do this Bata. You can control it. Let's stop Atum! the voice says. "Let's do this!" Bata says as he starts running in the direction of the smoke. "Sha-Zham!" he yells.

To be continued...


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I read it- heading to part 3.

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Great work once again! I like the Shazam/Sha-Zham name switch, it's not as cheesy :) Going to read #3 soon.