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Hey guys this is my first Fan-fiction on Comic Vine so I'm going to write this how I've seen others write their stories! Hope you enjoy!

It begins in a dark alley in New York City it's set in the present day and we see Wildcat's fist punching a mugger in the face knocking him unconscious

Caption: New York City. NOW!

Wildcat Caption: I feel the guy's nose pressed against my fist.

Wildcat turning towards another mugger armed with a small knife. The mugger stands no chance.

Wildcat Caption: I was patrolling when I saw these guys down here.

Wildcat getting stabbed in the side by the mugger as he uppercuts him in the jaw knocking out some teeth.

Mugger: You don't FU$K WITH US!! YOU DO-!


Wildcat smashing the mugger's head against the wall breaking his nose



Wildcat stood above the unconscious mugger staring at the blood on his hands.

Wildcat: ...

Wildcat: Tell Mosquito I'm coming for him next!

Wildcat turning as a little kid runs towards him while his mother cowers in the corner.

Little Kid: WOW! You're that new superhero guy aren't you?!

Wildcat: Superhero?

Wildcat frowning and looking down at the little kid who looks up at him.

Little kid: Yeah! Like that guy from Metropolis!

Wildcat: No. I'm not like him.

The little kid frowning

Little Kid: Well what are your powers?

Wildcat starting to walk away while clutching at his knife wound

Wildcat: Ain't got any.

Wildcat leaning against the wall still clutching at the knife wound.

Little Kid: Do you have any gadgets? Like that guy from Gotham?

Splash Page of Wildcat walking out of the alley while the little kid stands surrounded by the unconscious muggers and his mother.

Wildcat: No gadgets.

Little Kid: Well... what do you do?


Wildcat: I just punch people.

We see Ted Grant leaning against his locker. It's several days earlier and it's clear he's annoyed about something.

Caption: 5 Months ago.

Ted: I'm not doing it Sam!

Ted turning towards Sam (A drug dealer) who is holding a small object in his hand.

Sam: Look man. You used to be the heavyweight LEGEND in boxing. Now what you're like 60? 62?

Ted: 57.

Sam putting his arm around Ted's back.

Sam: How many matches have you won recently man?

Ted: ... None.

Sam: Exactly. You've got literally no respect man! What's happened since you lost your game man? Your bi!ch left ya! You live in a crappy neighbourhood! Ain't nothing goin your way!

Ted leaning his head against his locker while Sam smiles in the background.


Ted: What do you want?

Sam: I want to get choo back in the game!

Ted turning towards Sam frowning.

Ted: And how are you going to do that?!

Sam holds up a small vial labelled "Panther".

Sam: I got something in mind!

To be continued...

Okay thanks for reading, tell me what you think and thanks to @GR2Blackout for letting me be part of DC Re-Imagined 2.0!

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By the way guys this takes place AFTER the first story arc. Trust me you'll find out who Mosquito is. Let's just say he's Wildcat's Joker...

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Pretty solid, although you do repeat Wildcat a little too often for my liking. I write in a similair way and I usually throw on some things in between the dialogue, I also throw in what the characters is feeling, kind of like this.

Thor (angry): Goddamn it woman! Where be mieh b33r?!

Brunnhilda (annoyed): Get it yerself ya lazy arse!!!!

The prince of Asgard roared in his blind rage, took his mighty Uru hammer and swung it at the Asgardian warrior bitch who was too lazy to get the man a goddamn beer.

Thats kind of how I write it but overall I thought it was fairly solid and it has potential to get a lot better, hope I helped you out with my non sense :)

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Yeah I thought I used Wildcat way too much as well but I couldn't really think of a way around it. Also if it was an actual comic book it wouldn't really matter. Which was what I was going for. Thanks though!

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@GR2Blackout: Yeah thanks Blackout! I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of you guys come up with!

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Thoroughly enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the part with the kid and Wildcat. Was kind of depressing in a strange way, but a really enjoyable kind of depressing.

My only suggestion is that you work a little bit on the dialogue. I would really like to see more of it.

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@TommytheHitman:Sorry I haven't read this yet. But I really enjoyed it. Good job!

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@TommytheHitman said:

Little Kid: Well... what do you do?


Wildcat: I just punch people.

Favorite part. Love this line. Reminded me of the scene in Blade Trinity, when Blade is talking to the little girl. And (Gasp) You used my Panther idea? Awesome!

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@tommythehitman: Your writing skills have definitely improved over time...but still a fun read! I love that conversation with the little kid. :)

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Can't stand reading script, but it's a good story. :)

P.S. This says "Re-Imagined." Is this part of DC Re-Invented, or is Re-Imagined something different?

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@cbishop: It was the group before DC Re-Invented. This was TommyTheHitman's first ever Fic, from 7 months ago.

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Good times!

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Been almost a year!

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@tommythehitman: Never read this until now, happy anniversary-ish :)

You've improved quite a bit since then

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@batkevin74: Thank you for the compliment! I can say the same about your first couple of fan fics!

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BUMP! I missed it! Happy one year!

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@tommythehitman: It's weird that I still remember this as your first fic on the site. I think you blasted through like eight of these chapters in your first month of writing.

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@dngn4774: More like five... plus the Flash, Martian Manhunter and this crappy series I wrote called Deathstroke's Pi$$ed.