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"We are gathered here today to say farewell to a great man. He was a good man and a great friend." The Priest said as the coffin was lowered into the ground.

Ted Grant sighed as he watched the remains Tom Bronson disappear for good, It was more painful then most funerals because Ted had been the one who'd killed Tom. Technically speaking. He stayed at the back of the crowd so he wouldn't draw any attention. He'd already ruined these people's lives, they didn't need any more trauma then they already had. As the coffin was covered in dirt he saw Tom's wife Paula holding a tissue to her eyes wiping away the tears. Ted frowned and tried not to cry himself, he leaned against a tree and waited for all the guests to leave. The only person left was Tom's wife, Ted decided to walk ahead and pay his respects. Ted stood next to Paula and both stood in silence, Paula acknowledged Ted was there and walked away without saying a word.

"It's been a good one, old buddy." Ted said with an air of sadness. "I'm... sorry. I didn't think like I should have. I wanted the respect that I was losing and I placed that over my friends. I am so sorry."

The sky opened up and it started to pour with rain. Ted stared at the coffin and even though he tried as hard as he could he felt tears rolling down his cheeks.

"He must have been a great guy." A man said with a remark of sadness behind Ted.

He wore a fedora hat and a raincoat covering up what he was wearing, however through the tiny open slit of the coat it was possible to see a red tie.

"He was. One of the best."

"My heart goes out to you. You're Ted Grant right? I'm a big fan."

Ted turned and walked past the man, accidentally nudging him knocking the man's coat off and revealing a black tuxedo underneath, both of which Ted didn't notice.

"Thanks but I'm not in the mood for sighning autographs. Nice hat."

Ted left the man behind and walked through the cemetary's gates, it was a hefty walk back towards his apartment, but that wasn't where he was heading. He walked into the limo and sat down. It was time to see what the future held for him.


"Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Endocrine Show, I'm your host David Endocrine and joining me today is a man many of you may have heard of before! Even if you don't watch boxing, if you have a TV then you're bound to have at LEAST heard of the man! Ladies and Gentleman I give to you TED WILDCAT GRANT!"

Wildcat felt uncomfortable it had took 12 hours to get to Metropolis and he'd been wearing the costume for the last 5. He had to update it. He walked in from behind the curtains and was blinded for a second, the bright lights and cameras going off were all going off at once, somehow he managed to walk to his chair and sit down.

"Thanks for coming all the way to Metropolis Ted!" Said David.

"It was my pleasure David, thanks for having me."

"So recently we've been seeing a lot of you on the news recently. Care to tell us about that?"

Ted felt even more uncomfortable and slightly moved in his chair. He didn't like this guy, he was getting under his skin.

"Well." Ted started "I was forced into taking a drug called Panther, it made me go beserk when I was in the boxing ring and I accidentally killed someone. I took on a costume my ex wife had made for me as a disguise and I took down the drug dealers to clear my name."

"Wait. So how were you FORCED into the drugs? When cameras from your locker room show you willingly taking them out of the man's hands?"

"Well I..."

"Further more what made you take that costume? You are aware that being a vigilantie is illegal?"

"Is this a court room or a talk show?"

"Oh" David said with a smile "We like to think of it as both."

"Look I'm not denying any of this. You folks up in Metropolis are used to your indestructible heroes who never make mistakes. I'm different. I'm human, flesh and blood. I make mistakes!"

David smiled at the camera and laughed.

"So are you deciding on whether to be a superhero or not? I mean your boxing career is down the can now! Superheroes get paid right? They have to have a reason to stop all those bank robbers all the time!"

This was met with laughter from the crowd and Wildcat felt embaressed. He'd been here for a few minutes now and it felt like it had been hours. He had never been tolerant of bullies and he was working overtime to stay patient. he stood up to leave and David placed a hand on his arm. That ticked Wildcat off, he punched David in the face, knocking him straight out. Wildcat walked out of the door and pushed past the security guard.

"I'm thinking about it." Wildcat said as he walked out of the door.


"I'm sorry Ted but like that guy on the show said, your careers down the crapper." Said Jake Sting the Boxing ring's owner. "Ever since you killed Tom no one's been coming to matches anymore. Because of YOU!" He shouted it suddenly. "I'm going bankrupt. Nobody was coming to the matches before anyway and even less are coming now. Please just get out." Jake laid his head on the table and started to cry.

Ted sighed and walked out of Jake's office he closed the door on his way out and walked out of the building. He walked down the steps and stopped on the last one.

"Well done Ted. This is all your fault." He muttered to himself.

He was about to walk back to his apartment when he heard someone calling him.

"Mr Grant! Mr Grant! WILDCAT!"

Ted turned to see a fat man in a red shirt running towards him. He stopped right next to Ted and pulled an inhaler out of his pocket. He breathed heavily into it.

"Uh. Are you looking for me son?"

"HUFF! PANT! Sorry I'll just be a second sir."

"Take your time. What do you want with me?"

The man stood up fully which was no higher then a chair.

"My name's Flashman sir. Francis Flashman. My friends call me Funky Flashman and I call myself the Salesman Supreme. I have a buissness deal for you."


"You see I pride myself on being able to tell good deals before anyone else does. Which is why I've been trying to make a new line of superhero merchendise! Just imagine! Superman action figures! Flash lunch boxes! Alan Scott baseball caps!"

"And how's that going for you?"

"Well everyone asked said no. But I believe that superheroes are the future! And when others realies that they'll want in on this as well!"

"So why come to me?"

"If you give me permission to use your likeness I will make a line of Wildcat merchendise and split the profits with you! What do you say?"

"Sounds good. How much are we talking?"

"A lot! However there is ONE requirement. In order for me to sell superhero merchendise the hero I'm making the merchendise of actually has to be a... well. In order to make money you'll have to be a superhero."

Ted's eyes widenend. This was getting interesting.

The End!

Okay so this was a breather issue before the next story arc. Of which I give a hint to! Did you pick up on who the man with the red tie was? He'll be appearing for a few issues soon! Be sure to leave a comment below to tell me wat you think and if you haven't already be sure to check out the rest of DC Re-Imagined. Maybe you'll figure out who I'm hinting at! red tie, tuxedo, fedora.


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... Anyone?

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Awesome job! Favorite Wildcat yet. :P

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@falconpuuunch: Thanks. Any guesses who the raincoat guy is? Cover it in Spoilers.

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@falconpuuunch: Wildcat will kick Doomsday's butt and then he'll see ekrolo's Superman and he'll be like:

"Should've called me in the first time!"

And then Wildcat will take Superman's place as the world's greatest hero which he already is.

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Superman: Doomsday! Where are you coward! Come out and fight me like a ---

Superman sees the defeated body of Doomsday on the ground, scratch marks littering his unrepeatable skin.

Wildcat: Should have called me in the first time!

**Wildcat Harlem Shakes off panel**

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I loved Dave's line about the show being a show and a court room at the same time. You totally nailed the character. I don't know who the raincoat guy is though. I have a hunch but he seems way too cosmic too be involved with Wildcat.

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@ekrolo: I'm guessing your guess was the Phantom Stranger? No. What other character who wears a hat and tuxedo is currently being written in another title.

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@ekrolo: Admit it. You had a huge smile once you realised it was the same TV show from Man of Steel.

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