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Ted Grant was surrounded by gunmen, the odds were stacked against him, he was outgunned and outnumbered.

"Ready to finish this Ted?" The leader Atomic Skull asked.

That wasn't going to stop him.

"Let's." Ted shouted before charging at one of the gunmen. Ted didn't give him or his friends a chance to fire, he smashed the kid in the face with his fist as hard as he could. It instantly knocked him unconscious and he slumped against the wall. The other gunmen were unsure of what to do, the small chamber was too cramped with all of them stood inside and if they fired they would have hit each other. It was close quarters, just how Ted liked it. Ted picked the unconscious kid's gun off the floor and whacked one of the thugs in the head with it. The thug stumbled back and into his friends smashing them against the wall. It was after all a very cramped chamber. The thugs tried to move but all they did was hit each other, forcing them to give up. All that was left was Atomic Skull, Ted threw a punch at him which Skull easily caught in his hand.

"My turn." He said.

Atomic Skull pulled Ted towards him and punched him in the face. Ted heard his nose crack as Atomic Skull threw him against the wall.


Atomic Skull stood over Ted as he tried to stand up, Atomic Skull pulled Ted up off the floor and slammed him against the wall.

"Are you trying to be one of those guys who run around in their underwear? Like that slutty guy from Morhaven? I don't even care, this isn't science fiction, you're going to die. Allow me to be the one to do that!"

Ted headbutted Atomic Skull, it was the only thing he could do given the circumstances. Atomic Skull was surprised and fell backwards. Giving off a look of hatred like a wild tiger when surrounded by poachers.

"I don't give a sh!t about you. You can b!tch about your misfortunes all you want, I don't give a damn." Said Ted. "You got me involved in this. My best friend is dead because of you! I'm taking you and your business down!"

Ted kicked the kneeling Atomic Skull in the head, he watched as his body fell to the floor and proceeded to continuously punch him in the face, after a few seconds he realized what he was doing and looked ashamed. He grabbed the unconscious Atomic Skull by the collar and climbed up the ladder leading into Central Park.


Ted threw Atomic Skull's body onto the road, it was dark and dreary. The darkness was interrupted by the flashing lights of a dozen or so police cars. They all stopped around Ted who automatically put his hands up in the air. All of the cops walked out and pointed their guns at Ted.

"Who the hell are you?!" One of them shouted.

Ted stopped for a few seconds and thought about it. He wasn't sure if the cop meant his real name or one of these weird names the kids seem to be coming up with these days.

"My name is Ted Grant." Ted said slowly.

There was a lot of murmur around the cops for a few seconds.

"The Wildcat?" One asked.

"Yeah. I've got proof I didn't kill anyone! I wasn't under control and you've got this guy here yo prove it!"

Several of the cops glanced at each other before shrugging and placing handcuffs around Atomic Skull's wrists.

"There's a few more down below. I took down their entire operation." Ted said proudly.

"We're going to have to ask you to come with us sir, for questioning." A cop said.

Ted shrugged and sat in the back of one of the cars.

"Sure, whatever. As long as I get a ride home."

The car started off and turned round the block.

"And someone had better pay for the damaged done to my apartment!" Ted shouted.


Okay so that was the first story arc of Wildcat, it started off a series that will hopefully last a while. It may not have ended so strongly. Please give me some constructive criticism below and if you haven't already check out the rest of DC Re-Imagined!


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<p>What a fun chapter, Ted seems to be goin full hero pretty soon given his situation and it's resolutuon here. Plus the ending was pretty damn funny. I would have liked to hear one of the thugs talk shit about Ted before he kicked their asses and I thought AS was taken out a bit too easily but it was a fun, quick read and that format really worked here.</p>

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@ekrolo: Yeah I kinda wanted to end it quickly so I could fit in the whole cop thing. Thanks for your comments!

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I really enjoyed this. I like the action!

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@ekrolo, @warpimp next issue will be a bit darker as it'll show Ted reacting to what's just happened in the last story arc. It'll make sense as to why he becomes a super hero and it'll introduce a character most people might have forgotten.