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(Yes it's still script. In time. In time.)

Wildcat is sat badly beaten inside of the hideout he was in last issue. He has blood dripping from his nose and is tied to a chair while Atomic Skull stands in front of him.

Caption: New York City, Panther manufacturing.

Atomic Skull: I bet your wondering why your still alive aren't you?

Wildcat: ...

Atomic Skull: It's because chatterbox, you've got one of them Meta genes or whatever. Seems it's been affecting how the panther affects you.

Atomic Skull smiles while picking up a vial of Panther and holding it right up close to Wildcat's face.

Wildcat: What the hell's a meta gene?!

Atomic Skull: No idea. Anyway we've been farming the remains of the Panther from your blood which is why you've been getting all these injections for your blood. We're selling it to all the gangs and stuff. making a ton of money off of it all thanks to you!

Wildcat lowers his head while Atomic Skull smiles.

Atomic Skull: You see, we have to keep injecting you with regular Panther to get the good stuff so who knows what effect that will have on you!

Wildcat: Why?

Atomic Skull: Why what?

Atomic Skull starts to explain while pacing around the room.

Wildcat: Why are you doing all of this?

Atomic Skull: I'm sick of guys like you. See a few months ago I was part of a gang in Metropolis, then that guy in the tights showed up and ruined everything! took my boss and everyone else to jail! I don't know how I got away, so I came here. I decided to become a boxer since nowhere else would hire me but this Super guy he reminds me of every single school bully I had at school. They think they're so high and mighty all the time, so high and mighty they can do what they please and they have the power to do it. That guy's the same as them except he thinks he's the good guy! So I join the boxing ring and then I see you! Another guy who thinks he's so high an mighty, so a few days ago I FINALLY get my chance to fight you and you kick my ass by CHEATING!

Atomic Skull punches Wildcat in the face so hard it damages the chair.

Wildcat: UFFF!!

Atomic Skull: So I'm good friends with Sam right? So I ask him if I can join up in the operation, he says yes and I effect the next vial of Panther you used. I've got no idea what I put in it. I personally hoped it would kill you, but THIS!

Atomic Skull starts to walk out of the door while throwing Wildcat's mask on the floor.

Atomic Skull: This is just perfect. Nice costume man. See you tomorrow!

Wildcat sits in his chair while blood drips from his mouth and nose. He's clearly trying to break out of his restraints but isn't strong enough.

Wildcat: Come on... Ted. GRRRNNNNN!!!!

Wildcat's eyes suddenly turn yellow just like he's been using Panther. Even though he hasn't.


Wildcat breaks out of the chair completely smashing it while growling like an animal.

Wildcat: RROOWWRRR!!

Sam peeks round the door nervously.

Sam: Uh... hello?!

through the crack in the door stands Wildcat who is back to normal but is still under the secondary effects of the Panther.

Wildcat: Evening.

Sam: Aw $hit.

Wildcat slams Sam against the side of the wall, Sam looks terrified.

Wildcat: Sam! How do I get out of here?!

Sam: If... if I tell you, you won't hurt me right?!!!

Wildcat: Of course not Sam.

Sam relaxes a bit while still being pushed against the wall,

Sam: There's a manhole through the next few rooms, you climb through that and you get out into Central Park!

Wildcat: Thanks.

Wildcat smashes Sam's head against the wall knocking him unconscious.


Wildcat: Dumb ass.

Wildcat picks up his mask as he walks through the door and picks up a phone in the over and holds it to his ear.

Wildcat; Hello? Is this the cops? I'm underneath Central Park. I have proof that Ted Grant is innocent! I don't know, you trace the call!

Wildcat opens the door to see two guys both holding empty Panther vials in their hands.

Thug: Man this panther stuff is weird.

Wildcat: Oh god...

Wildcat bursts through the door and punches one of the thugs in the head causing his eyes to turn yellow.


Wildcat: This ain't going to go well for you two!

Wildcat kicks the thug in the groin causing him to fall to the floor, while the other thug sneaks up behind the cat.

Thug: UGH!

Wildcat: You going to just lie down and faint yet?!

The other thug jumps on Wildcat's back and grabs him by the neck.


Wildcat: GAH!

Wildcat drops to the floor smashing the thug's head as well knocking him unconscious.


Wildcat: ...

Wildcat stands up panting as he looks at the two unconscious thugs.

Wildcat: "Huff." Before your first shave kid...

Wildcat watches as a door whirrs open.


Wildcat's eyes widen as several guns point at him through the door.

Wildcat: Oh $hit...

Through the doorway we see Atomic Skull and several thugs holdings guns talking to Wildcat who just stands there shocked.

Atomic Skull: Hello Ted. Ready to finish this?

Wildcat smiles while raising his fists.

Wildcat: Lets!

To be Concluded for real next issue!

Okay sorry about lining to you guys about the story not being concluded. I feel guilty now...

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The part with Sam was pretty damn funny lol.

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