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Okay so this issue 2 of Wildcat. This issue takes place fully in the past and shows how Wildcat became... Wildcat. Also I'm going to try and not use the word... Wildcat as much (Not going well since I've already said it 3 times in 1 sentence!) Okay this issue came out pretty soon after the last one. I was bored! Also since this is the first time I've been in a fan-fic group I don't know if we can only write these every so often, so SCREW it! Here's issue 2 of Wildcat!

It's a lit up boxing ring but it seems more like wrestling as a host is speaking into a microphone to a cheering crowd.

Caption: 4 days ago

Host: Okay ladies and gentlemen, you're here to see one of the bloodiest fights of all right?! Well we've got that all set up for you!

We see a depowered Atomic Skull walking down the walkway while fireworks light up the way.

Crowd: WHOOO!!!!


Atomic Skull entering the ring and climbing over those weird rope things (I honestly don't watch boxing so I'm probably thinking of wrestling) he is wearing face paint which looks like a green skull smiling.


The Host smiling while turning towards his left side. (Hey no Wildcat so far! Awesome!)

The Host: Now on my other side, an old legend who in my personal opinion has been losing his touch...

Ted walking down his walkway while people start throwing food and... stuff at him.

Host: It's Wildcat!!

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!

Ted enters the ring while Atomic Skull smiles and pounds his fists together. The referee is no where to be seen.

Ted Caption: Well this isn't going my way...

Atomic Skull: HA! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN 'CAT!

Ted: ... You're big. I bet you're nowhere near as tough as you look!

The Host pulls a whistle from his pocket while smiling.

Host: Okay folks, so our referee couldn't be here tonight for whatever reason so I'll be doing the whistling tonight!

Ted Caption: Asshole...

Atomic Skull looming over Ted who raises his fists like a TRUE boxer should!

Ted Caption: I'm glad I took the Panther drug!


Ted getting punched in the face by Atomic Skull. By the way the fist is kind of squishing into Ted's face, kind of like a breaking/crushing your nose fist.

Ted Caption: Okay so Sam said the drug kicks in when Adrenalin-!

Ted: MMPHFF!!!


Ted turning his head, blood dripping out of his mouth as his eyes turn yellow due to the effects of the Panther. (I'm using too much Ted aren't I?)

Ted: Ugh...

First person view from Ted as his vision starts to turn more fuzzy and tropical he stares at his hands.

Ted: WOW!!

We see Ted smiling sinisterly and raising his fists towards Atomic Skull.


Atomic Skull backing away as Ted charges towards him clenching his fist.

Atomic Skull: What the hell's wrong with your eyes man?

Ted: FU$K YOU!!

Atomic Skull tries to block but Ted's uppercut is too powerful breaking through the block and smashing Skull in the face.

Atomic Skull: GET THE HELL AWAY FR-!! GAH!!

Atomic Skull collapses on the floor while Ted crouches over his body

Ted: Don't like losing do you, you son of a b!ch?!

Ted while crouched over Atomic Skull's body starts pounding his face in.

Ted: Do you?!

Ted suddenly appears more cat like with claws for fingers and cat like teeth.

Ted: DO YOU?!!

A security guard suddenly holds the normal Ted back from punching Atomic Skull again

Security Guard: Whoa man! Calm down you won!!

Ted: ... I won?

Ted standing up over Atomic Skull as the crow cheers behind him

Ted: I WON!!

Crowd: WOOOHHH!!!!


Meanwhile at another location probably the sewers. We see some thugs stood next to the referee who's on his knees crying

Caption: Meanwhile in the sewers underneath New York.

Thug: Hey boss we brought him to you!

Mosquito: Good. You can go.

The referee raises his head as the thugs walk down a hole behind him

Mosquito: You. Dare. To. Steal. From. Me?!

Referee: I'm... I'm sorry.

Mosquito: You're... sorry?

The silhouette of Mosquito appears he's holding a knife right near the referee's head

Mosquito: No. No. No. You're not sorry; you're just a fu$king referee who THINKS he has the balls to steal from me!! You see, I know these things.

Mosquito licks the side of his knife (Super creepy)

Mosquito: Well I know something else as well...

Mosquito (Now fully shown) raising his knife over the referee about to stab him.


Next Time: The SH!T HITS THE FAN!!

So that's issue 2! Please tell me what you think in the comment section below!! Kay so you guys won't see Mosquito again for a few issues. Unless I feel like it!

Also if you haven't already try out all the other DC Re-Imagined stuff!


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Pretty fun issue I must say, im liking that it doesnt take itself too seriously.

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@ekrolo: Yeah if I'm honest I didn't enjoy writing it as much as the first. The whole issue was pretty much a big fight scene. Although I always enjoy writing Mosquito.

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@TommytheHitman: Word of advice, Keep all of your Author's Notes at the end of your thread.

Other than that, not bad.

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@TommytheHitman: I personally didn't like it as much as the first. It was longer, though it was mostly a boxing match. I did enjoy it though

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Pretty good issue. I can't wait to see what exactly happens next time.

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Really interested in this Panther stuff. Overall though a really nice issue and it was fun to see Wildcat come out on top.

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Nice issue. I don't mind it being mostly fight scene because,

1) You introduced new characters

2) We got insight into Wildcat and the villain.

Also, I do like the whole surreal vibe you have going.