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Faster then Lightning Part 3

George Harkness walked out of his apartment building's door. He left his son and girlfriend inside of his apartment and started to walk down the street. He was wearing a shirt with a boomerang badly printed on it, on top was a bulky leather coat which was large enough the few dozen boomerangs he had hidden underneath. He bumped past several people as he walked down the street and stopped once he was in front of The Keystone City Bank. He walked to it's side and pulled a slightly bulky boomerang out of his coat. He raised it above his head to aim and threw it.


Barry Allen stared in wonder at the red and yellow costume that had appeared on his skin.

"Whoa." Barry said bluntly.

"Nice costume kid, better then mine. I like the boots." A voice said inside Barry's head.

"Are... are you Garrick?" Barry asked. "Why are you in my head?"

"It's... a long story. Pretty much when I died I chose you to be my predecessor. So we're stuck with each other until you die."

"What?! What do you mean? Why am I wearing this weird costume?!"

"You're a Flash now kid. No way around it. I'm not going to lie, you're going to die in this job, like I did. But maybe you can do some good with your powers before you kick the bucket."

The only thing that registered in Barry's head during that sentence was "Flash"

"You... mean, I have your powers now?" Barry asked,

"Yeah. Why?"

Barry zoomed out of the door with his new found speed, he ran down all of the stairs in less then a second and ran through the door. Barry stopped outside, everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion as he stood still.

"Whoa." Barry muttered again. He started to run down the road, running in out of the traffic like a game of "football" (You yanks. IT'S CALLED RUGBY!) He turned his head as he heard a loud explosion a few blocks away.

"What the hell?" Barry shouted out.

"Hero time kid!" Jay said inside Barry's brain.

Barry zoomed the street following the sound of the explosion, ducking and weaving down multiple streets until he came outside a massive hole in the wall. He ran straight in to see a man in a coat stood over several hostages and a security guard's body. The man in the coat held something over his head it looked like a boomerang which was... weird. Barry pulled the mask over his face and ran for the dude in the coat while preparing his fist for a punch. He slowed his velocity as he punched the man so he wouldn't kill him, however this still sent the man flying into the wall, also knocking his coat off and revealing the few dozen boomerangs he had strapped to his arms.

"Ah bollocks." The man garbled out of his mouth. Sounded Australian. "I'd heard you'd died. Why do you think I decided to bloody rob a bank?!" The man raised several boomerangs over his head and threw them all at once. The man was clearly an expert and they obviously would have hit Barry if he'd been standing still. He wasn't. Barry grabbed each of them out of the air and placed them on the ground, The Boomerang man's eyes widened as he saw this, he pulled a single boomerang out of his coat and frowned.

"I ain't going to jail, Flash! I'll die first!" The Man shouted.

Barry smiled as he saw the man throw the boomerang. Well he would have if Barry hadn't grabbed the boomerang just when he was about to throw it. Barry looked at the boomerang he now held in his hand and smiled.

"Well... Captain Boomerang" Barry said "Looks like bad luck keeps RETURNING to you!"

"Ooh, bad one kid." Jay said "NOW PUNCH HIM!"

Barry dashed towards Captain Boomerang just as he started to get up off the floor, he smashed his fist against Boomerang's head knocking several of his teeth out. Boomerang stood still for a second blood gurgled from the gaps in his teeth he opened his mouth and said:


He collapsed on the floor unconscious as everyone in the bank cheered as Barry smiled, he picked Boomerang's body up off the floor and carried him out of the gaping hole in the wall.Seven police cars were parked outside, with a dozen or so cops holding their guns out at Barry. Barry took all this in as he placed Boomerang's body on the hood of a car.

"Now's when I usually bug out kid. I suggest you do too!" Jay said.

"What are you kidding?! Do you know the good I could do with the police?" Barry said quietly. He didn't feel like being thought crazy and sent to Arkham Asylum he hated Gotham anyway.

"Put your hands over your head!" One of the cops shouted. Barry complied and walked towards a car's hood.

"Kid, this is a really bad idea!" Jay muttered

The cop slammed Barry's head on the car hood and placed handcuffs over his wrists.

"You're suspected in assisting in a robbery, you have the right to remain silent. I suggest you do too!" The cop shouted down Barry's ear. Even though Barry was facing potential life in prison all Barry could think of was:

"Crap. Iris is going to kill me."

To Be Continued...

Okay Happy New Comic Vine Day! I hope you enjoyed this issue please comment below and be sure to try out the rest of DC Re-Imagined! And yes I am British. If that hint above didn't register then here you go!


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Your descriptions come of as dialogue sometimes which is wierd. Like you'll say: The man in the coat was holding a boomerang over his head which was... wierd. Thats a sentence that should be used for a character and not as a description. Besides some odd writing like that it was a fairly good issue.

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