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DC re-imagined: Martian Manhunter issue #2

If I’m going to live on Earth I needed a human identity and money. I chose the identity of John Jones, a thirty year old man, the new me comes from Northern Ireland, and by posing as someone from another country people will not think it odd if I don’t speak in the exact same vernacular or know something about America considered common knowledge. I managed to get an apartment straight away by “influencing” the landlady with my telepathy. Nice lady.

Out in the upper atmosphere, beyond John’s sensory range and beyond human sensors to discover it, lays the alien space ship looking for Manhunters. Within the ship one alien not clearly seen says. <Translated from an unknown alien language> “This manhunter was saving humans from that fire so perhaps the best way to draw him out would be to send our manhunter out to cause trouble, he won’t be prepared to deal with another manhunter but ours will.” Another alien steps forward and reveals his appearance, he was humanoid, tall, had yellow skin, a mouth filled with fangs, very small black eyes with no irises or pupils, no nose and long pointed ears, he wears plain white robes, he says “Do it”.

(Back to John) I sit in my new bedroom on the bed, the room is small and plain, with no decoration and faded white walls, I take in my surroundings and my knew life. Though I couldn’t sit about doing nothing, I had to get started with protecting the public as the so called “Martian Manhunter”. The best thing to do is get a job. In my new identity I was a detective in Ireland, a job I’ve chosen to pursue since it will make it easier to find crimes, it shouldn’t be too hard to fake detective skills with my abilities. I walk from my apartment to the nearby police station to get a job application when I hear an explosion nearby. I rush into a nearby ally and use my shape shifting to change into my true form and to go make a difference.

When I reach the explosion site there was a building opposite me with the street stretched out behind me, reduced to rubble with dust and smoke everywhere, luckily thanks to my manhunter vision I can see through the dust and smoke, I look ahead to see a...no, it can’t be. It appeared to be a young white Martian woman; before I can react she perceives me and suddenly barrels towards me. She hits me so hard the wind is knocked out of me and I’m sent flying down the street.

I react to this with a heat vision blast, sending the martian girl flying back into the wreckage of the building. I go to her to continue the fight I see she’s hurt more than expected; this confused me so I scanned her with my x-ray vision which revealed cybernetics in her brain and scarred slightly malformed organs, it appears this girl was a flawed clone, though where the girl’s makers got manhunter DNA I don’t know. I tried reading her mind; though her resistance to heat vision isn't as good as it should be her telepathy seems to be working well enough to block my mental probe even when dazed. The girl recovers and comes at me again. This time I turn intangible so she goes right through me. She hits me with heat vision from behind which wounded me though her heat vision seems weaker than it should be. I hit her with a blast of heat vision to the part of the head where the cybernetics are, this stuns her so I follow up with a punch to the same area which seems to make her back off. She fly’s towards me at great speed, hits me multiple times at super speed and before I recover she flies away. I try flying after her and I manage to follow her into space where I see her enter a ship the kind of which I don’t recognise, before I can investigate the ship disappears.

Though John cannot perceive it the ship hadn’t left, rather it had been made invisible even to John’s senses by a cloaking device. The seeming leader of the aliens within the ship says in the alien’s language “he’s more capable than we thought; I suppose we will have to switch tactics if we want to capture this manhunter.” Another alien says “he seems fond of the humans let’s see what he does when we take a few of them.”

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Cool! I'll add it to the library.

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Good job.

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