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J'onn slowly opened his eyes, he'd been unconscious a lot recently and was starting to get annoyed at how frequent it was. However instead of seeing a White abomination stood above him he instead saw two strange creatures staring at him. The taller one in the jacket pulled out some kind of weapon and fired at J'onn hitting him in the head, it didn't hurt but it annoyed him. J'onn started to rise up into the air and stared at the little people shouting in grunts and moans, the very sound was enough to give J'onn a headache. This was not a good first impression. The little mad fired his tool again hitting J'onn in the eye causing blood to squirt out, J'onn became enraged and flew straight towards the man. He slammed the man against the wall and delved deep into his mind, the man was well informed, it's real name was John Jones an ex... Manhunter? Or as they call them on this world detectives. The people called this planet Earth, it was a peaceful planet, (compared to Mars anyway) and there was something else as well something called... a rocket ship? J'onn's thoughts were interrupted as the old scientist he'd ignored hit him in the back of the head with a chair. This was... annoying but J'onn could finally understand all the moans and grunts these animals were making.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Dr Erdel shouted. The scientist tried to start another swing with the chair but J'onn caught it and dislocated the scientist's arm causing the doctor to fall to the floor clutching his hand. J'onn through the chair to his side and stared down at the pathetically weak scientist and decided to scan his mind as well.

"This... world." J'onn muttered aloud in English. "It must be the one my lord told me about." He stared down at the scientist who stared back. J'onn looked around in case of further opponents and when he saw none he turned around and said.

"This world is perfect for my kind. However my race doesn't have the means to travel here. It will most likely take a long time, but I have the time to wait. However this world is filled with... cowards who hate and fear what they don't understand. By letting you live I could risk my own personal injury or death." J'onn grabbed Dr Erdel by the neck and successfully phased only his hand into nothingness.

"I am truly sorry it had to come to this but you can rest easy in knowing you are serving a greater purpose." J'onn said before crushing Dr Erdel's heart in his hand. He put the body over his shoulder and turned towards the still breathing John Jones who looked up at him.

"What... what do you want with me?" John asked, while struggling to breathe.

J'onn looked down at him with a strange type of sadness, he gently placed his hand on John's shoulder and said.

"This one doesn't have long left people would be expecting him to die soon. However you have time to spend, I can use you. I'll kill you quickly." J'onn said, he quickly broke the detective's neck and carried both of the recently living human's bodies over his shoulder and flew through the rooftop and over the Hudson river. He successfully changed his form into that of John Jone's and took several essentials his new powers could not create, taking his coat and wallet. He dropped the bodies into the river and flew away not looking back.


Chief Taylor was pi$$ed off, he looked outside of his window at the pedestrians walking below him and had a sudden urge to throw himself out of the thirty foot drop. This would have been an average day for him, a hundred cases every day and only 15% of them successfully solved that was until the new kid joined, John Jones the wonder detective. Ever since he arrived for the job, the percentage for crimes being solved had tripled almost overnight, the other cops didn't like him and neither did Taylor not only was he a little too... "uncooperative" but there was something about him, something alien about how he reacted to situations. The other day he started searching for the serial killer nicknamed The Human Flame who'd eluded the forces for several months now. Jones found him 5 hours later, there was an almost relentless feeling watching him work. One time several officers including Jones were trapped behind a corner by several gun men. John just charged straight at them, he took a goddamn bullet to the shoulder and killed 2 of the gunmen with his bare hands. Taylor took a cigarette out of his pocket and smoked it. Being a cop in New York had been tough until Jones turned up. Now something wasn't right, Taylor leaned back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling.


Detective John Jones walked into his apartment and placed his coat on the coat rack, he turned towards the chair and sat down, he placed his hat on the table next to him and stared out of his apartment window. It had been months since he'd turned back to his natural form, he wanted to turn back right now but these people were smarter then he had first thought, there were these people called tax collectors who arrive so very often, it's like they're trying to catch him in the middle of shape shifting, his job kept him busy enough but he was starting to become bored with this life. He'd came up with the idea to learn more about his new home planet, he'd decided to fake John Jone's death...

To be continued...

Okay so issue 4 of Martian Manhunter! Dear Martian Manhunter fans please don't hate me for changing your fave character. It's called DC Re-Imagined for a reason and just because he's different here and just because I completely destroy what the character stands for doesn't mean I hate the character! Also it's 1957, we've got a LONG time for J'onn to start to dig humanity!

Be sure to check out the rest of DC Re-Imagined!


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Crap also be sure to tell me what you think in the comments!

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Nailed it bro! Keep this up.

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@ekrolo: Wooh! Nailed it! I'm just looking forward to introducing the back story between the Martians and a certain alien race! Which I'll have to discuss to you about.

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Nice :) Continue!

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@Pyrogram: Oh I plan to continue for a while. At least until some Flash, Wildcat and J'onn fan boys burn down my home and slaughter my family in front of me! Maybe not even then!

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@TommytheHitman: 0_0 Awesome