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DC Re-Imagined: Green Arrow #2

Oliver Queen gazed over the advent sun. His final trial was done. His target was dead, His mission completed. The return to The Island would usher in the adulthood of his life; Oliver would become a Green Arrow, one of the most skilled and elite assassins on Earth. Few could match the skill of the Arrows. Fewer still could top it.

The plane began to descend, and Oliver gripped his bow tighter. His future would begin now. Twenty Years of training were about to pay off.

An hour later, Oliver exited the plane and walked towards the inner temple of The Island. The journey didn’t take too long, and soon enough, Oliver had reached the temple of The Island. There, a lone figure awaited the young man.

“Oliver Queen, you have achieved your mission, and only a final trial awaits you.” The voice was distinct, but didn’t come from the lone figure.

“What is my trial?” Oliver questioned, ignoring the lies that Sasuke had apparently given him.

“Kill the man before.” The Lone Figure removed his hood, revealing his face. “Kill Sasuke.”

Shock tore into Oliver’s gut as he ducked to the side, three arrows swinging past him.

Oliver rolled forward, bypassing two more arrows that fired off, and leaping out of the roll, launching himself into the air in a fluid motion. The assassin slid low and quickly fired off two arrows at his mentor, not because they’d hit, but for the distraction.

Oliver flipped to the left and fired another arrow, this one slicing off a lock of Sasuke’s hair. Oliver’s mind turned to rage and he stomped forward towards his mentor. He lunged forward with a powerful kick, smacking Sasuke is the head.

Oliver moved to smash Sasuke’s skull, but was swept out by a swift kick from his mentor. The younger assassin watched as Sasuke flipped up onto his feet and lunged forward. Sasuke swung forward, attempting to plunge an arrow into Oliver’s chest, who barely managed to push away from his heart… and into his shoulder.

Pain flooded into Oliver’s body, but it only served to enhance his anger. Oliver sprinted forward and smashed his elbow into Sasuke’s throat. The assassin flipped back onto the ground, while Oliver took out his bow and arrow and aimed it at Sasuke’s throat.

“Do it.” Sasuke commanded.

Oliver wanted to. The betrayal stung tight. Oliver moved to release the arrow when suddenly Sasuke crashed his boot into Oliver’s knee, breaking it backwards.

Oliver screamed in utter pain as he fell back, dropping the bow and arrow. The assassin slipped over and narrowly dodged an arrow from Sasuke. Oliver swung with his left leg, striking Sasuke’s ankle and kicking him to the ground. The assassin kicked off Sasuke, pushing himself back to his bow and arrow.

In pure instinct, Oliver fired off an arrow in a single second; the arrow launched towards Sasuke, but was intercepted by a separate black arrow.

Oliver looked around violently for the culprit, only to see the one and only grand master of the Arrows; The Black Arrow.

“Come with me.” He commanded simply.

Oliver followed meticulously, using his bow as a cane. He followed the Black Arrow up the stairs of the temple, towards the Inner Sanctum of the Temple. An area of The Island few ever ventured within.

Oliver dragged himself behind the Black Arrow. At the top of the stairs was a mannequin with emerald armor, a bow and arrows surrounding it.

“You are now a Green Arrow.” The Black Arrow shouted.

“What is your bidding master?” Oliver questioned, ignoring the pain.

“Your target serves in Star City.”

“Who is it?” Oliver questioned.

“CEO of Queen Enterprises Theresa Queen.”

Oliver nodded, he was being sent to kill his sister.


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This is pretty good. I had to scroll back a few pages to get to the first chapter. I like the story though. Keep it up.

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Being sent to kill his sister huh, this should be very interesting.

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Really enjoying it so far I dare say it's better then Ollie's current New 52 series.

“What is your bidding master?” Oliver questioned, ignoring the pain.

Was this a Star Wars Reference? Also the whole killing your sister thing is kind of awkward.

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@BlackReaper: Sorry about that, glad that you liked it.

@ekrolo: I sure hope so! I've got some... interesting plans for that

@TommytheHitman: No way am I doing better than Lemire's current run. I read 17 yesterday, EPIC.

It was probably a subconscious Star Wars reference, because i'm a huge fan of SW. And yeah, other awkward things will be popping up.

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Just when I think the plot can't get darker you continue to surprise me. I'm still waiting for that moment for Ollie to rebel and become the man we all know him to be, but I'm also loving this as well.