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DC Re-Imagined: Green Arrow Prologue

Oil Magnet Robert Queen ran across the field to his helicopter, his family following close behind. Moira, Robert’s wife, was carrying the baby. Little Theresa, she’d only been born a month ago. Robert tossed a glance over his shoulder, young Oliver as the furthest back, his little legs scurry as quickly as they could take him.

It was storming out, but Robert didn’t care. Life was more important than a thousand dollar suit. Lightning shined across the field, followed swiftly by a boom of thunder. Robert shuddered, an aching feeling shooting into his stomach; something bad was going to happen tonight.

Robert stopped and sprinted back quickly, grabbing Oliver just as something sprung into the ground next to the multimillionaire. Robert shuddered and ran faster. Someone had just tried to kill his son. HIS SON! That was not okay. Not at all.

Robert ran faster than ever before, aiming to reach the helicopter. The adulterer leapt over a small bush and jumped into the helicopter. Something punctured the door just as Robert shut the door.

“An arrow?” Robert questioned to himself.

“Robert, I’m scared.” Moira confessed, holding baby Theresa tightly.

“It’ll be okay Moira.” Robert answered reassuringly as he slipped into the pilot’s seat.

There was only one place to go, the Queen Pyros; the largest and most profitable Oil Rig in the world. It housed three hundred full time employees, featured the greatest security personnel in the East Coast and was located about fifty miles off the coast… which meant that, with the current Q-Core developed Q-Engine, Robert’s helicopter could get there quick, very quick.

“Robert. Who is that after us?” Moira asked.

“Don’t worry Moira, you’ll be fine.” Robert said, but his body betrayed him.

His hands were swamped in sweat and rain, and his gut threw a punch; informing Robert of his lie. Robert turned back to fly the helicopter to the Queen Pyros, to safety, or so he hoped.

Robert stepped out of the helicopter ten minutes later, his white suit utterly ruined from the storm. Somehow it’d seemed to grow even worse than at the Queen Mansion; Robert wasn’t sure how that was possible.

Queen was frozen as an arrow flew past his skull, narrowly missing him. Robert turned as quickly as he could… and watched as Moira fell to the ground dead, the baby crashing to the ground with her.

Queen held up his hands to his assailant.

“I have no weapon.” He said, a partial lie, not that it mattered.

Queen watched as the assailant garbed in green approached out of seemingly nowhere.

“Who are you?” Robert questioned.

The Archer said nothing.

The sharply tipped green arrow caused Robert to back up, until he reached the edge of the helipad.

“Please, I have a son an-.” Robert stopped as he realized that baby Theresa was likely dead. He couldn’t think about that now.

“Robert William Queen.” The Green Archer had a deep Asian-European accent, Robert noted. “Multimillionaire Oil Tycoon. Corrupt. Your practices have caused the deaths of hundreds, and for that. You shall die.”

The Archer launched the arrow, and it plunged into Robert Queen’s chest, launching him off the Queen Pyros, and into the ocean below.

“The contract was for the entire Queen family.” The Archer revealed.

Young Oliver peaked his head out from the helicopter and watched, tears in his eyes.

The Archer raised the arrow, ready to cast it. But something stopped him.

“Come with me.” The Archer answered.

Young Oliver Queen looked up at the Archer, and slipped his hand into the Archer’s.

Behind them, a blazing ball of fire flew across the sky.

That's the Prologue, the Next issue will jump ahead several years in the future.

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That was great I have to admit it did remind me of Arrow though.

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Hell yea! I cannot wait too see Oliver become the ultimate bow wielding assassin!

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Nice start.

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Good so far!