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"Do you think this is how we will win our freedom by sitting idly by while these romans take us for all we are"

"Lancelot remember camelot is under my rule not yours my friend i will do what i think is best for my people"

"Then what are we to do my king do you wish us your people to lie down while the romans trample us slaughtering us like Goddamn vermin"

"You speak with your heart my friend, think with you heart i am just as displeased with their presence as anyone Lancelot but to defy them now would be to much of a risk"

"the only thing at risk is our freedom so why not fight"

"much more than freedom is at stake we are speaking of the lives of our soldiers Lancelot the lives of those who willingly follow us into battle the lives of those who pledge their loyalty to us and put their lives in our hands you wish me to throw away their lives i refuse"

"what is a life without freedom Arthur"

"i dont know my friend but a life is life none the less and i will not waste such precious lives"

In comes a cloaked man followed by a beautifull feminine figure

"whats all the ruckus about we could hear you two in the mead hall you're scaring the servants"

" heh heh hu i guess your right my friend a king bickering with one of his knights like two children fighting over a toy doesnt protray that noble image you're always telling me i should put forth" says Arthur

"what am i to do with you oh king of the people no use trying to make you a noble your a man of the people through and through"

"oh giving up hope on him already have we Merlin" said Lancelot

"I would never give up on the kingbut maybe a different aproach is in order, the same could be said for you my friend maybe that would put an end to all this bickering" said Merlin

"that may be impossible for these two, the both of them are so thick headed that they either agree wholeheartedly or they come to blows because they refuse to admit that either of them could be wrong"

"such is the nature of men my queen" said Lancelot in a sarcastic tone

"you know sometimes i dont know if you are being truthful or you are just trying to make a fool out of me Lancelot"

"I would never try to make a fool of you my queen" said Lancelot in a sarcastic tone once against

"Sure you wouldnt"

"Dont mind him my dear he only kids" - Arthur

"So did you two come for something important or to just inform me of my childish behaviour" - Arthur

"do i really have to remind the king that he has to address his people of his kingdom on this day" - Merlin

"But isnt that why i have you my friend" - Arthur

"Yes isnt that the job of the kings advisor to remind him of things" - Lancelot once again in a sarcastic tone

"is it the job of a knight to pester the king" - Merlin

"I see you remain as clever as ever even in your old age my friend" - Lancelot

"well i guess thats our que to leave i cant have my knight and advisor bickering now can i" - Arthur

Arthur and Merlin exit the chamber

Lancelot embraces the woman caressing her intimately

"why do you tempt me so wench in front of my king no less" - Lancelot

"dare you refer to me as a wench im you queen"

"No Guinevere you are my curse"- Lancelot

the two share an intimate kiss

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Add it to tha library, please

@eippihrellik Awesome story!

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@GR2Blackout said:

Add it to tha library, please

You didn't have to say anything. Ever hear of being offline?

@GR2Blackout said:

@eippihrellik Awesome story!


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@TheCannon said:

@GR2Blackout said:

Add it to tha library, please

You didn't have to say anything. Ever hear of being offline?

Wow, all I asked was for you to add it to the library. Dont have to make a big deal out of it.

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