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In the center of a burnt down village now turned into a battlefield stands a girl with raven black hair covered in tattered robes with a makeshift wooden staff she takes a second to mourn those who died but soon realises there's no time to mourn the dead a mission that requires she make haste to complete it.

In the kingdom of camelot word has gotten to the king that rome has staged attacks on many villages on the outskirts of the kingdom, the king has assembled his knights to disscuss what actions must be taken to ward off the oncoming invasion

"I told you Arthur did I not they will not stop untill they've taken us for all we have yet you refuse to take notice now they're at our door step waiting to gut every man, woman, and child in camelot" - Lancelot

"hold your tongue Lancelot be aware you speak to the king"

"no gawain he speaks the truth i didnt think this day would come so soon" - Arthur

"well now it has come my king so what will we do"

"I do not know Gareth thats why have summoned you all here" - Arthur

"why dont we ask your great advisor Arthur" - Lancelot

"thats enough of your sarcasm Lancelot " - Arthur

"as much as i have had enough of Lancelots snide remarks he is right we must take action rome has always feared you arthur feared the love the people have for you but now our people are scared we must give them strength we must not allow the romans to strip us of everything we have" - Merlin

"then where do we go from here Sir Merlin what do we do" - Gawain

"First we rally the people then we stage our attack" - Merlin

all the people of camelot gather in the middle of town rallied together by thee voice of arthur

" My people now is not the time for weakness we stand at a crossroads we either lie down like dogs and die the slaves of these roman pigs or we stand and fight for our freedom and our lives so what will it be will we stand by and hide in fear while they scorchall we know and love to the ground or fight tooth and nail for what is ours"

the applause of the people rang through out the night

in the shadows of a cave rests the young girl she sits there contemplating whether or not her mission will be successful or not will she fail everything she aims to save be swallowed up by the likes of the romans, she shakes her head to drive the doubts away she focuses only on her mission she is determined not to fail she will not fail

arthurs army readies to intercept the romans

"Seems as though this is the day my friend" - Arthur

"day for what" - Lancelot

"i dont know my friend i just thought something needed to be said" - Arthus

"Just in case we die today" - Lancelot

"Maybe" - Arthur

"Leave the pessimism to me my friend it doesnt suit you" - Lancelot

Gawain draws a crucibel across his body then kneels to pray

enraged Lancelot yells "How dare you pray to their god you bastard have you no pride"

"then who do you suggest I pray to" - Gawain

"I dont believe in your silly angels or demons my own strength will see me through this" - Lancelot

"Leave the boy be Lancelot let him pray if need be anything to calm him during this battle" - Merlin

Arthur and his soldiers mount their horses and ride towards the battlefield

the two armies collide in a bloody rage savagley attacking one another each man fighting for their own beliefs the romans out number them but thay have merlin's magic on their side soon the romans become discouraged they begin to fear the bravery of the warrior of arthur but soon reinforcements arrive and the romans begin to boister with confidence and arthur and his knights start to falter under the romans savage attack not even merlins magic can level the playing field

soon a figure shrouded in tattered rags apppeared

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Very cool.