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Today I had to work with some new chick.

Should I skip that far ahead or should I tell you how it all happened first?

Well, it started when a helicopter landed outside of one of Mr. H's base places. Joker came out carrying an unconscious Jason over his shoulder.

Joker said he killed 2 "vigilantes" and "rescued" Jason or something.

I never really listen when he's talking.

Anyways, after Joker told Mr. H his "big plan" or whatever, me and Poison Ivy had to go take care of this cop who was onto us.

James Gordon....

I know I remember him from somewhere....


Sorry about that.

Kind of lost it.

Well, me and that plant-obsessed hipster were so close to killing him when that maniac dressed like a rat showed up.

Obviously that guy had no idea what he was even doing.

I was beating the crap out of that crazy kid when Poison Ivy made a run for it and Gordon just stood there watching the fight.

After a while the guy finally wised up and called other cops or something. I wasn't paying attention.

When the cops showed up I made a quick get away and left the punk behind.

Not quite sure if he got away in time or not.

Everything happened really fast, so I don't remember.

Instead of going to give that Poison Ivy maniac a piece of my mind for ditching me or telling Mr. H about the epic fail of a mission, I just went home and went straight to bed.

But then I had this nightmare...

There was this guy pointing a gun at me or something...

And then the whole thing just cut to a little girl with white hair.

I don't know why, but I usually see that little girl in nightmares like that.

I know I remember her from somewhere...

I just....

I just don't know.

The whole dream ended with this room or whatever.... and then something outside of it blew up, the ceiling caved in, and I heard yelling and gunshots.

It was just....


Yours truly, Slade.

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Yeah this one was great! BTW you didn't tell us it was on the PM!

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I like that its in first person, make it unique from all the other series were doing but still too goddamn short.