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Destroy All Mobsters, Part 1

I've made bad decisions. I mean, just look where it got me now.

I once had a past with two other guys, Victor Zsasz and Bane. I dunno what happened to them, though.

Last time I checked Zsasz was locked away in an asylum, and Bane had pulled off the crime of the century in Japan before he went off to God knows where.

And now I'm working for a guy named "Mr. H", assassinating certain people and now investigating some guy dressed like a flying rodent who seems to be after Mr. H for some reason.

Man, I wish I could go back in time and change everything. But that's just fricking stupid. This is real life, not a sci-fi movie.

Anyways, I think Mr. H wants me to help with some major conspiracy thing he's planning, and that should be fun.

The only thing with it is that I'm surrounded by idiots. There's some ego-maniac midget who thinks he's the brains of the operation, this big freak who thinks he's a crocodile, some guy who just HAS to end every sentence with a question mark or something, and--- oh my God--- don't even get me started on that lipstick-wearing maniac....

Well, wish me good luck, anyways.

- Yours truly, Slade

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Good, a few spelling errors, it needs a bit more in length though, if you would have put multiple entries it might have been a better.

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I like the idea of Deathstroke being hired to take down Batman that was really cool!

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It was a bit short and I wish it was named #0 or something like that since those are mostly used for explaining the protagonists back story before the real plot begins but it was a fun read and I like its related to what's happening in Batman.

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Kind of short, but still cool. I like the references to several Batman villains.

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Short, but punchy.

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It's short but it's intriguing!

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@GR2Blackout: Short but still very effective.

Really like your covers btw. I can't draw sh*t with my mouse.