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(I do not own this character, or any of the characters. But this is my storyline and Such. Rated T.)

Floating through the boundless space was a man in green, with his eyes closed and beaten look. Blood slipped from his nose here and there as he waited to be found. Two more figures, in the same uniform as the fallen Green Lantern, hurried over and used their powerful rings to place a bubble around the pink-skinned man, around Sinestro.

Kilowog and Jade were relieved that he was still alive, but concerned for the other Lantern that was with Sinestro.

"Sinestro!" Kilowog shouted out, and saw the confident, and proud Green Lantern's eyes open barely. Jade shook her head, she knew what happened. Sinestro didn't have to say it. Hal Jordan was dead...


A black-haired man, in his late twenties focused purely on the art on his canvas, the art he was attempting to make. The illustration was beautiful, it was the night sky out his window. He used the paint brush as if his hand was preforming a graceful dance. But, the site was interrupted, as in the distance a Green Light began to get closer... and closer.

Kyle got up from his chair, examining it from a distance. But as the distance began to shorten, he stepped backwards, as the light began to target him. As it approached, and was about to hit his window, he found himself waking up in his bed. An abandoned art project on a canvas by his window, and cereal from the morning before spilled on the top of his dresser. The site reminded him,

He needed more cereal.

Slipping on some jeans, and a coat over his white T-Shirt he was ready to walk to the store that waited for him at around this time everyday. As he began to walk to his destination, he decided to take his usual shortcut. An alleyway. A group of men waited for him, and Kyle new he'd have to deal with some stupid request for money. He barely had enough for his cereal.

"Don't be shy!" One of the larger members spoke. His actions, and response from the rest of his "gang" showed that he might be considered their "leader". Kyle wasn't shy, he wasn't even phased. He continued to walk, trying to move straight through them. A hand latched to his shoulder pulling him to their small crowd. Right as the man's hand touched Kyle, he threw a fist after the gang member's jaw. After knocking him back, he made a run for it. Though he wasn't afraid of these "bullies", he did have the urge to keep his life.

All of the men were too fast for him, and tackled him to the floor. His cheek scraped against the pavement, leaving a short trail of blood down on the alleyway floor. Punch after punch, kick after kick... They enjoyed it. They got what they wanted, to push someone to the point of them pushing back. Leaving Kyle injured and walking off, they all laughed to each other in celebration. Waking up, bloody and beaten, he noticed that his wallet was taken... of course. On his way to his apartment, a beam of light blasted through the alley, hovering above him.

"Kyle Rayner of sector 2814, you have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." Rayner backed away as the ring got closer. After claiming a position on his finger, He found himself wearing a green uniform. Confused, as anyone would be he asked aloud. "What the hell?!" He felt his wounds healing, it was amazing. But still... Very confusing.

Taking off the ring quickly and putting it in his pocket he proceeded home. Kyle had no idea what just took place. Throwing the ring in his drawer after removing his coat, he collapsed on his bed. It had been a long day, and he say unconscious for a lot of it.

As the next day came he decided it was really time for some cereal. Without any money, he decided to check online to see the bids for his art. There was no way he could forget about the ring in his drawer. Setting the laptop aside, he approached the drawer cautiously, and opened it. The ring was still there. Deciding to experiment further, he placed the ring over his finger and then knew officially... That whatever this was,

Was very real.


Over the city of Metropolis, John Stewert flew. He was surrounded in green light and still trying to get over the fact that Hal Jordan had been reported dead by the Guardians. Now it was John's job to move up from just being back up, and now receiving a back up. The ring went to someone who just relocated to New York City, and that's where John was headed. It was time to train his back up...

A new Green Lantern.


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@doomstroke: "But, the sitewas interrupted, as in the distance a Green Light began to get closer... and closer"

Site as in grave site, crash site, dive site, lunar landing site. Sight as in vision, as in for sore eyes.

Good start, very similar to Kyle's original origin but nice touch that Hal's dead (maybe)

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@doomstroke: Great start, I love your ability of describing things. Like the way he drew and when he fought the gang.

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Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Nice start, I'm unsure of how you'll explain how all the green lanterns are around, but I'm interested to see how you go from here.

You should try to edit and use drafts when writing. Your descriptions and wording is great, it's just it's interrupted by the grammar.

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@doomstroke: intresting start. cant wait to see where it goes from here. can we expect the only other human lantern guy gardner?

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@doomstroke: An impressive opening. I'm so happy that Jade is back that I haven't really been able to think on much more to say. I wish you described more about the force that harmed Sinestro, but that's what the next issues are for. Besides, a new writer is taking Red Lanterns so perhaps there could be a tie-in.

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@dngn4774: I want it to be a surprise. Aha. And I know the writer in person, we've been discussing a few things. (:

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@doomstroke: The pace seemed a little off to me, I'd suggest spreading your ideas out a little more. Regardless, nice start.

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@doomstroke: Short though good. I do concur with

@doomstroke: The pace seemed a little off to me, I'd suggest spreading your ideas out a little more.

But enjoyable

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@doomstroke: Short though good. I do concur with

@project_worm said:

@doomstroke: The pace seemed a little off to me, I'd suggest spreading your ideas out a little more.

But enjoyable

It was definitely enjoyable. But he had already put in all the work plotting it out nicely (which is the hard part). It would've benefited quite a bit by adding a few extra sentences.

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Hal is dead, and Kyle has taken his place.


Everything is the way it should be:)