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Note: Sorry for the brief break in the Secret storyline. However I just feel like I need to show Ollie's origin before I forget everything about it. Enjoy.


Years Ago...

Oliver Queen gasped for breath as he opened his eyes. He wasn't where he expected to be. Instead of his nice, warm penthouse bed he was lying on a bed of sand. With a piece of seawood tucked in his hair.

"What the hell...?" Oliver muttered as he slowly stood up. He looked around as rain started to fall from the sky. It was just then that he noticed the ache in his head. Something told him he'd had too much to drink. He looked around before realizing pain coming from his shoulder. He glanced at it to see blood dripping from what appeared to be a knife wound. It was at that moment that Oliver realized he may not have stumbled off the boat.

"YOU!" A voice rang out. Oliver turned around to see a man in a business suit walking towards him. He didn't look happy. Oliver opened his mouth to say something only to stop when he noticed the knife coming from the man's belt. "You think you can escape?!" The man yelled. A smile appeared on his face as he stepped forward the knife was poised towards Oliver's throat as he tried to back away. "It's because of you I'm stuck here." He said. "But the satisfaction of killing you should appease me for the moment." Oliver closed his eyes as he saw the man's wrist flick backwards.


The man fell to the floor as an arrow struck him in the shoulder. He cried in pain as Oliver backed away in horror. Oliver glanced to his right to see a man dressed in a black robe staring down at them. A bow aimed towards Oliver's chest.

"Leave this place." The Black Robed Man said. "Or die."

"Who are you?" Oliver asked. "What are y-"


Oliver jumped back as the arrow struck the sand in front of him. The Black Robed figure stepped down from the rock he'd been standing on and smiled.

"My name is Merlyn." He said coldly. "And this is MY island."

"Merlyn?" A voice asked. Oliver turned to see the Man standing up. The arrow was still in his shoulder however he didn't seem to mind. "The world's greatest bowman? I wondered what happened to you."

"Don't try to flatter me Drakon." Merlyn said. He hadn't taken the bow off of Oliver's chest. "I'll kill you if you make another step towards us."

"Believe me when I say I have no intention of staying here." Drakon said calmly. "I'm just here for the boy." He nodded towards Oliver. "Then I'm out of your hair." Oliver opened his mouth to speak only for Merlyn to shoot him a glance. He seemed to be pondering about what to do with him. "Just let me kill him." Drakon said. "I'll find my own way home and-"

"Constantine..." Merlyn said.


"Go to hell."


Constantine screamed as Merlyn fired another arrow into his other shoulder. He fell to the ground and wriggled. Blood leaking from his wounds. Oliver opened his mouth in shock. He turned around only to see that Merlyn had disappeared. Oliver glanced around nervously and shivered in the rain. The screams from Constantine filled the air.

"Can't stay here..." Oliver muttered as he turned towards the forest behind him. He took several steps towards it.

"Wait!" The voice of Constantine yelled. "WAIT!" Oliver turned towards him. "Take... take me with you!" Oliver turned to walk away. "QUEEN!" Constantine screamed. "DON'T LEAVE ME!" Oliver smiled slightly as he walked into the forest. The sounds of wildlife muffled Constantine's screams.

"Great job Queen..." Oliver muttered to himself as he ducked beneath a tree branch. The rain pouring down from above. "Now I'm lost..."

"You've always been lost." A voice said. Oliver turned to see Merlyn standing above him. "Isn't that why you came here?" He asked.

"Look... Merlin." Oliver started to say.

"MerLYN." He corrected.

"Whatever! I have NO idea where I am! All I want is to go home! Now if you could ju-"

"You're annoying me." Merlyn muttered. "What's your name?"

"Oliver Queen."

"The Billionaire?" Merlyn asked. A slight smile of recognition appeared across his face. "How did you arrive here?" He asked. Oliver opened his mouth to reply only for Merlyn to interrupt him. "Never mind I don't care. The thing is... boy. If you want to live here-"

"I don't! I don't even know where this is!"

"Ahem! If you WANT to live here... you have to prove yourself. Tell me boy..." He said. A smile forming around his lips as he pulled his bow from his back. "How fast can you run?" He asked.

"Wh... what?" Oliver asked. He took a step backwards.

"How FAST can you run?" Merlyn asked. He pulled a long, thin arrow from his quiver and placed it next to the bow's string. He chuckled. "Start running." He said.

"Run? You can't expect me t-"


Oliver yelped in surprise as the arrow landed by his feet. He looked up at Merlyn who was already aiming another arrow at his chest.

"SH!T!" Oliver yelled as he turned and dashed into the forest. The sound of Merlyn laughing filled his ears as the darkness swallowed him up.

To be Continued...

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Say Whaaaa?

Awesome origin kick off. Should be fun seeing Merlyn hunting Ollie.

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Merlyn is one sick son of a bi*ch.

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