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Dayton Industries

8:18 PM. New York City.

Many Years Ago.

A mid-30's red headed man wearing a business suit and carrying a strange metal helmet walks into the board room and sees a pool of blood all over the edge of the conference table. As he walks closer to the table, he spots two bodies on the floor. One is a man, the other is a woman. The red headed man looks over at the bodies and mutters a quick prayer to himself. "Steven. Are you here? Steve? It's me Niles." he said with a soft spoken tone.

"Yes. Doctor Caulder. I am in here." Steve comes out of the closet shaking nervously. "I didn't mean to do it Doctor. I couldn't control it. We were having an argument, I lost my temper, I closed my eyes. When I opened them they were just lying on the floor."

"When you say that it happened again, do you mean this?" Niles taps the side of his head.

Steven nodded hesitantly. He walks over to his parents and covers his face as he begins to cry and scream out. He kneels down and looks at his parents with nothing but shame on his face. Deep down, he wanted to be in the same position that were in. Steve stands up and looks at Niles. "Am I going to go to jail now?" Steve asked while wiping his tears from his face.

"No child. No one is going to jail tonight." Niles said in a sternly tone.

"What are you going to do with me then? Where will I go?" Steve asked with his voice beginning to crack.

"You will come with me. I will keep you safe along with the other children." Niles explained with a smile.

"Other children? Like me?" Steve asked confusingly.

"Indeed son. But first things first. I made this for you." Niles said as he hands Steve the strange helmet.

"What is this for?" Steve asked while examining the strange object.

"It keeps you from hurting anyone again. And it also helps you to have better control over your mental abilities. I call it the Mento Helmet." Niles said. "As soon as I call the authorities, we must quickly make ourselves disappear. We'll be going to Midway City. Understood?"

"Yes." Steve replied. He took one last look at his parents, he walked over and kneeled down to kiss them both on the forehead. Steve walks out of the office slowly with his head down as Niles was on the phone with the police. He knew that with his parents dead, the responsibility of running the company will be his. A responsibility that occured too soon.

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Very interesting, nice job Blaze.

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@dngn4774: For some reason. I can't tag people on the tablet but thank you for doing so.

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Pretty short. However it was an issue 0 so it's understandable. Very nice job and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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This makes me want to sing the doom song

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^ This

Also, great job. I haven't read about the Doom Patrol in a long time.

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I really enjoyed this. If you write more Doom Patrol let me know!

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@johnny_blaze: I realized I should've read this first haha


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