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Star City

"My, my Mr Harper... you have been busy."

Roy Harper glanced up from his morning coffee and smiled at the young woman sat across the table from him. Mia Dearden took a bite out of her muffin while staring at Roy with interested eyes. Roy realized she was asking a question beneath her playful tone. 'Where have you been going?'.

"I'm a Government Agent Mia." Roy said. "Sometimes I get called on Missions."

"I thought THIS was your mission. You're a Government Sponsored Superhero designated to Star City." Mia took another bite out of her muffin. "So what were you doing in San Fransisco last week?"

Roy glanced around at his surroundings. The hustle and bustle of people walking by to work filled the air and the sounds of cars honking nearby almost deafened Roy from hearing what Mia was saying.

"Comi-Con." Roy replied. He drank the last of his drink as Mia raised an eyebrow. "I have a Social Life, y'know." He added. When he saw Mia's face he knew he'd made a mistake.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked. Roy opened his mouth to speak only for a shadow to fall over the table. They both turned to see a man smiling down at them.

"Roy?!" The Man said with a grin. Roy frowned as he slowly stood up. He noticed the man's uniform and realized where he was from. "It IS you!" He yelled as he lunged forward and gave Roy a large bear hug. "CADMUS needs you." The man whispered in Roy's ear. "Just go along with it." Roy nodded slightly as the Man let him go. Mia had a slight smile as she stared at the two of them.

"Mia. This is James." Roy said calmly. "He's-"

"An old friend?" Mia interrupted. Roy nodded as Mia roller her eyes. "Fine!" She snapped. "Go!"

"Thanks Mia!" Roy said as he and 'James' turned to walk away. Mia sighed as she sat alone at the Table and stared at her muffin. She glanced back up and watched Roy disappear into the crowd.

"What are you up too; Mister Harper?" She muttered to herself.


"I'm sorry for the inconvenience Agent Harper." 'James' said as he trotted alongside Roy down the street. "However Ms Waller felt it was important to give you an excuse to disappear."

"What's your name Agent?" Roy asked as they turned down an alleyway. 'James' had unnaturally white hair, wore a smart Coat and had several medals pinned to his chest. He reeked of being an Army Veteran and he'd clearly been watching too many James Bond movies.

"It's Classified Sir." 'James' said with a smile. "But you can call me Faraday."

"Faraday?" Roy asked. 'James' nodded. "As in... King Faraday?" 'James' nodded again. "Nice to meet you." He muttered. The two men continued in silence for several minutes before stopping outside of a rusty old shop with the faded letters saying "Kirby's Electronics" up above. Roy sighed as he pushed the door open and stepped inside. Faraday stayed calmly outside waiting for Roy to leave.

"Lovely Day we're having." A Desk Clerk said as Roy stepped into the Dark, Dusty room. Two people were stood behind a desk which looked like it hadn't been touched in decades. Roy smiled as he saw the Clerk's hand slowly reach behind the desk.

"Yes." Roy said. "But I always expect a Downpour." The Clerk smiled as his friend stepped forward and reached beneath the desk.

"Agent Harper." The Clerk said. "A pleasure to see you." He pulled a wad of paper out and passed it over. Roy glanced at the cover to see the words:

"The Qurac Incident."

"Qurac?" Roy said with a frown. "Isn't that a Country in the Middle East?"

"Yes. Our Intel suggests that something is happening down there. Some kind of... disturbance." The Clerk's silence reminded Roy that only the Agents undergoing the mission were permitted to read the actual mission briefing. Roy nodded towards them in thanks before stepping back outside the shop with Faraday.

"Did you get it alright?" Faraday asked as Roy unzipped the Folder before pulling a small metal circle out of it.

"Sure did." Roy said. "But what the hell is th-"

Faraday took the metal circle and pressed a small button in the middle of it. A blue light shone out of the circle and the figure of Amanda Waller appeared.

"It's your mission briefing." Faraday explained. "Just came in."

"Agent Harper." The Hologram said. "A pleasure as always. Now. I've taken the liberty of interrupting your normal life as I have nobody else to call. All other field agents are either busy. The Country of Qurac is unfriendly. Which may be one of the reasons it sided with the Nazis during World War 2. It suffered badly during the War and after it. However that's not what's important. We have reason to believe that a Collection of HIVE Agents are meeting with the Military in order to perform an exchange. We don't know what kind of weapons HIVE is delivering to Qurac however we DO know that they intend to invade with whatever they've got." Waller's hologram sighed. "Agent Harper. We need you to invade Qurac and disrupt the Deal. Am I understood?"

"Yes Ma'am." Roy muttered as the hologram flickered off. Faraday stepped forward towards him.

"You get all that?" He asked. Roy nodded. "Good." He pulled a Phone out of his pocket and put it to his ear. "Zeta Beam for two please." He said.



Roy frowned as the bright yellow light disappeared from around him and he fazed into a bright room. Faraday was stood casually next to him and he seemed no worse for wear.

"What the hell was that?!" Roy yelled angrily. "He didn't like being mucked around. Especially when he didn't know what was going on."

"Zeta Beams." Faraday said as a Woman dressed in a Green Flight Suit stepped towards him and took his jacket. "We discovered them about a month ago. Some crack pot scientist named... Peculiar or something. Anyway we've learned how to harness them and use them for-"

"Teleportation?" Roy asked. Faraday chuckled.

"You ARE learning!" He said as he took a seat in a comfy looking chair. "I take it you don't get out on many missions?" He asked.

"Not really." Roy sat down next to him and looked outside the window. "Where are we?" He asked.

Faraday chuckled slightly. "Something else that's brand new. It's used for Long Range Transportation." He paused for a moment. "It has some... long, boring name. However most of us have taken to calling it The Invisible Plane."

"The INVISIBLE Plane?!" Roy said in surprise. "We can do that now?"

"Sure makes transporting troops easier." Faraday muttered.


"Sir? Sir." Roy slowly opened his eyes. He must have dozed off for a few minutes. He looked up to see the Woman from before stood in front of him. "We're 5 minutes out from Qurac. I've had your Gear Zeta'd over here and placed it in the Loading Bay."

"Thanks..." Roy groaned as he stretched. "Sorry what's your name Pilot?" He asked. The Woman smiled.

"Nguyen, sir." She said as she turned to walk away. "Jade Nguyen." Roy stood up as he went to get his gear. "Can I get you a drink sir?" She asked. Roy hesitated for a moment.

"Yeah sure." He muttered. Faraday smiled as the Pilot walked out of earshot.

"You're doing pretty well with the ladies." He said. Roy ignored him as he walked into the Loading Bay and picked up a case. For a moment he wondered how powerful CADMUS was getting, before shoving the thought out of his mind. He smiled as he placed his gear on.

"Attention Flight Crew, we will be entering Qurac Airspace in 2 Minutes." The Woman's voice said over the Plane's Intercom. Roy sat back down in his seat and picked up his glass of water. Faraday frowned as he tapped a device on his wrist. Roy watched him as a list of names appeared on a small hologram. He noticed HIS and Faraday's name appearing.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he took a drink from his glass. Faraday's eyes widened.

"Jade Nguyen's name doesn't appear on the Plane's flight list..." He said. It took Roy a moment to realize what Faraday was saying. Roy slowly crouched down by his seat and held his finger to his lips.

"We'll sneak up on here." Roy mouthed. Faraday quietly pulled a pistol from his pocket as Roy pulled his bow from his back.

"No need to sneak up on me boys." A voice said from the cockpit. Roy looked up to see Jade standing there smiling. She had several golden claws attached to her fingers. "I already know you're coming!" She said. Roy aimed an arrow at her chest.

"Who are you and what do you want?!" Roy yelled angrily.

"Oh... Mister Harper... my name is Cheshire and as for what I want... I want YOU." She gave off a small laugh as she took a step forward.

"Don't move!" Roy yelled. Cheshire ignored him and started to sprint towards him. Faraday fired a shot from his pistol how it missed easily and hit the wall. Roy pulled his bow string back and fired.


The arrow fell to the floor as Roy dropped his bow. Cheshire smashed into him knocking him to the floor.

"What... what did you do?!" Roy gasped as he tried to stand up. Cheshire laughed once again as Faraday aimed a gun to the back of her head.

"Your drink." Cheshire said. Her foot tapped the glass. "Poisoned. I'm surprised you didn't notice the after taste."

Roy gritted his teeth as he blacked out on the floor.

"Nice try." Faraday said calmly. "However I still have a gun to the back of your head. You're not going anywhere."


Faraday opened his mouth to speak only to be caught by surprise when the Plane lurched forward.


He pulled the trigger of his gun, however Cheshire had already made her move. Her foot smashed into him knocking him backwards into a chair.

"No!" Faraday yelled as Cheshire ran towards the Cockpit to steer it back into control. He reached for his pistol only for his head to smash into the floor when the Plane lurched back upwards. He groaned as he faded into unconsciousness.

"Sir." Cheshire said into her Com Device as her hands gripped the Plane's controls. "The Threat's down. The Deal can go as planned."

"Excellent Cheshire." The voice of the President of Qurac sounded throughout the Plane. "Proceed to the Rendezvous Point and we'll deal with them."

"Yes sir..." Cheshire said with a smile.

To be continued...

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Ooh nice. Roy is having a little spotlight. I dig it.

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@tommythehitman: What I found:

Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Project was reintroduced as Project Cadmus, named after the Greek legend of Cadmus, who created warriors from the teeth of a dragon.

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Great job! I really like Chesire, so far.

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Hey why is he in every single book

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@waezi2: Setting up stuff is very fun!