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This is part of the DC Mayhem. It is rated MA, all characters are owned by DC though the story is mine. Continued from:

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Zesti Cola Stadium, New Carthage

“Well then,” Ravan stood up “Let us go kill him”

“Here?” said Harvest sipping her drink “In the middle of the game? In front of all these people? With no prep?”

Ravan looked at her “Yes! The sooner it is done the sooner I can be free”

“Look bird boy,” Harvest stretched out across his empty seat “You want to try and take him down here and now, GO FOR IT! Ten bucks says you fail!” She reached into the folds of her burkha robes and pulled out a note “I hope you succeed, but you’re gonna end up giving me ten bucks.”

“Kali give me strength” muttered Ravan

“Look I’ll even point you in the right direction,” Harvest stood and motioned with her drink “He’s up there in the corporate boxes. Just cut across the field, in front of these what six thousand witnesses, climb UP to his box and stab him in the face!” She sat and fluttered her eyelids “Or you can give me ten bucks right now” Ravan turned and walked up the stairs.

“GO! GO! GO! GO!” shouted Dhaman, more interested in the game than the goings on.

Ravan made his way around the massive stadium. People were everywhere holding giant hotdogs, massive foam fingers. He noticed there was a high level of security, American paranoia at invisible threats. Ravan scanned the crowd, selected his target and deliberately bumped into a man and picked his phone off him. Ravan bowed apologetically to the man and walked off with a new smart phone.

Rozakis & Grell Shipping”

“I’d like to speak to the accounts department please” said Ravan

“One moment” the phone filled with terrible cover of an Air Supply song

“Please enter account number followed by the hash key” Ravan tapped the numbers in and waited.

“Ravan!” came the cheery reply from the other end

“Greetings Calculator”

“What can I do for my favourite passive aggressive Brit?”

“I will need some information”

“That’s my department, shoot!”

“I need you to tell me who Dhaman is?”

“Who da man?”


"Who Da Man?"


“Well, I’m da man!” Calculator burst into peals of laughter

“Are you quite finished?” snarled Ravan

“Is it a person, place, project?”

“Person. I will send you a photo”

“Is that it? You could’ve done this via email”

Ravan approached the corporate box area “Also I need to know what STAR labs has going on in Markovia”

“That’ll cost you!”

“Just take it from my account!” Ravan walked straight up to security, he nodded at them. The security guard was about to let him through when another guard stopped Ravan.

“Ticket sir”

“I’M ON THE PHONE!” roared Ravan at the guard “Do you think I’d just walk up this way? Do you? Well?”

“Umm no si…”

“I’m a guest of Mr Moxon! Why am I even still talking to you?” Ravan glared at the middle age man with bushy eyebrows.

“There’s no money in your account Ravan” said Calculator


The security guard gulped and tried to talk “Sir if you don’t ha…”

“I SWEAR TO KALI!” Ravan yelled at the guard.

“Are you talking to me?” chuckled Calculator

“Hang on!” Ravan spat into the phone before turning on the security guard “If you like your job…Ernest, then I suggest you let me through. It seems I’ve misplaced four million dollars, which is something you’d earn if you worked here for ten thousand years! Now I’m about to have a chat to my accountant and then I’m going up to Mr Moxon’s box to enjoy the rest of the game. Are we clear?”

“Y-yes sir”

“Good!” Ravan shoulder bumped him as he passed by, and let out a small smile “Wasn’t sure that was going to work. Now Calculator, explain yourself?”

“You have minus seven dollars in your account Ravan. Funds were drawn out; let’s see, last week in the Cayman Islands into cash. You’re, well, broke!”


“Am I the police?” scoffed Calculator

“…no” stated Ravan

“Exactly! I provide information. If you can’t pay for that information, we have no business”

“If you’ve taken my money…” threatened Ravan

“Ravan,” chuckled Calculator “I have access to virtually everyone’s money. In two taps of my keyboard, I could be the richest man in history. Your four million is beneath my notice. If you had Wayne or Luthor money, that’d be a different story”

Ravan sighed “I will be sending you some photos that I need you to identify for me. I will pay you your price plus whatever charges you wish to add to them, but I will need them”

“Eight grand a photo, plus a ten grand processing fee. You stiff me on this Ravan…”

“As Kali as my witness, you will get your fee!” vowed Ravan as he hung up the phone. Three security guards plus Ernest approached him as Mr Moxon walked out flanked by two men in spandex. Ravan snapped off footage of them.

“Sir” said Ernest tapping his baton “You’re going to have leave”

Ravan watched the two super bodyguards escort Mr Moxon from the premises. He placed the phone in his belt.

“Certainly Ernest” Ravan smiled


Governors Suite, The Davenport Hotel

Ravan looked at the phone, as the answers came back from Calculator. The door opened and in walked Harvest.

“Did you get lost?” she asked. Ravan flicked up a ten dollar note which she snatched away quickly

“That was the last of my money” he said slightly glumly.

“Awww you’re breaking my heart” mocked Harvest “So what’d you learn, anything asides from I’m right”

“What I learnt is Zesti head Thomas Moxon is mobster Lew Moxon’s great-nephew, his two bodyguards are one: Joe Hollywood aka Brett Wood former stuntman and former bodyguard of Normandy Shields; some vapid teen pop star. The other is Striker Z aka Danny Tsang, also a former stuntman and former member of the Power Company” Ravan stood and took a photo of Harvest “I will also need to borrow some money from you”

“You really are dumb!” laughed Harvest “I don’t lend money to co-workers, hell, I don’t lend money to my mom!”

“You are exasperating!” stated Ravan as he grabbed his phone and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to get Dhaman and we’re going to rob a bank!”


Here's a link to the terrible Air Supply cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcxiAhUeAbM&feature=related

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Bumped as it's spent a week in the wilderness, lonely, uncommented on....ALONE

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Not bad! This feels like there's an underlying plan hidden beneath what we've seen so far. Excited to see where it goes. :D Good work on Calculator too, you definitely bring out his sillier side.

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@Joygirl: Plans, plots and schemes ahead! And the Calculator is really cool, now that he's packed away the silly costume and is the bad version of Oracle. By the way he's free for anyone to use, if they need him. Thanks for reading

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You pick some real gems of the C List - Striker Z! Love it.

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