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This is part of the DC Mayhem. It is rated MA, all characters are owned by DC though the story is mine. Continued from:

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2 January 2011

“Now that you’ve recovered,” said Joseph as he and Ravan walked the long corridor “It’s time to meet the rest of Morningstar”

“I graciously thank you for your hospitality,” said Ravan with a bow “But like I told that evil midget from the Syndicate, no”

An eerie ‘smile’ ran across Joseph’s skull face “Well at least allow me the decency of giving you the entire sales pitch before you dismiss us offhand.”

Ravan looked at his host, a man named Joseph who was seemingly a living skeleton crackling with energy and bowed “Please…”

“We here at Morningstar are the alternative to the Syndicate, in my opinion the better option. But like when someone says organised crime...” Joseph pointed at Ravan

“The Mafia?”

“Exactly! But as we know the Triads, the Cartels, the Russian mob are out there. The Mafia are nowadays the bottom of the food chain, which is where I want to put the Syndicate!” Joseph’s hands crackled menacingly as his temper flared “The Syndicate are good, but they’ve had their day. It’s time for the Morningstar to rise!” With that, a section of the corridor slide back to reveal a meeting room and several people standing around a table which had a map of the world on it “This is Morningstar!”

Ravan looked at the group, his eyes scanning each one. He could feel their eyes on him, searching him up and down. It was tense, awkward and silent. Ravan planned a route on who he’d kill if they all turned on him.

“Everyone please sit” said Joseph as went to the head of the table “We are Morningstar. We are an elite killing machine capable of any assignment, anywhere. We are cheaper than the Syndicate but that cost reduction does in no way reflect on a poorer quality of kill. We…”

Ravan tuned out the sales pitch and looked at the people in the room. He recognised Javelin, the others seemed like they came out of a factory for assassins. But the man with the red beard seemed familiar. He looked him over again.

“…e the premier assassination group the world has ever seen!” Joseph’s energy crackled with excitement as the group gave him a round of applause. “Now turn your attentions to the screen as we outline the players in our game” A picture of Deathstroke appeared “This toothless old tiger has been quiet of late. While still dangerous, his time in the sun, like the Syndicate's is over!”

Bolt leant over and whispered Javelin “That toothless old guy once jumped out a plane and shot a guy in another plane with a sniper rifle at 13,000ft in freefall!”

“He’s my hero!” replied Javelin quietly “He once swam through a minefield with nothing but a stiletto and killed the target who was in the middle of a Bialyan prison. Hardcore!” The pair fist bumped each other; Ravan turned his attention back to the screen.

“This man is a mystery,” said Joseph as the next grainy photo appeared “He could be the most dangerous man on the planet!”

Bolt chuckled “Can’t be! I’m the most dangerous!” The group laughed along, only to be silenced as the energy nimbus around Joseph’s head changed from light purple to deep red, accompanied by a series of nasty crackles. “Sorry boss”

“Scope was on a job in March, when he was taken out by this man. We have no idea who he is, where he’s from, we know nothing about him! I want him working for US! Failing that, I want him dead! He will learn what it is to cross Morningstar!”

Another slide “This woman appears to be a recruiter for the Syndicate.” Ravan looked at the photograph of Lady Shiva and smiled. “She’s no-one of consequence but could lead us to bigger Syndicate bases and contracts.”

-Oh how wrong you are- thought Ravan as he marvelled at her beauty

“This is Superman. We have an ongoing bounty by an anonymous client to retrieve blood from him”

Ravan stood, the group stopping and watching him.

“Something the matter Ravan?” asked Joseph as the lights came back on.

“As I told the Syndicate, I thank you for your offer to join, but I decline.” Ravan placed a hand over his fist and bowed “May Kali smile on your venture”

“I’m not finished!” snarled Joseph, his bone hands forming into fists.

“But I am!” replied Ravan “Please don’t make this a scene. I thank you again for your hospitality and my freedom, but my place is not here. I will take my leave and let you get on doing…this” Ravan turned and headed for the door.

“This is going to be good” chuckled Bolt as he leant back in his chair, arms folded behind his head.

Ravan shot a look over his shoulder at the man with the skull on his chest when the room became ionised. The hair on the back of Ravan’s neck stood up.

“SIT DOWN!” roared Joseph as a massive blast of energy shocked Ravan from the back of his head, making the young man convulse and hit the ground “YOU ARROGANT CHILD!” Another jolt and another, as Ravan flopped about on the floor like a landed fish.

3 January 2011

Ravan sat up groggily. He was in a small metal cell, his foot chained.

“This is becoming too familiar” he said to himself as he stood. He tapped the walls, at least five inches thick. The chain was also thick and of a similar metal.

“Atomic Skull doesn’t take no for an answer”

Ravan looked up to see a pair of female eyes peering through the viewport of the cell door. “Who?”

“That’s what we call Joseph,” she replied “Also what everyone calls him; from the papers, Superman. Just don’t say it to his face”

“Why am I locked up?”

“You embarrassed him,” she replied “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you like he did to Larvanaut. I think he likes you”

“He has a funny way of showing it” Ravan rattled the chain “I am going kill him”

She laughed softly “He’s gone toe to toe with Superman”

“So have I”

“Hmmmm you are a mystery” she looked him up and down “Look, you’re stuck like we’re all stuck. You’ve got a chip in your head that’s linked to Skull’s powers, just like I do. You kill him and we all die! He can hit you anywhere, anytime because it’s somehow linked to his powers”

Ravan rubbed the back of his head and felt the paper thin scar at the base of his skull “Bastard!” Ravan smashed his hand into the metal wall, his hand coming off second best.

“Look it’s a rock and a hard place” she replied

“Who are you?”

“I’m Harvest” and with that she walked off.

4 January 2011

The cell door slid open to reveal Joseph “This way please Ravan”

Ravan jingled the chain, almost sarcastically. Joseph pushed a button on the wall and the chain released. Ravan knelt and rubbed his ankle and contemplated taking on the Atomic Skull.

“It’s time for you to officially meet the others”

“I don’t work for you!” stated Ravan calmly but firmly. Joseph turned and looked at the defiant young man.

“Really?” Energy crackled around Joseph, a hum echoed in the base of Ravan’s skull.

“You can torture me all you like Joseph, but…” Ravan hadn’t finished before energy surged through his body.

“I’ll be back tomorrow” said Joseph as the cell closed “You will have til then to consider my offer”


“Are you stupid?” Harvest’s voice broke Ravan’s concentration as he sat cross-legged on the cell floor

“I serve Kali, and Kali alone”

“And I’m a lapsed Catholic! Seriously, just tell the megalomaniac what he wants to hear, tow the line and you’re free to do as you wish”

“So lie?”

“Were you raised in a commune?”

“Actually a cult, what does that have to do with anything?”

Harvest rolled her eyes “Just tell him what he wants to hear! It’s annoying but seriously if you don’t piss him off, then nothing happens”

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” said Ravan as he moved into a handstand and began doing push ups.

“You know who said that? Some guy who got killed probably in the prime of his life because he didn’t have the common sense to pull his head in!” Harvest huffed “Seriously just take the hit to your pride or you’ll be dead tomorrow”

“We could all be dead tomorrow,” said Ravan thoughtfully “If it is Kali’s will”

“You are so annoying!” yelled Harvest as she walked off.

5 January, 2011

The door slid open and Joseph stood there. Ravan rose from his meditation.

“I have considered your offer Joseph,” said Ravan as he unkinked his neck “And I will accept a position within the ranks of Morningstar”

“I’m glad Ravan” said Joseph “I have high hopes and plans for you”


Ravan stood in the room as the other members of Morningstar paraded in.”From left to right we have Sledge, Chillblaine, Javelin, Bolt, Tigress, Harvest, Sportsmaster and Dhaman”

Ravan clasped his fist and bowed to the group “Pleasure to meet you, may Kali smile upon you”

“Would you like a cup of tea?” sniggered Bolt softly in an appallingly bad British accent.

“May Kali smile upon you” mocked Javelin just loud enough for Ravan to hear it as he and Bolt acted like teenage boys. Joseph indicated to the chairs and everyone sat, Harvest taking a seat beside Ravan.

“Forget those two” she whispered “They’re idiots”

“Soon to be dead idiots” replied Ravan

Joseph looked around at the assemble members of Morningstar. “Asides from the ongoing Superman bounty, we have three tasks ahead of us this month. Task one is a recon mission to Santa Prisca to possibly free the son of Quraci arms dealer who is now a guest of Peña Dura.” Joseph tossed folders in front of his agents as he talked “Task two is a raid on a STAR Lab in Markovia where our client wants us to retrieve a particle accelerator. Task three is the removal of the head of Zesti Cola”

Ravan flipped open his folder to find a picture of a man at a podium, a history of Zesti Cola, a history of the city of New Carthage and some building schematics.

“Your teams have been assigned” said Joseph “Don’t fail me”

Harvest peered over Ravan’s shoulder “Cool, we’re on the same gig”

Ravan scowled at her and closed his folder abruptly.

“Whoa!” yelped Harvest as she recoiled, hands up “Pardon me for being nice to the new guy!” She stood up “Anyone wanna swap? Because bird boy here is really doing my head in!”

“May he should pray to Kylie to get him a new gig!” laughed Bolt as Javelin pantomimed feverishly praying. Ravan threw his chair back dramatically, eyeing the two super powered idiots. As the tension grew, so did the feeling of ionised particles. The air around Joseph began to snap and hiss.

“You have all been given your assignments!” he seethed “GET TO IT!”

“It seems we will be working together again” said Dhaman as she slid up behind her in what would be classified as sexual harassment. Harvest’s arms slumped, her head dropped.

“Great! I’m with you again” she moaned

“It must be fate” cooed Dhaman in her ear

“Seriously Tigress, I will give you ten grand right now to swap missions!”

Tigress looked at Bolt and Javelin and then back over at Harvest, Ravan and Dhaman “Sorry girl, they may be morons but I’m going to Europe!”


To be continued

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@batkevin74: nice.

there are a few punctiation errors, but aside from those, it's pretty good...

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@The Poet: Yeah, I keep forgetting fullstops inside "quotation" marks, along with commas. Might give it an edit, was there anything in particular that was glaring un-punctuated?

Thanks for reading as well :)

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@batkevin74: I dont really preciate DARK-ish DARK stories that wont also fall on the horror category but really this is GOOD!

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard: Thanks :) It's not that dark, more heavy grey if anything

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@batkevin74: It's a shade of GREY aahahaha

don't mind me

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@batkevin74 said:

Bolt leant over and whispered Javelin “That toothless old guy once jumped out a plane and shot a guy in another plane with a sniper rifle at 13,000ft in freefall!”

Yup, that sounds like Deathstroke alright xD

Excellent work.

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@Ravager4: The legend of Deathstroke is alive and well with the next gen of assassins and super villains! Sure they work for another company but he's probably the reason some guys got into the business because, honestly look at him, he's fricken cool! (for an amoral, merciless, killing machine that is)

@UnderDogs_OverBoard: I don't mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoweGN8cm5g

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Pretty cool. :D Also, who is Dhaman? I am trying to add him to the character list but ComicVine has no clue who he is.

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Also, who is this Harvest? I can't find any Harvest but the new one.

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@Joygirl: Both Harvest and Dhaman are my creations, soon to be explored in the upcoming chapter. But yeah they're not on CV coz they fell out of my head :)

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@batkevin74: Aha, alright then. :D

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@Prometheus_: Thanks! There's 3 more chapters and then the Saga of Ravan if you're interested...go on :)

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Will do mate

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Really good. I was confused by the Harvest reference myself. All good now though.

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@wildvine: Yeah Harvest and Dhaman are my creations

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Not a bad intro piece. I like the team dynamics so far. All and all, this looks promising

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Hi Batkevin74! You are currently using Sportsmaster but do you mind if I use him for the Artemis Crock short I am doing for my trial. If this is ok, what will I need to know about the character in the DC Mayhem Universe? Is there anything I'll need to address in the story?

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@Mediumflyer7: Sportsmaster & Tigress?

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The old chip in the head bit. How is it only supervillains have this technology? I mean, how do we know we aren't chipped in the head, and at the whim of some whack job, we could just drop dead before we finish a

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@cbishop said:

The old chip in the head bit. How is it only supervillains have this technology? I mean, how do we know we aren't chipped in the head, and at the whim of some whack job, we could just drop dead before we finish a

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