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“So, um, can I eat them now?” King Shark asked sheepishly, folding his arms behind his back.

“...No,” came the growled reply. Nanaue let out a deep, disappointed huff and crossed his arms with a bit of a pout.

“And why not? They’ve been here for two days and you don’t have the lung.”


“Heart,” King Shark admitted.

Killer Frost slowly turned her head to face the hulking monster of a man, causing her hired arm to take a respectful step back. “I haven’t even begun to show them pain yet… and I have quite a bit of enjoyment to wring from them.” She slowly smiled, her dark lips barely curling up in a sinister grin that spoke volumes about the woman and her… tastes.

“Well. How about when all of that’s done, then I eat them.”

Killer Frost chuckled quietly and turned away, opening the door that the girls were behind. “We’ll see.”


“S-s-s-s-s—so... coold..d….” Charlie whispered. She had been stripped down when she woke up, along with Terra – for some reason, some sort of cruel joke, Killer Frost had left her with her goggles and mask, along with the simple white sports bra and panties that she wore beneath her suit. It was as if she cared not for the pain she could inflict by learning her secret identity – it didn’t matter. Charlie was a super-powered teen, and Killer Frost had no intention of letting her escape this dungeon of ice. Letting Charlie – Misfit – cling to the hope of returning to her life, the cruelty of giving her that, was worth not taking every last scrap.

“C-c-c-c-can you… b-b-b-b-ounce…?” Atlee whispered. She had not been so lucky when it came to clothes. Under her super-suit she had kept only her pair of black ladybug panties, and even now she was sitting on the ice-slicked steel floor, hugging her arms around her breasts in a feeble attempt to retain her modesty, and, more importantly, keep the cold away from such a… sensitive place.

“…N-n-n-n-ope…” Charlie whimpered, closing her eyes and trying to focus, trying to… to use her powers, any power, even to teleport a foot away. “T-t-too cold, c-can’t… concentrate….” The redhead was showing that she was physically taking the toll of the cold – her skin was paler than usual, a bluish tinge overtaking her lips and fingertips. Atlee at least had the fact that she was a terran to fall back on, and her body was naturally resilient to temperatures in ways that a normal metahuman like Misfit had no hope to emulate.

Atlee drew a little closer, crawling forward with one hand and her knees. She leaned her head against Charlie’s freckled shoulder, shivering against the other teen and finally wrapping her arms around her. “Don’t… d-don’t… ddd-don’t leave me, Ch-Charlie… I need you…” the stratan whispered, holding her breath as Misfit’s eyes began to roll back slightly. She was barely holding on to life, unable to use her powers or even struggle away from this chamber.

When King Shark had taken the two back to Crystal’s lair, she’d had him put them in a special chamber, kept cold by cryogenics technology that had been perfected, and subsequently borrowed, from Dr. Victor Fries. After all, despite her powers having waned, she had to keep up the illusion of being an unstoppable creature of the cold – Fries’s tech had made it all too possible for Frost to emulate exactly that, keeping the two teens unable to escape, and more importantly, in pain.

Now, she strolled casually into the room in all of her glory – she had eschewed the cane she’d been using earlier, even if it meant that she would get exhausted after this brief exhaustion.

“I can make all of this end, you know…” she purred as she walked inside, her eyes lingering on the frozen, contorted figures of the two girls with a sadistic smile. “And I think you know exactly how to make that happen.”

Atlee turned her face up to the ivory-skinned woman, her modesty hidden by Charlie’s body as she hugged the human girl close to her. “Please… stop this. I… I can’t… I can’t….” She couldn’t access the earth beneath the steel of this chamber, couldn’t feel it the way she was supposed to. But she couldn’t say that… could she?

“Can’t what, beautiful little thing?” Frost’s sinister smile widened, and she crouched carefully beside Atlee. Despite the fact that she was conscious and functional, she didn’t consider the stratan a threat – her muscles were contracted visibly, her skin covered in pale goosebumps. She caressed a few chalk-white fingers along the girl’s shoulder, her touch both sensual, teasing, and cruel – agonizing in the cold of this chamber.

“I can’t… I c-can’t watch her freeze… y-you’re killing her!” Atlee shut her eyes, trying to ignore the older woman’s touch and squeezing her arms around her friend, clinging against her and shivering, hopeless to warm her up in the deathly chill of their room. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want… just get her somewhere warm, please don’t hurt her. She d-doesn’t deserve this!” Atlee’s teeth rattled between words, every limb tightened and shivering against the cold.

“No… she doesn’t. But you can end her pain, little alien. Tell me… where to find the Heart of Ice.” That sinister, predatory grin persisted as the woman drew closer, her free hand cupping Misfit’s chin and tilting it up, the redhead having lost consciousness some time ago. “And this beautiful little thing can have a nice robe and a cup of hot cocoa, just the way you want. Hell – you can go too, if you want. Though – you could always stay in the cold, here, and let me keep you warm….” Killer Frost nuzzled Charlie’s cold cheek suggestively, her dark, icy eyes never leaving Atlee’s purple ones for an instant.

“…In her apartment… I saw a little lead box in one of the cupboards. That’s got to be it.” Terra thought her vertebrae would shake loose, as hard as she was shivering. Frost’s icy fingers on her skin only brought spikes of burning sensation amidst the sub-zero chill of the steel chamber. “Please, just let us out of here.”

Killer Frost’s eyes flashed with malicious glee. “Wonderful. Nanaue?”

A disgruntled cough of acknowledgment came from outside the chamber, that of King Shark.

“Bring them to the prisoner’s suite… keep a close watch on them.”

“Are you sure?” King Shark grunted. “One can teleport I think.”

“They’ll be fine. By the time they’ve recovered, I’ll have the Heart of Ice.” She leaned in, placing a soft, crisp kiss on Atlee’s lips, plumes of steam sizzling up from between their mouths for just a moment before Crystal pulled away. “And then they’ll be no threat. Hmhmhmhm… heheheheheheheh.”

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{“So, um, can I eat them now?” King Shark asked sheepishly, folding his arms behind his back.} Bwhahahahaha what an excellent opening line :)

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I approve. I have my monocle on right now, so you know I'm serious.

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@Joygirl: Killer Frost is a b!tch! Nice work

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@batkevin74: The biggest b!tch there ever was!

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@Ravager4: Bigger than Kyle's mom?

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@batkevin74: Killer Frost vs. Kyle's Mom, winner take all.

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Very very nice !

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Don't really have a favorite part this time, but it was suspenseful.

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@Ravager4: Damn, that's a tough one. I would say Killer Frost is probably a worse person overall, but Kyle's Mom is a bigger b!tch.

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I guess if there's any less to learn from this chapter, it's that Killer Frost is much better at interrogating than Charlie and Atlee are.