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Welcome to the debut of Green Arrow to the DC Mayhem Universe! This is the first fan-fic I have posted on Comic Vine so I hope you like my interpretation of Green Arrow. The changes I have made will become clearer around #3! Enjoy!

The Emerald Archer (p.1/5)


Oliver Queen's Journal Entry #1

May 15, 2004

It was calm before the storm. Literally and metaphorically. My father had bought me a yacht for my 25th birthday and it was massive. It had six bedrooms, each with an amazing view of the sea and its own bathroom. The boat even had it's own eight person jacuzzi! It was going to be the best summer of my life. I was bringing my Mum and Dad out for their first cruise on the new boat. My best friend since university, Antony Farrell was also joining us and last but not least; Two nameless blonde twins we found in the Black Canary (a bar we visited while in gotham). My parents are used to it!

We were about 20 miles away from Star City and the weather was getting worse. Black clouds were fast approaching and my Father, who was operating the boat, decided to turn around and head back for Star City. I was standing in front of my bedroom window looking out at the sea, but what I was actually doing was staring at my reflection. That's who I used to be, although deep down that was never me. The playboy act was never who I was. Sure, I enjoyed the luxuries it came with but I knew I wanted to be more then that.

I could hear my father shouting upstairs. He seemed to be panicked over something. I suddenly heard a massive smash and the sound of girls screaming. Puzzled, I started to walk towards the door to see what the noise was about but before I reached the door I heard the sound of a machine gun. The very sound sent chills running through my body. I froze for a minute then rushed upstairs, dreading what I was about to walk into.

A light from a helicopter was shining down upon the yacht. As I walked outside I stumbled over the dead body of my Mother. At that moment, I had no feelings of anger or sadness. I was in a complete state of shock and everything was a blur. I looked around and the scene was filled with blood and gore. The jacuzzi had turned red and the bodies of two girls were floating at the top. My eye caught the attention of the shooter. He was facing away from me but as he turned around I caught a glimpse of him. He was wearing a black ski mask and was wearing one red goggle over only one of his eyes.

I tried to jump overboard before he saw me but he shot me in the foot immediately. The assassain had lethal reflexes and a killer aim. I fell overboard and collapsed into the stormy water. The rest was a flash. A rush of memories and feelings. An epiphany almost. I saw my Mother. A woman who in her own difficult way, loved me then more then anyone else world and I know that. I saw Antony. My best friend for seven years. He came from a wealthy family in Gotham City. After we became friends are families became very close as well. We had so much in common and identical interests. I saw my Father. A man who has been there for me my whole life and taught me everything I know. How to run a massive global business. Combat. Archery. Technology. He also gave me my charm with the ladies! He's the man who I love the most in the entire world. Then I imagined the dead bodies of my loved ones as they had been shot. The fear they must have gone through before they died. The pain. My heart flooded with loneliness, pain and regret. Soon those feelings filled with black and anger as I pictured the killer. I filled myself with vengeance and motivation. Motivation to avenge the people Iove. I saw the light and I followed it. I felt myself rising. rising. I had risen. I awoke from the shore and looked around. I was surrounded by sea and behind me was a massive island. I realised what had happened. I'm stranded. No way off.

I'm trapped!


Star City

May 16, 2004


A masked man walked out of the golden elevator and looked around the room. His name is Floyd Lawton although he is feared by many under the name Deadshot, 'The man who never misses'. He is a hired assassin and is considered one of the best. The room is massive and the window has a huge stunning view of Star City. He saw the man sitting in a chair facing the window.

"Did they find his body" The man in the chair asked.

"Not yet although I'm pretty certain he's dead." Deadshot said while walking towards the man.

The man was silent.

"I shot him in the foot as he fell into the stormy sea. He must have drowned." Floyd said trying to persuade the man.

The man turns around and said "Thank you Floyd. Your job is done and I will have you paid as promised. Now leave me...

I must celebrate!"


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Good work so far.  I like the Black Canary teaser, and the deadshot part.  I'd recomend getting further into Queen's psyche in the later chapters to develop his character both mentally and physically.

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@dngn4774: Thank you for the feedback. I was aware that deadshot might be used later on and wasn't going to kill him off. And as more the mysterious villain. Your not supposed to know who it is yet and it isn't the Queen like you suggested although I did take inspiration from that storyline. I will of course explore the villain further later (probably in #3) I am very glad you liked it. Thank you

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@dngn4774 awkward! I've only just realised you meant Queen as in Oliver Queen, not the Green Arrow villain. Haha, yes I will explore his character more. That is what #2 is all about

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Hmm, short and pungeant, I like that. There are some smaller errors littered throughout, and the tense bounces around a bit, but overall I liked it. Decent monologue, a bit hazy but makes its point well.

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If you're looking for more comments try the poet's all new feedback joint 2.0.