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The Lords of Order and Chaos were a strange group of entities.  While some had once possessed something like mortal bodies, they had long since passed into a more metaphysical realm where the mortal connection of things like age or gender were no longer relevant.  Even so, it was not fair to say that there were not Lords that maintained their own characteristics some of which might be seen as more feminine and others as more masculine.  As always to battle the forces of chaos, the Lords were constantly on the lookout for agents to aid them in their battles.  Among these exhibiting feminine traits were the Lords Orania, Asmalt and Vrace.  The Lords did not really confer with one another in a regular sense but still came to understandings and compromises based on the needs of higher powers.  Thus it was as the three looked upon a group of females that they had found that they discovered what may be the source for their next champion.  Instead of granting power by proxy through some conduit, they would instead imbue an individual with their combined power.  While the agents often suffered from the mortal frailties, the Lords thought of a way to avoid these problems.  And so they decided on a plan to bind a group of spirits with mystical power and to return this combined power to Earth to act on their behalf.   They had been observing Miranda, Avizeh, Angelica, Lerato, Midori, Sarah and Harmony.  They had known of their collective fates beforehand and had been unable to intervene in worldly affairs but had prepared in advance for the group of spirits which they would bind.  They had found something within each of them which was commendable, but also something flawed, and they looked to fix those flaws by the binding process.  Miranda meant that a greater degree of belief in one self was given which was translated by metaphysical logic also into enhanced strength, Avizeh would bring the diminished ability to sustain harm, Angelica demanded the gift of flight (which would seem a bittersweet insult to a human, but made sense to the Lords), Lerato in turn offered the ability to heal at a rapid rate, Midori the ability to move quickly and enhanced reflexes and Sarah brought heightened senses including a sixth sense for danger.  With Harmony though the Lords were divided, none had foreseen that Harmony would actually kill herself inadvertently, which nonetheless created the recipe for disaster when operating on this scale of power.  Orania and Asmalt were ready to let her pass into the other realm, but Vrace protested that her soul was the purest of all of them, and that this was a vital aspect of the whole.  The others disagreed, the purity of each individual was being question and more or less pure did not matter.  They did however inform Vrace that if it was of interest that Harmony could be Vrace’s to work with, while they directed the others.  Vrace reluctantly accepted, yet grew hesitant herself.  While the others would be returned to life as a wonderful synthesis of women and one which would be left to their own devices, Harmony would herself be returned, with a fraction of their power, but also with the ability to channel more in times of need.  As she had been responsible for her own death her mandate was given to her that she would hunt those who had murdered others under bizarre circumstances.  She would become a phantom and a stranger, chasing those who had killed.    

Thanks to Tonis, Payno and Chalkshark for these renditions of a female Phantom Stranger 

 Wonder Woman, Phantom Stranger, Dr. Psycho, Circe, Cheetah, Max Lord, Egg Fu and Angle Man and all other related characters are properties owned by DC Comics.  This is not an official version of their stories, rather those of a fan writing of some of their favourite characters 

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Great image of her by Chalkshark!

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That was a lot of build up and totally paid off with a great twist for the character/s. I like how you present The Lords of Order and Chaos as well. Stunning read. Thank you. 

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