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      Czarnia, the pinnacle of peace and tranquility in the universe. People from every corner of the universe would come here to study with their priests and take their counsel but Czarnians themselves never left their Utopia. Unto this paradise was born a beast. On the very day of his birth he committed his first murder, biting out the throat of the midwife who delivered him. The Czarnians didn't have words to describe it as there hadn't been violence of this kind since the primordial times. The child, called Lobo was walking within days of his birth and started killing the pets of the people in the city. By his teen years people had stopped coming to the priests for aid and finally they came together and decided to find a way to destroy this scourge.  
               He had caught wind of this and as a preemptive measure he decided he'd kill the whole world just to be sure. He displaying an unexplained knowledge found a way to breed gigantic vicious insects that killed every Czarnian save Lobo himself within a week of their release and with that he left the world to the bugs and went off to make his way in the universe.  
        Now he is known through out the cosmos as a plague on the universe and  it's greatest bounty hunter. Currently he is tracking down a rebelious clone named Vril Drox who had escaped from his creator and taken some valuable information with him.  

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O.o I like it.

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@primepower53: The next chapter will be longer this was basically just a prologue

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It;s good can't wait fo rthe next one.
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Amazing! I think that it does a great job of introducing the character! Can't wit to read number 2!

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Very good man I'm looking forward to this.

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Where's the rest?

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@wildvine: I got bored waiting for second chapter approval and made Iron Age and just kind of forgot about it

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@joshmightbe said:

found a way to breed gigantic vicious insects that killed every Czarnian save Lobo

Is Lobo's real origin?

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@batkevin74: Yes actually he's actually a lot more intelligent than he's given credit for

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@wildvine: @batkevin74: I'll continue this but only as a solo thing, it will have no affiliation with DC Genesis, not saying anything against them but the editorial approval thing just ain't my style.