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Rating: Teen


Taking Flight Part 1

Carter Hall flew down the highway in his newest car, a luxuriant sports car paid for by a recent find. He worked as an archeologist, selling pieces to museums, private collectors, and keeping some for his very own collection. He was going a hundred and two in a sixty-five, but it seemed the contract he had just made with the Agency had its perks.

He wasn’t exactly sure who the Agency was, but he knew they were very connected, very powerful, and that none of their interests seemed connected. Talking to his coworkers, it seemed they were researching weapons tech, aerodynamics, botany, zoology, his own work in archeology, and some very, very strange new energy sources. It was all very hush-hush though, and he had to sign non-disclosure agreement. He didn’t mind though, as they pay was incredible, and all they did was direct him to some fascinating sites, most of which were completely undisturbed.

When he arrived at his office, his secretary told him there was someone waiting for him in his room. When he went in, there were three men. Two were obviously security, both well over 6 feet and about as wide. The smaller man was much more intimidating however. He had an average build, but something about him seemed off, as if he was slightly out of focus in a camera, and it seemed like he was surrounded by a slight distortion, like heat on black pavement. No matter how hard Carter tried to make out his features, he couldn’t seem to grasp the man in his mind. Deciding it was just his eyes and mind playing tricks on him Carter sat down and introduced himself.

“Hello, Mr. Hall. I’m a great advocate of your work, and am very pleased with your successes for the Agency,” said the man.

“Thank you, but may I ask, who exactly are you?” asked Carter.

“I am a representative of the man at the top of the Agency, but you may call me Mr. Gray. I have a very important task for you, which you must carry out immediately.”

“Go on…” said Carter, becoming more intrigued by the moment.

“We’re going to fly you to a dig in Africa, but it must be dealt with with the upmost secrecy, as it is….fresh.”

“FRESH?! What do you mean? I’m an archeologist, not a crime scene investigator! What are getting me in to?

“Trust me; your skills are needed at this dig. But… if you decide to opt out, you are certainly replaceable,” whispered Mr. Gray, the words carrying incredible weight and threat. “You leave tomorrow morning. Don’t be late.”

Hawkman and all associated characters and whatnot are property of DC comics, I don't own them, just my ideas. Legality Legality.

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Definitely into a good Hawkman story. Back in the day I was always drawn to less popular s-h's, e.g., Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho, Metal Men, Magnus-Robot Fighter, and of course, Hawkman (even though his name didn't begin with an "M".)

Looking forward to the next installment.



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For some reason, I wasn't quite as happy with this issue...


Rating: Teen


Taking Flight Part 2

Although he was apprehensive, Carter’s curiosity overweighed the fear at the back of his mind. The flight had been long, and the rough car ride taking him deep into the back country of Africa had taken a better part of the day. He was staying in a local village, but couldn’t enjoy the experience as much as he usually would, as he was too preoccupied with the mystery facing him. He settled into bed, but he knew he wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

The sweat dripped off Carter as he followed his local guide into the bush. He was used to trekking through exotic locales, and the heat wasn’t new, but this was something else. It felt like it was over 130 degrees, and the humidity was ungodly. There was a strange fog that seemed to fill his lungs and make breathing impossible, but the guide said that the site was just over the hill. His guide was nervous, and kept whispering about bad spirits.

When they reached the peak of the hill, the land started to descend into a valley. Carter would have to continue on by himself, as he was the only one allowed into the site.

When he finally got close enough to see through the dense fog, it looked like a bomb had gone off. There was a massive crater, and trees all around it were flattened. However, his real focus was on the center of the crater. There was a huge mound of shredded metal, a ship! There had long been rumors of aliens, especially with the emergence of heroes like Superman and Green Lantern, but Carter had never taken any of it seriously.

“****, the nutters were right…”

The ship was composed of an unusual metal with a bluish-gray tint and was covered in pictograms. He didn’t recognize them, but they were vaguely similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs. He noticed a hole in the side of the ship, and started to make his way in, but cautiously…

He knew he shouldn’t be in the ship, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. The interior was similar to a submarine, but there didn’t appear to be any controls. Now Carter understood why the Agency had sent him here. Inside of a clear cage? Containment unit? Safe? Was a massive nugget of gold. It looked like gold, but it had a very particular structure, all sharp corners and holes, almost like a coral. Carter moved towards it, anticipation of the bonus he was going to get for this overruling his caution.

Surprisingly, when Carter reached the safe, a door popped open in it, about 8 feet tall. He walked through and reached towards the nugget, realizing how bad of an idea this was. The moment his fingers touched it, a shock of energy raced through his body. It was followed immediately with a scream of pain, as his body tried to tear itself in half. Carter slumped over.

“What the hell did I get myself in to?...” thought Carter as he slowly drifted out of consciousness…

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I love how you describe the heat at the start of the chapter, very well done. :)

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@unipysc0: this is the first fan fic I have ever read I just can't resist a Hawkman story

I look forward to the next installment

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I also look forward to the next installment.



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Working on issue 3. Thanks for all the positive feedback, keep it coming, I love to know what you guys think (especially with this being my first expedition into this kind of thing.)

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@unipysc0: A Hawkman tale without Hawkman...yet. Keep it up

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Third issue should be up tomorrow.

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Rating: Teen


Taking Flight Part 3

As Carter came to He slowly opened his eyes, and saw he was in a hospital room. The room was empty, but there were a few cards on the bedside table. He looked out the window, and suddenly was hit by a rush of delirium as his mind was flooded with more data than it had ever handled. He eyes seemed to be two powerful telephoto lenses, but zooming and focusing faster and farther than any camera. His nose was overcome with a thousand different scents, the familiar odor of his home city, the sickly clean scent that pervaded the hospital, and a thousand different perfumes and other aromas. His ears heard EVERYTHING. Every barking dog, every car horn, every conversation, and every single noise in the city. His brain, overloaded by this cascade of information, simply shut down, and Carter fell back into unconsciousness.

When he awoke the second time, Carter kept his eyes firmly closed. Only after a few minutes, did he trust the sensation had passed, and he slowly opened his eyes. The overload was no longer there, but he was still amazed. All of his senses seemed to have increased tenfold. He closed his eyes and started to sift through all of the sounds of the hospital.

“I’m sorry, but its cancer.”

“It’s a little soon to tell, but the biopsy came back negative. It seems the treatment was successful.”

“Waaaaahhh!!” He quickly tuned out what he assumed was the maternity ward.

“I’m here to visit Mr. Hall, what floor would he be on?” Carter instantly recognized the voice of his coworker and longtime flame, Naomi Grey. She was an entomologist, researching the chemical warfare of certain beetles. The Agency wanted her to find a way to weaponize her research, but at the moment everything was just in trials. He waited another five minutes as she worked her way up to his room from the lobby.

“How ya feeling, champ?” Naomi asked as she walked through the doorway.

“Surprisingly, very good.”

“What exactly happened? All I’ve been told is that you were on some big trip for the high-up and after you didn’t contact, they sent in a few agents to pick you up.”

“To be honest, I wish I knew. I don’t really remember anything.” Carter felt terrible lying to Naomi, but he wasn’t entirely sure that he was ready to explain. “Are you here to collect me?” He asked

“Actually, I am. The doctors said they can’t find anything wrong, so you’re free to go,” she replied.

“Well then, let’s go. I hate hospitals. Too clean.” He replied with a grin, knowing how much of a neat freak she was.

On their way back to his loft on the other side of town, they discussed the recent goings on of her work, and the general chatter around the halls of the Agency. Naomi told him that supposedly the agents who collected him had also brought something big back, the ship Carter presumed, but no one had gotten a good look at it, or at least no one who was sharing. Naomi dropped him off in front of his building, and bid him adieu.

“I wish I could stay longer, Carter, but I have to get back to the lab to check a few samples.”

“How about dinner then?” Carter asked. “Tomorrow night at Riballci’s?”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you later, Hotshot.” She replied.

When Carter opened the door to his loft, he was stunned. His room had been ransacked, all of the drawers and cabinets thrown open, bookshelf emptied, three-thousand-year-old vases lying shattered on the floor. He ran into his bedroom to see how far the damaged went. The second he opened the door, he knew he was in trouble.

There were two men inside, rummaging through his room, both with pistols on their hip, and some strange full body suit on, similar to a wet suit, complete with some sort of mask or helmet, almost similar to a deep sea diving suit, but more compact and formfitting. They hollered at the sight of him, and both pulled their pistols. They fired at Carter, and in that moment, he calmly accepted his death. However, when the bullets struck his chest, a golden slime came through his skin and swallowed them up. The bullets seemed to simply be absorbed by his skin! Both Carter and the two assailants stood there, dumbfounded. Carter suddenly jumped at the closest attacker, his legs slamming him into the man, throwing them both across the room and into a wall. He stood up, but the attacker lay slumped against the wall, his neck broken by the impact. Impressed by his new found strength, Carter swung around to face the next man. The attacker fired again, but to Carter everything suddenly snapped into focus. He saw the bullets coming like molasses, and simply stepped out of the way. He ran at the attacker, jumped in the air, and swung a punch. As his fist sheared through the air, the same golden goo seemed to seep out of his hand, hardening and growing, so that when the fist connected, it wasn’t his bare fist, but a huge gauntlet. The man dropped to the floor, his face mangled and his nose shattered. The metal goo continued to grow from his skin, spreading and hardening and growing until he was covered in an angular, golden, formidable suit of armor, complete with two massive clawed gauntlets, a large helmet, and two huge metallic wings which sprung from his back and folded neatly behind him. \

“Wow.” Carter said in shock.

Art courtesy of the very talented payno

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@unipysc0: Nice pic by

Had to go searching to find this