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This is the first part of a limited series I'm writing for Future Shock. Had to rush the beginning since the story's pretty much about the invasion. Hope you enjoy.

“2013, the forces of Apokolips rage war against the planet Earth. Atlantis and the surface world formed an alliance to fight the invasion. Three months into the war, Aquaman, my mentor and king of Atlantis dies on the battlefield. His brother Orm aka 'Ocean Master' takes over the throne and orders the Atlantean military to stop fighting and retreat back into the ocean. Alliance with the surface world becomes unsteady. 2016, a young Atlantean girl is caught by pirates and gutted alive. King Orm goes to the surface world to negotiate a truce. This truce is broken when five US Navy ships armed with nuclear weapons cross the borders in into Atlantean waters. We told them to leave, but they didn't listen. The ships are attacked by Atlantean forces and pulled to the bottom of the sea. One week later, the USA declares war on Atlantis when they enter our waters and launch a nuclear missile at out capital. Luckily, the missile was intercepted before it could do any damage. 2017 Atlantean forces invade Miami, Florida. The city is sunken. Millions die. The American military retaliate. Unfortunately for them, the war with Apokolips left them weak. Atlantis' superior technology and weaponry easily overcome the retaliation. Atlantean forces move further into the country. Five months into the invasion, a treaty is made. I'm promoted to captain. The Atlantean borders are expanded. 2018, I marry the love of my life, Tula. 2022, the surface world launches a surprise attack on Atlantis, killing thousands and inflicting massive damage. The dead include my wife and unborn child. Tensions become high the following week. The waters are silent, but will soon turn red. This is Captain Garth, signing off.”

Garth traverses down the halls of the Atlantean palace. On his way, he comes across a golden statue of the former king, Aquaman. He stops and stares at it for a short while, then continues. He enters a room where multiple men are sitting at a table.

“Sorry I'm late, your grace.”, Garth says as he takes a seat.

“Nonsense Garth, you're just on time.”, Orm replies. “Now then, shall we get down to business?”

“Yes, your grace.”, a large man says, holding a piece of paper in his hands. “The surface has united against Atlantis. They have reinforced their beaches. They've covered the oceans with mines and the skies with aircraft’s. They're prepared for an invasion. An attack now would be suicide.”

“They may have regrouped, but their weaponry pale in comparison to ours. We're far more superior, physically and technologically.”, an older man argues across the table.

“Yes, but they outnumber us a hundred to one. Their technology may be primitive, but their weapons are still powerful.”, the large man says out loud.

“So, what do you suggest we do, sit back and wait for them to attack us again?”, Orm asks.

The large man apologizes. “No, your grace. We need a plan”

“What do you think, Garth?”

“Well, we can't attack them from the water. What if we attacked them from the sky?”, Garth suggested.

The large man laughed. “From the sky? Do you realize we're under water? Even so, their aircraft's cover the sky like a flock of birds.”

“Yes, but what if they don't see us coming?”

“How are we supposed to go from the water, to the sky without being spotted?”, the old man asked.

“A storm. We've been working with magic and we discovered a way to manipulate the weather. A storm could give us the cover we need, plus the water our soldiers need, The explosions will be mistaken for thunder and lightning. Our air force can counter theirs while our ground forces enter from the water. We can eliminate the mines at anytime, we're just waiting for your command. They won't know what hit them.”

“Garth may have a point. A storm could give us the cover we need. The rain would also give us an advantage. The reason we couldn't advance further into the surface world was because the water was becoming scarce.”, the old man said.

Orm rose from his chair, holding his trident.

“Very well then. We attack the surface. We'll bring them to the bottom of the seas. They'll regret attacking us. You are all dismissed.”

Garth arrives home and picks up a picture of him and Tula on their wedding day.

“I'll kill them all.”

[Several days later.]

“Captain, the soldiers are ready to follow you to the ends of the Earth.”, an Atlantean solider said, surrounded by thousands of Atlanteans.

“Good. I want our aircrafts ready to deploy. Make sure they drop our ground forces as close to water as possible. I want every mine in the entire ocean cleared out by the time we take our first target.”, Garth commanded.

[New York City, NY]

People walk the streets of the city on a sunny day. Cars fill the streets. A normal day. Suddenly, the sky turns dark. Clouds cover the sun. A large storm begins, forcing people to race off the streets for cover. Lightning strikes wildly. A city unaware of the threat that follows the path of the rain. The streets begin to flood. A large bolt of lightning eliminates the cities power. The water begins to act violently as if a million bombs were being set off. The Air Force is alerted. An invasion they were expecting. Several jet fighters fly at top speeds towards the city of New York. They arrive to an unexpected aerial attack. Thousands of Atlanteans emerge from the water and step onto the land. The invasion begins.

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Pretty awesome. It shows what Atlantis would be able to do if in the actual DC universe they went full out war on America. Great job, I'll make a PM once @youngjustice writes his first issue of Harley Quinn.

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Great work! Not too familiar with Aquaman but this was easy to follow :)

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@mediumflyer7: Eh, it wasn't that great. I was trying to rush to the point. Thanks though.

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